Football: Wednesday report

Hey everyone. Ben Enos filling in for JO today.

Now introducing… the Cal ice hockey team! Well, no, not really. But, it was nice and chilly in Strawberry Canyon for today’s practice and coach Jeff Tedford said there was even some ice on the Memorial Stadium field turf when the Bears showed up this morning.

Once the ice disappeared, it was a straightforward day in Bears camp. Not much news to report, other than that if Jeremy Ross can’t go as the Bears punt returner on Saturday, Keenan Allen will take his place. Tedford said there’s still a possibility Ross might play, and that he practiced on Wednesday. Tight end Anthony Miller also practiced.

Tedford said he’s confident that the players know the importance of this weekend’s game, and said he knows Washington will be likewise motivated as the Huskies are looking to win their last two games.

“It’s like a playoff game for them as well, but it’s really got nothing to do with their motivation. It’s more about what our motivation is,” Tedford said.

If the Bears win Saturday, Tedford said the team will look at practicing at Witter Field, which is available again with a new playing surface. He said the field is currently a little soft, so it needs to be played on to harden it up a little.

The Bears will practice early Thanksgiving morning, then have a team meal before letting the players head their separate ways for the day. I’ll have an update for ya tomorrow afternoon.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • SteveNTexas

    A couple of days ago – I mentioned that our high school in Texas needed a new coach, just on the off chance some retired NFL player might be interested. I also wrote Craig Morton at the Cal Athletic Dept.

    I received an email back from him with a personal number. I thought it could be a hoax but he answered and I said “Excuse me Mr. Morton but this could be a joke – Who was your backup QB in 1964?” He replied Jim Hunt.. Although he probably won’t be able to coach here he said he would help and to call back ( our supt is on vacation) after the holidays.

    He was really nice. What a great catch that would be – All American – college hall of fame- author and 17 yrs NFL Experience- Denver Ring of Fame.

    He said he’d been to Rockport….

  • David

    SteveNTexas, that would be absolutely awesome if you would be able to find someone that fits your criteria, or maybe even Craig himself. Heck, if he does well, that’d be yet another pipeline into Texas!

  • juancho

    StevenNTexas thanks for sharing that awesome story. That’s cool. Is their a rockport blog we can join ? T shirts ???

    You know what’s funny to me. When I read the beginning of the blog post I realized that if they rolled hockey or soccer into this blog or any other cal sport I would follow them more closely. I mean why not add other sports here? Our soccer team is in the tourney and is really good.

  • David

    Keenan at Punt Returner? I like it. He should be touching the ball as much as possible

  • 707 Bear

    Keenan A. vs Desean Jackson as freshmen.
    (receiving stats only)

    D. Jackson, 11 games played, 2005.
    38 catches…601 yards…7 TDs

    K. Allen, 10 games played (barely at Nevada, Arizona)
    42 catches…444 yards…5 TDs

    Has this been a successful year for Allen?

    Go Bears!

  • Bobby

    707–Yes! 42 catches is a fair amount for any receiver, much less a true freshman. You didn’t put in his rushing or return yards, but I bet they add at least 300-350. He’s close to 1,000 all-purpose yards after only playing in 9 games with (hopefully!) two more games to go. If Cal does make a bowl game, he has a great chance to beat DeSean’s frosh year totals.

    This has definitely been a successful year for KA, and hopefully we can get a consistent passing game going next year so he and Starvin Marvin Jones can tear it up.

  • 707 Bear

    Bobby, here are the other numbers:

    K Allen
    11 rushes…76 net yards…1 TD
    16 returns..369 yards…0 TD
    42 catches..444 yards…5 TDs

    D Jackson 2005
    8 rushes..48 net yards…0 TDs
    1 punt return…49 yards…1 TD
    38 catches…601 yards…7 TDs

    Hmmmmm. I thought D. Jackson would have had more. 2006 was his breakout year (Holiday Bowl team with Nate as QB)

  • SteveNTexas

    Thanks David and Juancho. The problem we may be facing is the Texas Education Agency and its foolish certification requirements.

    I called and asked yesterday if there are any waivers for someone who played in the NFL 17 years, wrote a book about football, went to a great college etc etc and the elder gentleman I talked to said “He’s never seen one”.

    As for the Texas Pipeline – I always talk up Cal – wore a Cal Cap when I ran for school board (May elections are sunny and hot) and once talked up Cal with an amazing running back we had. So much talent- and then he went to jail.