Football: Did Cal fake injuries?

I know this has been a hot topic since the Oregon game and kind of got lost on my end a little bit just because of the amazing nature of Saturday’s game and then going right into Big Game week. But The Oregonian quotes a source within Cal’s program that faking injuries was part of the Bears’ game plan Saturday night.

A handful of defensive linemen went down with apparent cramps, but there is damning video of backup nose tackle Aaron Tipoti looking to the sideline and moments later hobbling around and falling on the football.

As you’ll read in the Oregonian story, there is a quote from Jeff Tedford denying his players were faking injuries.

Cal isn’t the first team accused of faking injuries against Oregon this season to try to slow down their breakneck tempo on offense. But the Tipoti video really brings Cal to the forefront of the accusations.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • john james

    Hey I’m a Duck fan and it was obviously cheating.

    Tedford shoud be asshamed of himself. He’s a Duck alumni for God’s sake.

    This is football not Cal weenie ball.

    Get with it and man up.

    That video really told the tale…case closed… with you Cal politically corrects…

  • referee12

    The whole point of the speed that Oregon runs at is to wear their opponents down. Not being able to sub is on the defense. The offense dictates how quickly things move. So if the bears wanted to substitute then they needed to have them ready to go when the play ended, not have one of their guys go down and fake an injury. If you look at other sports they all have some sort of delay of game penalty. If the Pac-12 is going to deal with this problem then they need to insert a delay of game penalty. Which will be on the shoulders of the officials to call. When it is called then it should be a 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Now how will they know when to call it. Only the official will know. I will bet you that they will get it right 98% of the time.

    The Offense is not a gimmick, if you look around college football alot of teams run the same offense, the ducks just happen to run it at break neck speeds. They take advantage of you being tired. There is no gimmick to it.

    If this continues I am sure that the Pac 12 will have a rule inserted and I am sure they will call it the “Tedford Rule”.

  • I must have missed all of the bitter Cal losers because all I read was Oregon whining. Any ass hat that played football at any level knows that if you run a fast offense the opposing team has to slow you down with injuries, faked or not. It’s called football. I’ll agree, a win is a win and Oregon won. So what? Good game, however championship teams forge through adversity and don’t bitch about it. So Oregon didn’t score 60 points like Herbstreet predicted, OFnW. Good luck against Auburn although you’ll probably drop trou like last year against the big bad East Coaster’s.

  • kafkaclone

    faking injuries is against the rules. if you admit you faked injuries to the official he can throw a flag. if you lie to the offical you get away with it..but liars are scumbags and of course you know this?

  • kafkaclone

    the rules state that the offense must wait for substitutions to come into the game. the problem cal has is that your starting defensive team is quite good actually..some of the starting players among the best in the country. the problem however is their backups are considerably weaker. oregon would have been very happy to slow down the pace if you actually put in one of your weaker players in for us to target. but the offense does not have to wait for substitutes that dont come into the game.