Basketball: Steve Alford’s impressions

New Mexico coach Steve Alford’s comments after his team’s 89-64 loss at Cal . . .

On differences between previous games and this game:

“We are playing a much better team and we had a very bad half.  The second half was about as bad as we can play and as well as we have seen them play at least on tape.   I thought both halves for them were really good.  Our first half wasn’t too bad for our first twenty minutes on the road but the second half was just brutal.”

On the feeling at halftime after making a run to get close:

“We felt good at half knowing that they shot 58% and we were only down a bucket.  They were shooting at a high level and yet we were only down a bucket.  We had a lot of holes in our defense and they did a good job of exploiting that.  I just thought that they played at a really high level tonight and we had the second half that we’d just as soon forget.  Hopefully we can and we can learn from it to get better.”

On what made the difference in the game:

“I thought Kamp did a tremendous job tonight.   He made threes and I don’t know if we even knew he could make a three.  He popped out and made a three and made all of his free throws.  Then there was Jorge and I really liked what Brandon Smith did off the bench.  I thought he really came in off the bench and gave them a lot of good minutes.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    1. I had no idea Steve Alford was the coach for new mex. My bad. I should know this as a college bball fan.

    2. Pretty exciting Cal team right? Youngsters playing well, and our upperclassmen such as Kamp doing what they’re supposed to. I enjoy this. Can’t wait to watch the next game.

  • SteveNTexas

    Steve Alford is a classy act and has taken UNM to the postseason all three years.

    Of course I’m partial to his old school Indiana – they are getting some top bright recruits.

    Hopefully in a few years Indiana and Cal will be at the top.

    Once again Cal has no national following and its fans are silent outside of the bay area. Even in the New Mexico game story on CBS- the only comments were from Lobo fans. Recruits read this stuff.

  • Juancho

    SteveNTexas mi amigo, if you post links to these other stories, I commit to posting positive Cal comments on other boards.

  • nickle

    I have no idea who Steve Alford is, but these his post game quotes are probably the most complements I’ve ever seen any coach give from a losing team at the college basketball level.