Football: Jordan’s touchdown

Cameron Jordan’s 21-yard fumble return was the second touchdown of his career. He also returned a fumble 13 yards for a score in 2007 at Arizona State.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Eric

    There will be so much to comment on, but three things.

    One, I realize that it did come down to a 4th and 1 play, but when it is 1st and goal at the 3 yard line with a minute and thirty seconds left, let Washington score and then preserve the time. Because otherwise, you leave yourself with zero time…and that is exactly what happened. If anyone wants to think differently, New England Patriots have twice done it in the Belicheck era and won, and Furd effectively did it against U$C.

    Two, I said after the Arizona loss – a coaching debacle – that I didn’t see us getting to .500. I said we would beat WSU and two of three of UCLA, ASU, and Washington. And that is precisely what happened.

    Three, all season long I have been begging for QB runs. Watch this game, particularly on the third and middle distance plays, and see how often Mansion had wide open running lanes, but instead would roll right, step back from the pressure, and throw the ball away.

  • ScottyBear

    Once again, the other teams’ offense came to win. Once again, our offense seemed to play only to give our punter better field position. Pathetic. Downright pathetic.

  • Caladan

    Okay. It took the entire season to convince me, but I now support putting Tedford on a one-year leash. If he doesn’t deliver, then he doesn’t get to play in the Stadium he helped build. Oh, well.

  • SteveNTexas

    Will Tedford resign soon – as its 2 hrs later where I live and rather he do so before dinner.

    Why drag this out for a fractious debate or internecine warfare among Cal fans. Resign now and we can all go about the business of finding a new coach.

    Herm Edwards comes to mind… maybe Pawloski (sp) would make a good QB coach. Steve Bartkowski is doing construction in Atlanta.

  • Pug

    My criticism of Tedford in this game is leaving Brock Mansion in the game. Surely Beau Sweeney isn’t any worse.

    It was clear the whole game they have zero confidence in Mansion and watching him play it is obvious why. With Mansion playing quarterback, the play calling is limited to not letting him throw.

  • Lama

    What’s in the wings. Vereen should leave after todays showing. Mansion shows little if nothing over the past few weeks. A better than average defense is graduating it’s base. Ouch!!! The future looks bleak to say the least. If any Bear QB had given a Riley type performance (vs Air Force) I’d say, ok, maybe something to forward to down the road. Double ouch!!!

  • Pug

    What is in the wings is an opening game next year at Ohio State.

  • Pug

    Check that. The opener at Ohio State is not until 2012. The 2011 schedule has two opponents yet to be named and at Colorado.

    Tedford better get some serious cupcakes for those two open dates. I would suggest New Mexico State and San Jose State. The Bears need a couple of sure wins.

  • Robert


    Was Tosh suspended today?

  • rotfogel

    I wouldn’t suggest that Tedford go away at all. I’m still a Tedhead fan, but not so much an Andy Ludwig fan. Oregon fans made fun of us when we got Ludwig, but I pointed to Utah’s success, just to find that Utah fans saying they won in spite of him. All I can say is this is the worst I’ve ever seen a Jeff Tedford team offense, at least in the throwing department. I’ve never seen our QBs look this confused, seemingly lacking the fundamentals which had become a theme in Tedford coached QBs. I honestly don’t know how to assess the performance of the Cal offense other than to say it was abysmal in the passing department…again :(.

  • oldcalfan

    – Gabe King, Forbes, Wilkerson joining Payne, Guyton, Tipoti and others up front. Most of the secondary returns; defense could be as good with the potential to surprise
    – Schwartz, MSG, and Galas anchoring a solid OLine
    – Briggs joining the battle with CDJ, Yarnway, and Sofele
    – Marvin and KA; nuff said

    We just need to figure out the QB position; I think Bridgeford, when healthy, will surprise, with Maynard and Hinder waiting in the wings.

    Also would be nice if JT starts calling plays again, or hands the reigns to whoever has his brain from 2003.

    Today was a tough day for Cal football given our success the last decade, but we get back on that horse and move forward….recruiting…spring ball, AT&T park…and back to Memorial in 2012. LOTS to look forward to!

  • CalJeff

    Tedford should not go. He had a bad year – happens from time to time, guys (see Texas). We just need to get past the Riley/Mansion/Sweeney era and get ourselves a QB who looks like they are comfortable in the pocket and can make throws. And then get some receivers who can catch. There has been something wrong with the passing game since 2006 and everything starts from there. I just want a fresh, capable face behind center next year and I hope that Tedford takes a personal interest and challenge to groom that young man himself.

  • Easy Ed

    Tedford go? No. Ludwig go? Hell yes! This was a bad season, worst than any we’ve had since Jeff got here. I still believe in Tedford and I’d much rather get rid of him one year too late than one too soon. Please, no Herm Edwards, you bring him in and you’re talking about WSU bad. I’ll stick with JT and if my hunch is right things are going to be a lot different next year. GO BEARS!

  • Juancho

    I think next year is make or break for Tedford. I think he should call plays again. His offense is so complicated that he’s probably the only one who can properly implement it. His run of offensive coordinators / qb coaches have been awful.

    Unfortunately going into the offseason we have a lot of the exact same issues as last year.

    1. The QB situation. There is no clear stud in the wings ala Andrew Luck. And the guy’s we’ve seen, Mansion and Sweeney don’t look like world beaters. Of course this could all change going into next year. But the fact remains this is another year where we go into the offseason and our biggest question mark is quarterback. Tedford is yet to recruit and develop a HS QB into a star. Boller was already here, and Rodgers came from CC. Is there something fundamentally wrong with what is being weighed when we recruit high school qbs?

    2. Special teams need to improve and be consistent. Same as last year.

    3. Is our RB going pro? He definitely should. He takes a beating and he should cash in his chips. You can always go back to school for one more year.

    4. What will our defense look like next year? This is the first time in years we don’t have 1 star guy on defensive coming back. This year we had Jordan and Mohammed. I don’t think we have a single star type guy (yet) for next year’s D. I think a lot of the recruits from this past year have the potential to be it – but they haven’t proven it yet.

    5. Assistant coaches. Will Marshall come back as O Line coach? Will Tedford re-evaluate calling plays again? Will Ludwig stay – or are we getting yet another O coordinator? How about a new WR coach? Please forgive my ignorance, but who was our WR coach when we had Desean, Rob Jordan and Lavelle Hawkins? I can’t believe how far our passing game has fallen.

    I like Tedford and think he can turn it around. But if he doesn’t next year. I am also of the opinion that he should not be invited to be our coach at the new stadium he helped rennovate. Let’s not kid ourselves college football is big business.

    Does anyone know how many O coordinators our program has gone through in the Tedford era? Or QB coaches? Or WR coaches? I’d love to see a breakdown of that. Tedford and Barbour need to immediately make sure Rob Gould is happy b/c if we lose him we’re in trouble.

  • House

    Rough year

    Go bears

  • Bears

    I have never seen such awful QB play from a Cal scholarship QB in 3 straight home games. The fact that the backup Sweeney never saw the field with such terrible performance in front of him is scary.
    Our University failed to have a capable QB and that’s unacceptable.
    Such an awful job by coaches, AD’s, recruiters and players at this extremely critical position. I’m so upset it’s unreal.
    With even a hint of offense today we win and are in a good bowl.
    Such a terrible terrible day to be a Bear.
    Our University needs to fix this.
    Terrible, terrible terrible terrible

  • gomarinos

    I wish Kevin Riley did not get the injury so that he could play this game. If there was any fault, we did not have a true back-up QB, when Block was throuwn into this situation after the OSU game.

    Let’s hope we can rebuild the program this next season.

    Whoever wants Jeff Tedford to go should look at our record prior to his arrival! You guys better know what you are talking about! You anti-Tedford guys and anti-Kevin Riley guys have something in common!

  • Yeah! It’s not Tedford’s fault for anything, ever. Get rid of everyone around Tedford, that will work wonders. Hate to break it to you but Tedford is responsible for everything from top to bottom and is to be held accountable accordingly. He’s a head coach, not an O coordinator. Hey, but at least he’s better than Holmoe right? Bad year my a@@, this is a flight to nowhere. What are you apologists going to say when Cal only wins two games a year (probably Davis and some other schlub school)? At least he’s better than…..I have a cure-all for the football team, FIRE TEDFORD NOW! And before I start to see the ‘we’re not really a football school’ BS, save it and do this, scrap the football team. They’re not going to compete on a BCS level anyhow, at least rugby had some championships under their belt. Funny how Cal isn’t a football school but has no problem shoving ESP down our throats. What a damn disgrace.

  • Rollonubears

    Sticking with mansion through all of this was a
    Bad idea. Sweeney never
    Got any meaningful snaps. Weak. No galas
    Again. No wonder.

  • Jake

    Yeah, I can’t believe how people can come on these boards defending Tedford.

    Fire Ludwig because Utah was able to win in spite of him? What does that say about Tedford that CAL can’t win in spite of him? Gimme a break.

    Hate to tell all you JT lovers, but until he goes we will not see anything better. I doubt we will be back in a bowl until he leaves. He should have had the team fired up and READY to end the era at Memorial Stadium on a high note. Instead he played his brand of wussie football, with a less talented QB, so what else did you expect? I can’t believe he could not even have a few plays for Brock to gain his confidence with?

    All I can say is I’m glad Stanford didn’t lay up 80 points on us!! They look amazing against Oregon St. And Harbaugh will have the Cardinal in a BCS bowl in just his 4th year on the Farm.

    Again..thanks for getting us a new stadium JT. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Dan

    Sat in the rain today to watch the perfectly symbolic end of the season. Don’t we know Tedford would have kicked the field goal at the end while Sark pushed all his chips in and went for the win. Great contrast- I want a coach like Sark. He believes in his team and plays to win.

    Unfathomable that Tedford has ANY supporters on this blog. But he does. And several here think he can fix this or turn this around. Pure cluelessness.

    Next year will be worse. I called how bad this season would be, and short of bringing in Mike Leach to be OC, a HUGE change in the offense, next year WILL be worse. Why won’t it. Jeff Tedford is Ben Braun.

    As I type this, I am seeing Cardinal highlights on tv. It’s amazing what a college football program at an elite academic university can accomplish with a great coach. Too bad we’ll never know.

    It’s all irrelevant- Tedford at $2.8M a year through 2015- GUARANTEED. Genius

  • Jake

    Sandy Barbour doesn’t look so smart now.

  • Dan

    PS- not only did I sit in the rain today, I did it with MAYBE 30,000 others. MAYBE 30,000. Very Holmoe-esque “crowd”.

    Not a good sign, excuses (like rain, thanksgiving break, a 5-6 team)aside. This tiny crowd should be a very large deal. If this team was 10-1, the place would have been packed. After anger and frustration come apathy. Apathy is the worse thing you can have in a fan base.

  • Dan

    For those Tedford supporters who always throw out how much better Tedford is compared to Holmoe, today’s game and attendance is one step closer to heading toward a Holmoe-esque program again. As I have often pointed out here in my Tedford—> Ben Braun comparisons, Braun sucked the life out of the BB program and out of Haas and Montgomery is still trying to dig out of- the next Cal football coach (in 5 years) will be having to do the same thing with the football program and Memorial Stadium. Sad & pathetic.

  • Kent

    I can’t believe I am reading post from Cal fans stating that this was Tedford’s worst year! Hello Mcfly! You Tedheads are completely missing the fact that Tedford has had SIX CONSECUTIVE YEARS OF UNDERPORMANCE! Clearly his worst year was in 2007. (I will reprise my post from earlier for a year by year recap…for those who have short memories.

    The Cal football program is currently a “2nd division Pac-12” team. Cal no longer has the talent to be a title contender. Tedford squandered the 3-4 year period when Cal had excellent talent from 2005 to 2008. For those who really pay attention to recruiting…Tedford was able to recruit top 10 to 15 type of talent (on a national level) after the fantastic 2004 season…all for about 4 years. After 2007 debacle of a season…Cal recruiting has fallen off the map. Cal was routinely rated the 2nd or 3rd best Pac-10 recruiting class by both Rivals and ESPN for 2004, 2005, 2006. There was a sharp drop off since 2007 simulataneous with the Rise of Stanford, UCLA and Washington. Cal does not have the talent to compete at the highest level and even when we did…our coaching was never able to get the team to play to their highest capabilities.

    Now, the talent has dried up in the Cal football program. Lets look at Cal’s prospects for 2011 and beyond. Cal now gets the 4th to 7th rated recruiting classes in the Pac-10. And will possibly drop further with the addition of Utah to the conference. Tedford, will have a hard time recruiting any top talent on offense, given the problems Cal has experienced the past couple of years. Cal was projected to finish 7th in the Pac-10 this year…there is no reason to think that they will finish above an 8th place finish in the Pac-12 next year. Utah is better than Cal…and Colorado is worse. Only Colorado and WSU are clearly worse than Cal…and UCLA, ASU and Washington are all about the same level as Cal…everyone else has better talent and/or coaching. And frankly UCLA has out-recruited Cal for the past 3 years…its only that Neuheisal and his staff are about as inept as Tedford…(he should be fired as well)

    The likely prognosis for Cal for the next few years is a 2nd division finish in the Pac-12…as long as Tedford is the coach.

    Here is my long winded synopsis of the past 6 years of Tedford coached teams:

    FINALLY! The teflon that has been protecting Tedford for the past 6 years is finally starting to peel off! I along with a handfull of other Cal fans have been “shouting” that Tedford teams have consistently “underperformed” for the past SIX years! And yet the media, the Cal administration, and much of the Cal fan base…has been lulled into a foggy belief that Tedford can lead the Cal program to a Pac-10/12 championship because of his incredibly strong coaching performance in 2002-2004. However, his resume from 2005 to Present has been consistently below expectations…and stedily declining.

    Part of what has helped Tedford keep strong support from the administration and fan base is that Cal was continuing to have 8 and 9 win seasons and go to a bowl game. However, I along with a few others have been pointing out that an “8-4″ season is not “successful” if the expectations were to be “10-2″. Lets examine each year.

    Cal goes 7-4 in the regular season with a victory over BYU in its bowl game to finish 8-4. Cal has zero “upset” victories..meaning all 8 wins were over teams in which Cal was favored to defeat. But Cal had TWO losses (against teams in which Cal was favored (UCLA and OSU). In my analysis, 2005 is a disapointment because of two upset losses with out an “upset” victory.

    Cal goes 9-3 in regular season and then ends with a victory over Texas A&M at the Holiday Bowl. Again Cal has zero “upset” victories, and has 2 losses against teams that they were favored to defeat (Tennessee and Arizona). The Arizona loss was particularly crippiling, as it cost Cal a Rose Bowl appearance. In my analysis, it was a “underperforming” season for a team despite winning 10 games. The loss to Tennessee was embarrasing becasue Cal was not competitive…but that can be forgivable becasue they started a new QB in a difficult road environment (kind of like Oregon did this year). However, the Arizona loss can not be excused due to the fact that Cal was a strong favorite and the game ended up costing Cal a Rose Bowl appearance. Cal did not live up to expectations.

    Cal goes 6-6 in the regular season with a victory over Air Force in the bowl game. Cal has one “upset” victory over Oregon to start the season 5-0 but ended with 5 upset losses in conference play. In my analysis, this was the worst season in Tedford’s tenor…AND likely the worst coaching job nationally. The 2007 Cal team was loaded with talent…That 2007 team had TWELVE (12) future NFL playes! Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett, DeSean Jackson, Brandon Mebane, Dante Hughes, Bryan Storer, Craig Stevens, Lavelle Hawkings, Mike Gibson, Brian De La Puente, Desmond Bishop, and Thomas DeCoud. The 2007 Cal team had the talent to compete for a national championshipa and certainly should have challenged USC for the Pac-10 title. Player talent, was clearly not the culprit.

    Cal finishes the regular season 8-4 and then defeated Miami in their bowl game. 2008 ended with zero upset victories and two upset losses (Maryland and Arizona). In my analysis the season was a “slight underperformance” because both upset losses came on the road…but I consider a disappointment becasue it ended without an upset victory to offset the two upset losses.

    Cal finishes 8-4 in the regular season and then loses to Utah in the Bowl game. Cal had two upset losses (Oregon and UW) but they did have an upset victory over arch rival Stanford. In my analysis, the Oregon loss was on the road and at least they had a rare upset victory…so I conclude that they overall performance was about as expected…the only dissappointment could be with the fact they Cal was not really competitive in games against quality opponents (lone exception Stanford).

    Cal finaishes at 5-7. Zero upset victories and TWO upset losses (Nevada and UW). Competitve games against Arizona and Oregon showed Cal had potential, but blowout losses to Stanford, OSU and USC are troubling signs. My analysis for 2010 is slightly disappointing, and they still had TWO upset losses without an upset victory.

    Final Analysis for Tedford between 2005 – 2010. Cal has only TWO (2) upset victories against FIFTEEN (15) upset losses over the past 6 years. The 2007 coaching performance is one of the worst in the country over the past decade – can anybody name a worse coaching performance for a team with that much talent? Tedford’s teams routinely lose at least 2 games each year agains inferior opponents…and yet rarely achieves victories against superior opponents. The fact that Cal has a losing record and there are no “talking points” about bowl game appearances…people can finaly start examining Tedford record for the past 6 years….his team have consistently underperformed and finally there are no Emerald or Las Vegas Bowl appearances to mask the underperformance of the season