Football: Oregon quotables

 A sampling of what was said after Saturday’s 15-13 loss to Oregon:


On the defense:

“They played their hearts out. To give up one touchdown against that offense, they played great. All week long they sold out with preparation and the belief and intensity going into the game was awesome. It’s a shame. I feel sick for the kids.”


On the problems on offense:

“They have a good defense, but we have to make more plays. The passing game, we have to be able to make plays. We didn’t make enough. We converted some third downs to take that drive down and get in position to score there, but not consistently enough. We can’t be one-dimensional.”


On Brock Mansion’s game:

“He’s inexperienced. He was rushing some things. The speed of the game was something that you could tell he was rushing. He was hurrying. It’s an inexperienced guy and a lot of things are moving really fast. He made some key throws to convert some third downs, but there were some others there that he’d like to have back and could be executed better.”


On moral victories:

“You can try to take something good out of that, but it hurts even worse to have a chance to win the game and then come away with a loss. It didn’t get done. When you pour your heart and soul into something and you give the effort you gave and you lay it all on the field, there really is no consolation to it. You can say it’s a moral victory, but in your gut it doesn’t feel any better.”


On what he said to the team afterward:

“Very disappointed. I thanked them for their preparation and dedication. I told them I loved them because they poured it all out there. They had great belief coming in here today. It hurts for them more than anything. I hurt more for them but I really wanted to give them our appreciation for laying it on the line like they do all the time.”


On Giorgio Tavecchio illegal motion penalty:

“There’s no excuse for it. We kick field goals every day. There’s no excuse for jumping the gun like that. It’s poise under pressure and we didn’t have it right there.”




On the defense playing so well but still not winning:

“It’s disappointing. It was reminiscent of Arizona. We came out and executed our plan and really played well on defense and somehow didn’t come out with a victory.”


On what the mood was like in the locker room:

“Frustrated, angry, disappointed.”


If the team thought they were going to win going in:

“I had no doubt that we were going to win this game. I knew that our defense would come out and execute the game plan. We had a great week of practice. It was ripe for the upset. We all knew if we just came out here and executed that this team was very beatable. They had big plays against other teams, and watching film you just see people making mistakes. We knew if we held them to no big plays that we would be right in this game. We should have won.”




On Oregon’s defense:

“You have to give credit to their defense. Oregon’s defense is very fast and they played fast all game long. They caused some confusion for us. We couldn’t really get things going. You just have to tip your hat to Oregon.”


On the mood in the locker room:

“Disappointment. We really feel like we should have won this game. We had opportunities to win this game. For whatever reason, it didn’t happen. The good thing about this is we can learn from it. We have the Big Game next week to look forward to.”


On not being able to support the defense’s effort:

“It’s very frustrating. We wanted to have the defense’s back so bad. We wanted to be there for our defense just like they are there for us game in and game out. The fact that we were unable to pout points on the board is kind of disheartening and frustrating. If we could have just put a couple more points on the board, who knows what could have happened?”




On his illegal motion penalty:

“I took my steps back. It was pretty loud. The snapper, holder and I have somewhat of a rhythm. It’s usually a couple seconds after the cadence. Because it was loud, the snapper couldn’t hear the cadence. The ball came back a little later. My body started to move forward shortly thereafter.”


On the re-kick:

“I went back. I felt fine. My heart was beating but I was breathing deeply, trying to control myself. I just pulled it a little bit. I’m obviously very, very disappointed.”




On his fumble strip, recovery and touchdown:

“I wasn’t expecting the ball to come out as easily as it did. When it came out, I knew it was my ball to get. I was hoping it would slow down a little bit so I could make it to the end zone.”


On the last time he scored a touchdown:

“My senior year at McClymonds. It was a 66-yard fumble recovery. I got a little experience picking up fumbles and taking it to the house.”


On the defense playing so well and not coming away with a win:

“It’s very hard and very hurtful. Being a senior on this defense, it’s my jot to make sure keep everybody keeps their heads up and focuses on next week’s game. This week is going to be hard to take this loss, but at the same time we know we have to move on and get ready for Stanford.”


On whether it’s frustrating the offense couldn’t keep pace with the defense:

“Sometimes it gets frustrating, but at the same time as a defensive player, that’s what we love to have. We love to have the opportunity to make plays and get he crowd hyped and get our offense hyped.”




On his performance:

“I just feel like I was playing a little too fast. We knew they would bring pressure, so I was pretty conscious of getting the ball out. I knew we have good offensive line protection, I was just playing a little too fast.”


On the offense not being able  to produce:

“I put a lot of it on my shoulders, especially in the first half. We had some great calls by Coach Ludwig, put us in good situations. I just got to put some balls on the receivers.”


On whether Oregon’s defense did anything to confuse them:

“I was making all my reads. I just have to put it on them. It wasn’t’ so much what they were doing as much as just me settling down and trying to get in a good rhythm.”

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.