Basketball: Postgame with Monty

Here are remarks from coach Mike Montgomery after Cal’s loss to Boston College:

“We already knew we were young when we came here. I think we were probably reminded of the fact. It’s a pretty tough situation for us coming in here with the caliber of teams in this tournament given where we are just in terms of our whole developmental process.

“Beating Temple was fabulous but we got exposed a little bit (today), lost our confidence a little bit. We started not making plays that were there to be made and then that just kind of started to wear on us. We never could get anything to really give us a lift. 

“We’d make a really good play for a layup and then we’d bumble it out of bounds, we’d get a wide-open three and off of a good kick and we’d miss it.

“This a (Boston College) team with four seniors coming back and starters off an ACC schedule that know how to play.They’ve played against good teams, they know how to hang in there and I just think we lost our confidence a little bit.

“We didn’t have anybody that we could go to and say, `Ah, we’re OK.’  We just didn’t make anything happen and it took a toll on us.”

Jeff Faraudo