Basketball: Franklin update

I happened to be on the same flight home from Phoenix tonight with the Cal team and was witness to a priceless moment.

Just before the flight attendants closed the door, one of them got on the P.A. and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re missing a Gary Franklin.”

The entire Cal team roared with laughter.

The San Diego Union-Tribune is reporting that Franklin — who announced Wednesday he was leaving Cal after 13 games — has a working list of teams he is considering, including San Diego State.

Others, according to the newspaper, are UNLV, New Mexico, Texas A&M, Georgetown, UTEP and San Jose State.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. Now that’s twitter worthy type of reporting. Nice work, Jeff! Awesome tidbit!

  2. Uniform: $200
    Round Trip Plane Ticket to Arizona: $250
    Having your leading shot-taker quit the team and then playing your best basketball of the season: Priceless.

    …I’m sure more intelligent people can come up with better versions…

  3. Franklin to SDSU, gotta investigate if Fisher has been up to old tricks.

  4. Ha, Ha. Have fun at Cal State Bakersfield, you’ll be missing out on being on a true team.

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