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Football: Tuesday links

By Jonathan Okanes
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 at 3:09 pm in Football, Mid-week, upcoming game.

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  • MamaBear07

    I’m really nervous about being among a sparse crowd in Memorial Stadium at what has turned out to be a very important game in our season. With ‘kids’ going home for Thanksgiving break, I hope enough of us are there on Saturday to cheer our guys on to victory. GO BEARS!

  • Calduke

    If Locker is feeling healthy, the Bears are in trouble.
    Mobile QBs are a problem for Cal.
    Plus, Washington has a huge team, which is difficult for Cal’s small DL and DBs.

    My hopes are for Cal. A bowl game will look good on Tedford’s resume; although, it’s hard to visualize Cal as a bowl team. A good resume may have another school steal Tedford from Cal.
    I’m travelling 500 miles to see this game, in the rain, so please provide a good game.

  • Big D

    Upside: to a bowl game: more practice & development for the team. Win and we have a winning rcord again.

    Downside: We are not very good, will probably lose the Bowl game and Tedford will have his first losing season at 6-7.

  • Big D


    Don’t worry, I’ll be there ;)

  • MamaBear07

    Hey Big D! Glad to hear it! We need to send our boys and the ‘old’ Memorial Stadium into the post-season with all that we’ve got. It sucks that the visiting team essentially gets a mini-12th man on one end zone. If anyone decides not to come on a holiday weekend, I’m hoping it’s the Huskies fans. I saw in another comment that you’re in QQ too? Don’t know about the higher rows, but the people around us (low 10s on the R side) seem to be pretty good with noise. I’ll do my part for sure!