Basketball: Bears savor road win

Here’s my story from this morning’s editions on Cal’s 65-61 victory over ASU, its first Pac-10 victory of the season.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Bears

    Great win for the Bears and the freshmen got their first Pac 10 win. Hope they like that feeling and win a solid ammount more this year. Be great for them to make a post season tournament and keep getting better so that next year can be a big season.
    Really enjoyed watching the way the guys played this past weekend in both games.
    They look like they are coming together as a TEAM!
    Go Bears

  • SteveNTexas

    Bears I’m a bit less sanguine than you. ASU looked horrible but Crabbe and Sanders-F looked great. We did play well most of the time – granted.

    Where I would disagree is about the future. Yes our players will get better but we have one prospect coming in and he’s not in the top 150. Other Pac 10 schools are racking in great recruiting classes and we are going to suffer.

  • K1W

    Allen Crabbe reminds me of Patrick Christopher, in both his playing and demeanor.

  • Uh oh

    What I noticed in this game is that Cal’s ball movement was excellent. Winging it around the outside created many more open looks, either for perimeter players or in the post. They are learning!