Football: Cal admits to faking an injury

Cal announced after the game that defensive line coach  Tosh Lupoi was suspended today for instructing a player to fake an injury during the Bears’ 15-13 loss to Oregon two weeks ago. That player was nose tackle Aaron Tipoti for a play that received widespread media attention. Coach Jeff Tedford said he had no knowledge of Lupoi’s instruction to Tipoti until Lupoi admitted it to him.

Much more to come on this topic…

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Robert

    Wow, 5-7 record and admitting to this?!!!!!!

    This program is a national joke!!

    Tedford really didn’t know about this? Tosh did it on his own? Pretty fishy. How much worse is this going to get tedford?

    Maybe if tedford became more controlling, more smug, and more conservative then things would be ok…

  • Juancho

    Oh boy. This is all we need. Don’t tell me now Lupoi who became our strongest recruiter is going to be let go or leave? I don’t like the “much more to come” comment.

  • ScottyBear

    Suspended? Give him a promotion! He is the only competitive recruiter we have. If he leaves or is forced out we sink lower, and that’s hard to fathom after today. Brutal.

  • Caladan

    Hey, Jeff! Are you also going to admit to faking an Offence? At the very least, Mansion should admit to impersonating a Quarterback.

  • Selppataei

    When it rains…

  • gomarinos

    Well, according to the ESPN report, even though Tosh Lupoi made a mistake,both Sandy Barbour and Jeff Tedford said they would stand up for Tosh Lupoi. I agree with them.
    Coach Lupoi, we need your help in rebuilding our program!

    Go Bears!

  • David

    Tedford should have suspended himself instead

  • DuckThis

    I can’t imagine the defensive line coach being the only one that knew the hand signals. How could a coach instruct the players to fake injuries without anyone else knowing?

  • Uh Oh

    So they are using Lupoi as a scapegoat.
    Big deal. They slap his hand, admit it to avoid people thinking they are out liars (good decision) and are moving on (good decision).
    Lupoi is apparently big enough to take the fall on this issue. Praise him for that.
    Like I said before – it’s not the offense of faking that bothered me. It was the lie of “we didn’t instruct them to do that”. It’s game tactics – I have no problem with “going scuba”. It’s within the rules.

    They admit it, and so as long as they don’t give Lupoi any hard time, I’ll be happy. Suspend him for the upcoming bowl game (oops) and get back to the job at hand!

  • Scottduck

    Uh Oh, so how is it not okay to lie about faking injuries and it is okay to lie about who takes the blame? Tedford is such a liar. He said that the line coach made a bad decision while in the heat of battle while trying to get a substitution in. Well, if it wasn’t a premeditated mistake how was it that they had a signal for it?

  • Dan

    Tedford explained and admitted to the media that the players were instructed to do this- now all of a sudden he claims not to know about it and Lupoi is suspended. Tedford loses more of my waning respect everyday. What a guy.

    Where are all the chuckleheads on this site that are always talking about how classy Tedford is and what jerks Kiffin, Kelly, Harbaugh, Neuheisel, Carroll, etc. all are/were? Please. That ship has long since sailed.

  • Jake

    It’s disappointing that Tedfraud doesn’t know how to coach his players and they have to resort to this level of “strategy” to keep the game with Oregon close.

    I’m hoping now that Harbaugh moves on to Michigan or the NFL (Niners?). That’s the only way I see us getting the Axe back next year. Otherwise it stays on the Farm.

  • GriZz

    TedFraud’s program is a joke. The team has the mentality of the coach — weak minded and soft.

    Luckily the Old Blues are paying him an outrageous amount of money for more underachieving seasons and wasted pro talent.

    TedFraud has faked EVERYTHING while at Cal including being a competent playcaller, player manager and “QB specialist.”

    He took us from doomat to mediocre. Time to move on. We can pay ANY STIFF half his salary to get outcoached and catch beatdowns.

  • Jimmy

    Tosh is an effective recruiter but stretches the limits and guys who lack character tend to attract players who lack character and that is part of Cal’s problem now. That said, character starts at the top and Tedford has lost his for letting Tosh take the fall (pun intended) on this alone.

  • MikeD

    Did anybody get the number of the bus that they threw Tosh under?

    The one coach that they can ill afford to lose, possibly the best recruiter who has been 100% Cal for years, and this is how they play him?

    Posted last week that I wondered if Lupoi was going to stay around since he would be a great add for a program on the rise with money (ie, not Cal) and there is no way Cal could pay to keep him in a bargaining war.

    Sure hope the program gets their act together soon, we’re continuing to circle the drain with no end in sight.

  • jOe

    Tedford needs to resign

  • RandUmBear

    Whether or not Tedford knew, it is HIS responsibility. At first, it was painful to be a Cal fan and alum. Now it is embarassing. I can’t believe this happened.

  • OldBear

    Please, Tedford not only knew, he APPROVED the tactic long before game time. He watched the Arizona State-Oregon tape, figured it was his only chance since his players are not that well conditioned. But to throw Lupoi under the bus like he did his place kicker is unacceptable. Under these two clowns, Barbour and Tedford, Cal has NO CHANCE of ever becoming a respectable program again. It’s only going to get worse for Cal!! I hope Lupoi accepts a position elsewhere after being forced to take the blame. Tedford, what a POS you’ve become!!

  • OldBear

    Kudo’s needs to go to The Oregonian newspaper, that investigative institute, for breaking the story a few weeks ago that a Cal coach had conceded that they cheated and that not all coaches were in agreement with the tactic. One coach we know for sure who agreed with it was the one who blames everyone else for a loss but himself: TEDFORD. I doubt that any newspaper in the Bay Area would have dug as deep as The Oregonian to find the truth. And Lord knows Tedfeck would have let sleeping dogs lie. Just like him!!

  • Jake

    Yeah, Tedfraud is classless with his inability to own up to his failures. Look at how Chris Petersen responded after Boise State’s loss? Did he say anything about his kicker?

    Tedford, I hope you listened to Peterson’s interview if not. Go look it up. “You can win a game on one play, but you can’t lose a game on one play.”

    Disappointed that JT has never owned up to the failures in the football program. Instead he plays the blame game. But all those things are HIS responsibility as head coach. From recruiting to game-planning to grooming QB’s he has been a massive failure. I can’t wait for his exit.

    All I want for Christmas is a new head coach, a new head coach!!

  • Calduke

    Miami-Florida coach is available.

  • Calduke

    The reason Oregon didn’t score 50 points against Cal was because Tipoti faked a leg cramp in the second quarter.

  • OldBear

    Just wait until the Bears visit Eugene. They will score a whole lot more than 50 on them. They have a score to settle with Tedfeck’s tactics and the crowd will only egg them on and on and on. I can easily see 72 points on them next year. Of course the Bears have no offense, which is offensive in itself since Oregon taught him how build one which he still can’t grasp. Tedfeck’s done. But Cal can’t afford to show him the door for years to come. NOT GOOD!!

  • Kent Wilson

    BTW, Harbaugh will not be going to UofM. Lets just hope that the Niners pick up Harbaugh…that will give Cal a chance to beat Stanford in about 2 or 3 years.

  • RabbiBear

    The real solution is to prohibit sending in plays with flashcards, or any artificial means, so that the teams have to go back to shuttling players in, huddling up, etc. If teams choose to use this speed up method of offense, then defenses have to be able to respond in some way not to be put at an extreme disadvantage. Soon everyone will have go to this offensive stategy in order to to remain competitive with Oregon, and the NCAA will be forced to act to prevent injuries.