Football: Scott’s statement

Here’s the statement from Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott regarding Cal’s suspension of defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi.

“The Pac-10 takes the integrity of the game very seriously. Instructing a
student-athlete to feign an injury is an unethical and unsportsmanlike practice in violation of coaching ethics as outlined in the NCAA Football Rules and Interpretations. This behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the Conference.  Nothing is more important than the integrity of our programs and the role our coaches play in building good character in our student-athletes. We commend California’s Coach Jeff Tedford and Director of Athletics Sandy Barbour for the forthright manner in which they have addressed this issue and for the positive example they are setting by
reinforcing the importance of the principles at stake.”

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Rollonubears

    So it’s sportsmanlike to not let your opponent substitute players to avoid cramping up? Stupid statement from Scott. Guy is a dbag.

  • CADuck

    Nice effort Cal. And even with that you still couldn’t win. I guess the missed FG was Karma! Enjoy watching us in the bowl game.

  • OldBear

    Funny how there has not been ONE PLAYER suffering from CRAMPS (Please) since the Oregon game. Just Amazing!! The rule is if the offensive team DOES NOT MAKE A SUBSTITUTION then the defensive team CANNOT MAKE A SUBSTITUTION!! And that’s the way it should be. Cal fakes injuries to get around that RULE!! Just like ASU did. Stanford tried in Eugene but the fans were all over them for that. It’s cheating, no other way to put it.

  • southseasbear

    Will there be any consequences for ALL of the other teams who acted similarly? (One ASU player came out 5 times for one play; Cal had a total of 5 injury timeouts, 2 of which were for our starting CBs who not only didn’t return for that game but missed the Big Game.) It appears that Tosh is taking the fall not only for the team but perhaps for the entire conference. This reminds me of the time Cal issued an official and public reprimand of Pappy Waldorf for conduct that was practiced by most of the conference in the hope that USC and the Southern Branch would act in similar fashion; of course, they did not, leaving Pappy alone in disgrace. Rules are meaningless and worthless unless they apply equitably to all; why does Cal hold its own to higher standards?

  • Larry

    Hey, at least CAL didn’t give their players families a house, Landrover, or gift cards. Nor did the face of their program sack a frat house of their laptops and other valuables.

    Plus I’d rather have a player get caught faking cramps than killing his ex-wife and her lover.

  • Pug

    I think the Ducks were stunned that Cal shut down their offense for the entire game. Now they have a reason why, though it isn’t the real reason.

    Anyway, Lupoi is still a Golden Bear in my book. He’s our best recruiter and a former player and they better keep him around.

  • Esquire Joe

    Wow. CAL is the team that is threatening “the integrity of the game”? Probably the first time in the Bellotti/Kelly era that Oregon isn’t the team that’s directed at.

    At least the Pac 10 is sticking by its long-held principle of protecting it’s nationally ranked teams no matter what the cost to ITS integrity. When it comes to the teams keeping your conference on SportsCenter, calmly look the other way. But make sure you slam a few of the losers for meaningless pseudo-infractions to make it look like you’re actually doing something.

    I’m not saying that what the D-line did vs. Oregon was right. It no doubt was gamesmanship. But that’s the kind of thing you handle by having the officials on the field take control. Or you change the rule and make sure it’s enforced correctly. You don’t suspend a coach when the game officials did nothing.

  • kasaja

    How long do you think we’ll have to wait to see a statement like this come out of , say, the SEC. They play football to win down there. God, this conference is a bunch of wimps. Why don’t we just join the Ivy League. If any of you saw The Social Network you saw what they do to guys that cheat and lie……….NOTHING and then hope for a huge donation from the cheater. Jesus, this is football after all. The guys on PTI on ESPN commended the Bears for their “smart” way to slow down the Ducks and then laughed it off. Everybody from Jeff Tedford, Sandy Barbour and Larry Scott need to lighten up or go back to the WTA where we all know the girls would never do anything to get a leg up in a match.

  • southseasbear

    If the NCAA wants to prevent feigned injuries while protecting the players, it should implement a simple rule change: if time is stopped for injury, the player must leave the field (that part is the current rule) and may not return during that series.

  • Ozone

    this is just politics. Plain and simple.

  • vindication

    I enjoyed the comments on this blog a few weeks ago about how there was no doubt that the player was injured and the Ducks have no class. Now the comments are vague, dismissive of the action and trying to find ways to blame the other teams who have done it.

    Fans are looking for excuses to Cal’s losses. Whether or not you agree with the actions of the conference, as a fan you should be embarrassed for your program that somebody on the coaching staff would encourage this action. Play football.

  • MikeD

    Assuming that the PacX is investigating all the other teams that played OR where injury timeouts occurred at any point in the game with the same scrutiny. Ok, laugh over, back to work.

  • ace daddy

    This is b.s. and a non-issue. Faking injuries is a common practice in football and has been regularly used against Oregon.

    Cal is perhaps the cleanest program in the country which is why #1. they suck so bad at faking the injury when they tried it and #2. tosh came out willingly and admitted his wrong doing.

    It really is a ticky-tack issue and with no clear guidelines about it. I think all Cal fans and others who know football realize this is a complete non-issue.