Football: Daft, Krasinski let go

Cal announced this morning that wide receivers coach Kevin Daft and strength and conditioning coach John Krasinski will not return next season. Coach Jeff Tedford is off recruiting and unavailable for further comment, other than his comment included in the press release.

These are the first moves Tedford has made in the aftermath of the Bears’ disappointing 5-7 season. Offensive line coach Steve Marshall is also moving on on his own, taking the same job at  Colorado.

Daft, a former NFL quarterback, coached Cal’s quarterbacks for one season before switching to the receivers for the past three years. The Bears’ receiving corps has been suspect in recent years, although Marvin Jones has been solid.

Although Tedford did not announce the Krasinski move in the press release, the school confirmed he was also let go. Krasinski spent nine years with Cal.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • noduck


  • noduck

    find solid replacements.

  • Larry

    Although I met both of these coaches before and they seemed like good guys, they weren’t getting the job done. Good luck to them.

  • ScottyBear

    Now, what about Ludwig?

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Down 31 at home to the hated rival, end of second qtr, let’s kneel on the ball. That is the Tedford way today. How he got there from where he was 6-7 years ago is an absolute mystery. The assistant coaches are not the ones telling the QB to kneel on the ball. That is all Tedford. I don’t expect much difference with the Bears until Tedford holds himself accountable for this loser mentality.

    The other day, they replayed the 2003 insight bowl on espnu. Tedford looked about 20 years younger and 40 pounds lighter, and hungry. He was going for it on 4th and 2 from midfield. That never happens anymore. Why not Jeff?

  • milo

    Blake St – gone are the nothing-to-lose free-wheeling days of picking up a 1-10 team and rolling the dice. JTed is now in charge of a major D1 program that just popped for new facilities in a big way. With that comes new job duties.

    The fact that Tedford has gotten Cal back on track in a very real way, gotten the academics up to par, has fans talking (and bitching) again and stuck it out through the tree sitting debacle means he’s earned the right to stay to see Memorial and the SAHPC go up. Few other coaches would stick it out.

    I too wish to see the bomb and fling it offense but we have a monster now and since it funds the AD, it must be fed.

    As for football…in Tedford’s system you live and die with the QB. If we get a QB that can play, Cal will win.

  • noduck

    “we have a monster now and since it funds the AD, it must be fed.”

    it won’t be feeding the ad for long if it continues its path. tedford is playing boring football. winning record/losing record, i don’t want to sit at memorial stadium and watch boring football. i’ll stay home and get some work done, instead.

    he might have earned the right to keep the helm, but he hasn’t earned the right to play lackluster ball. i would sit through two seasons of the 2010 oregon game before i sit through another 2009 and 2010.

  • milo

    Noduck – what I’m describing is a difference in context and priorities. When JTed came in his job was to win, he did that pretty well and has only one losing season. Now that Cal is winning, it’s about sustaining and improving on that…which is much more difficult then it looks considering a stadium renovation and new training center are involved.

    This isn’t an excuse. Tedford has to continue to win or he’ll be cut loose as well. All I’m saying is things change once you become a big boy, lots of things change, expectations, specific job duties…heck the formula to success changes too…and now you have fans and alum who bitch and whine. Having pissed off fans isn’t bad and comes with the territory but man, it’s still just sport.

    Any way, I’m glad to see change in the coaching staff.

  • Picard

    Best of luck to both of these guys. They have some good experience and they’ll land on their feet.

    As a side note, I’m not sure why we had a former QB coaching our wide receivers.

  • milo

    Coaching the QBs, WRs and even OL have many overlapping responsibilities and understanding the offense system is common denominator. You’ll often see coaches moving between these jobs. Look at Andy Reid, he was an o-lineman who moved up to OC. Norm Chow, former lineman as well who started coaching the 0-line.

  • Juancho

    Sorry it didn’t work out for these gents. But, I think most of us thought Daft needed to be replaced. Let’s just hope it’s a great hire, and not Akili Smith or another former QB.

    The conditioning coach move surprised me. But I’m optimistic. One thing I always laugh about is how the Oregon players look like olympic athletes and body builders and our guys look like young men.

  • blueonblue

    Hey boys,

    I know this is a football-centric forum but
    let’s not forget our lady Bears playing in the Volleyball
    National Championship Game vs the lady kittens of Penn State.

    Sat 12/18 @5:30 ESPN
    Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    FYI I have two tickets to Saturday’s Cal bball game that I won’t be using in case anyone wants them. Just email me them and they’re yours: 3.14everyone@gmail.com . I’m in SF.

    Happy holidays amigos. With an extra special happy holiday wish to the fellow dark siders.

  • Dan

    BlakeStreetBear- AMEN!

    The biggest problems in this program are because of Tedford, not because of his assistants- what a joke. Not saying these are guys were stellar coaches, but how about he hold himself accountable? Besides, he hired all these “bad” assistants.

    Aside from the problems that are directly related to him- like the wussy, play-not-to-lose style of play, how about the fact that he has had so many position coaches be bad or at least be blamed as their units are disappointing, and hired each and every one of them.

    I’m sure Tedford must feel really good about himself canning guys, ruining their liveliho0d, while he sits here changing nothing about what he is doing while collecting his $2.8 MIL annually for the next 5 1/2 years. Based on what I’ve seen, this guy doesn’t do much looking in the mirror and truly hold himself accountable. Let’s just fire assistants. What a joke.

    And Milo- feeding the monster? Really? The guy is paid HUGE money to win, to run a top notch, upper tier Pac 10 program that challenges most every year for a Pac 10 championship, and occasionally being in play for a National Championship- all while growing attendence and tv revenues and donor benevolence. Kind of like what Pete Carroll did, what Chip Kelly, Jim Harbaugh, Chris Peterson, Gary Patterson are doinge. Based on that criteria, Tedford has been an abject failure for several seasons now. He is working his way back down the ladder of success with NO signs that he has a clue of how to fix it.

    Also Milo, did you actually type “Now that Cal is winning…?” Cal has had a losing conference record for 2 straight seasons, and it’s a pretty safe bet that will happen again next season. The bar was raised with his early success, he was given HUGE raises and LONG extensions, and ever since then he has under-achieved.

    It’s like the Niners going through still another coach when they fire Singletary. The problem is at the top. The top here is Tedford.

  • Picard

    @Milo – Fair enough, but would you rather have Randy Cross or Jerry Rice coach our wide receivers?

  • Will L

    We need a guy who will help our WRs run precise, efficient routes and then help them catch balls. Marvin was solid and put up numbers but had way too many drops. His “drops” in both the Nevada and Arizona games caused picks (one for a pick six, one that effectively ended the game). Mr. Jones has to lead the way in helping create a WR culture that we run precise routes to gain separation, and we don’t accept drops any longer.

  • Eric

    I suppose I applaud the willingness to shake up the coaching staff, but what I think would demonstrate true accountability would be for Tedford to say to the university, his players, his coaches, and the fans/alumni that he is taking a pay cut given the poor performance this past season, that it is not acceptable, and that he deserves some of the blame as well. Or at least put a portion of the salary in escrow such that he has to “earn” it for top performance. Perhaps I’m being too pollyannish – though Chip Kelly last year did something analogous following the Boise State loss, and that team has been stunningly good since then – but it would a huge gesture. Which means it won’t happen. And that is why I’m staking my own credibility that our performance next year will not exceed this year’s performance.

  • milo

    Picard – honestly?

    Jerry Rice might be the best football player EVER. I know that’s debatable but it’s him or 2 other guys. Without a doubt he’s the best ever WR.

    That said, great players often don’t make good coaches, see Singletary. I’m not sure about Cross but he might be able to communicate and teach players better, he was/is a talker…or maybe not. I think Jerry would just look at players like, man you’re bad and not understand why.

    Any way, maybe Cal will hire Ken Margurum. He’s a Furd guy but coached at Cal as WR coach and married a Cal alum so he’s local but have no idea if he’s a good coach. I think a young up and comer might be a better choice.

  • rotfogel

    Tedford just needs one QB, just one QB and everything will be OK.

  • MikeD

    > Tedford just needs to develop one QB right now, just one QB and everything will be OK.

    fixed that for you

  • MontereyJack64

    JT needs to do some serious, honest self evaluation!
    Ludwig has not been and will not be the answer to improving the Bears offense. The team needs more than a good qb. It needs a decent offensive line, a first rate running back and lots of help beefing up the defense. Fresno State must be licking their chops for that first game in 2011!
    I want JT to succeed but have little hope unless he gets realistic about infusing the team with great coaching and better players.

  • Nick

    There are so many points here that are valid but I believe the real issue is Tedfords play calling the last 3 seasons. I attended the UCLA, Oregon and Washington Games and watched every other in 2010 and I couldn’t agree more that it was lackluster football. I can understand the conservative calls in the Oregon game but several others including the heartbreaking Washington game left me befuddled. Looking back on the season I can’t really recall us going for it on 4th once or even concocting a decent trick play. Vereen was basically all we had on offense and the blowout loses were absolutely embarrassing. I am not going to speculate about next season until I see the first 4 games. My hopes are we inprove to a decent bowl game my fear is missing another. Go Bears!!!

  • Daft stayed at least three years longer than he should have. He clearly had no idea. It’s only the loyalty of JT that kept him around. And Marshall… don’t even get me started….


  • Calduke
  • Steve W

    Firing and replacing assistant coaches is not going to get the job done to bring the program back to the upper tier in the conference. Tedford needs to find an heir apparent, pay him big bucks and promise him the head coaching job when his contract runs out.

    I would like to think that Tedford right now is looking for a brilliant offensive coordinator who is willing to come to Berkeley and help restore the program under those conditions. Starting salary? How about $600,000 to $800,000 per year, and some of it coming from Tedford’s pocket if it has to. Tedford need look no further than Chip Kelly at Oregon for the blueprint, and maybe he could slide over to the AD’s job like Mike Belotti did after a few years.

    Nothing else is going to work save a very painful and costly buyout of JT’s contract after a few more losing seasons.

  • Larry

    Wasn’t Geoff MacArthur coaching at Richmond High a few years back. Anyone know if he is still coaching somewhere? He was a great player for CAL and played for Tedford as well as Holmoe, so he knows winning and losing. Perhaps Tedford should give him a call.

  • milo

    Geoff Mac would be a nice add. He did a lot with what he had, played with heart.