Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at

  • MamaBear07

    I’m really nervous about being among a sparse crowd in Memorial Stadium at what has turned out to be a very important game in our season. With ‘kids’ going home for Thanksgiving break, I hope enough of us are there on Saturday to cheer our guys on to victory. GO BEARS!

  • Calduke

    If Locker is feeling healthy, the Bears are in trouble.
    Mobile QBs are a problem for Cal.
    Plus, Washington has a huge team, which is difficult for Cal’s small DL and DBs.

    My hopes are for Cal. A bowl game will look good on Tedford’s resume; although, it’s hard to visualize Cal as a bowl team. A good resume may have another school steal Tedford from Cal.
    I’m travelling 500 miles to see this game, in the rain, so please provide a good game.

  • Big D

    Upside: to a bowl game: more practice & development for the team. Win and we have a winning rcord again.

    Downside: We are not very good, will probably lose the Bowl game and Tedford will have his first losing season at 6-7.

  • Big D


    Don’t worry, I’ll be there 😉

  • MamaBear07

    Hey Big D! Glad to hear it! We need to send our boys and the ‘old’ Memorial Stadium into the post-season with all that we’ve got. It sucks that the visiting team essentially gets a mini-12th man on one end zone. If anyone decides not to come on a holiday weekend, I’m hoping it’s the Huskies fans. I saw in another comment that you’re in QQ too? Don’t know about the higher rows, but the people around us (low 10s on the R side) seem to be pretty good with noise. I’ll do my part for sure!