Football: Marshall move official

Colorado has announced additions to new coach Jon Embree’s staff, including Steve Marshall as offensive line coach. This confirms what was reported last week, that Marshall is leaving Cal.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • YAY!!!!!! Oh, will Embree rue that decision in a few years. Nice of JT to allow CU to announce Marshall’s hiring, instead of having to come out with his firing along with the other chaff he jettisoned this week.


  • Calduke

    Marshall recruited Rigsbee.
    Let’s hope Jordan stays committed. He is a big-time offensive lineman.

  • Jim

    His brother Tyler is already here. I don’t think it’ll be too big an issue.

  • Calduke

    Now that the entire problem with the Offensive Line is gone, how about some recruits.

  • Frank

    Cal’s gain,Buffs loss.Marshall successfully proves over a two year period he can’t coach technique,intensity,and most importantly drive or determination.

  • Calduke
  • Calduke

    Maybe more staff movement??

  • Calduke

    Lupoi has Texas roots and he just might be fed up with the nonsense occuring with the Cal Bears direction.
    He has no future here as a Defensive Coordinator.

  • Calduke

    The high school playoff season is over and the player’s only interest now is which college shows the most love and chance to be noticed by the NFL scouts.
    Let’s hope Tedford and what’s left of his staff is out there working.
    Turnover, whether it’s voluntary or involuntary, usually raises doubts. Other schools will bring this out when talking to prospects.

  • Larry


    What Texas roots does Lupoi have? I thought he attended De La Salle High School in Concord?

  • Calduke


    got confused with Coach Thompson.
    Thanks for asking.

    The rumor is Justin Wilcox, now at Maryland is in line to be DC at Texas. He wants Lupoi.
    Prior to Maryland, Wilcox was at Boise State.
    U. Maryland says Wilcox has not notified them that Texas has made contact. Are Wilcox and Lupoi friends??

  • Larry

    They have crossed paths at CAL. Lupoi was a player when Wilcox was a LB coach at CAL. Then Wilcox went to Boise State and has been working his way up. So they at least know each other. I don’t know if they are good friends etc.

  • ScottyBear

    We should hire Justin Wilcox. His dad is Dave Wilcox, the former 49er and Justin was involved with those three trick plays with Boise to beat Oklahoma. I think he was involved on the offensive side of the ball there at Boise and he is one of those go for it young coaches that would be a good head coach in waiting for Tedford, just like Chip Kelly was for Belloti.

  • Calduke

    Wilcox wants to be a Def Coordinator.

  • Calduke

    JT needs to get an OL Coach.
    recruits may be in limbo they see who it might be.