Basketball: 20 Questions with M. Sanders-Frison

Today we visit with . . .

Position: Center/forward
Height: 6-7
Hometown: Portland, Ore.

If you could play 1-on-1 with any player in basketball history, who would you choose? Michael Jordan

Hypothetically, I have $10 to bet on who wins. Tell me why I should consider you: ‘Cause I’m not going to play fair. That’s my only chance.

What’s your basketball career highlight so far? Winning the Pac-10 championship. I’ve been wanting a ring since my freshman year of high school. Just the experience with those guys and getting a ring on such a high level.

Who’s the best dunker on the Cal team? Richard Solomon. By far.

What’s the most consecutive free throws you’ve ever made? In practice this summer, I made 55.

When you’re not playing, do you prefer to watch college basketball or the NBA? NBA.

When you were younger, other than basketball, what was your favorite sport to play?  Football n the streets with my cousins and my friends.

In one word, describe how good you were at that sport: Decent.

Aside from you, who is the best athlete in your family? My cousin. Michael Marion. He played at San Diego State.

Before basketball, what did you first want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a doctor.

Tell me something cool about your hometown of Portland that only a local would know: Jack’s Corner Store in northeast Portland has the best fried chicken.

Greatest vacation you’ve ever taken?  Where did you go?  Who was along?  Me and my family flew to L.A. for my cousin’s graduation from USC. He got his PhD from USC. We had a blast.

What’s your favorite place to eat on or near campus? I’m going to have to have to say Chipotle. That’s our spot. We go there a lot.

Favorite Cal class? My Swahili language class. It’s fun. The teacher is very interactive with the class. We have a lot of fun. He makes the learning environment fun, (so) everyone is outgoing and speaks a lot. I’m doing good. Me and Gary Franklin are taking it together.

The best movie you’ve ever seen? Friday.

The worst? The Blair Witch Project.

Your favorite TV show? The Game.

Your favorite website? WorldStar HipHop.com. It shows a lot of rappers.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter or both? Facebook. I got talked into that. Justin Cobbs was trying to get me onto Twitter.

What was the last book you read that wasn’t assigned? Forty Million Dollar Slaves. (subtitled The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete by William C. Rhoden). It was about African American athletes — they talked to a lot of pros — anonymously. It was a great book..

Jeff Faraudo