Football: Cal making an impact…

…at AT&T Park already. I’m here in the press box getting ready for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl to start and Cal’s media relations staff is already making inroads on the joint. Turns out the live stats for the media are being supplied by Cal’s same internal website that supplies stats during home games.

I’m told about a half-dozen Cal officials are here tonight, mostly event staff types to observe the entire gameday experience to help with the transition into next year.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • GriZz

    I thought this article was going to be about former Cal players making an impact in the NFL, and how TedFraud got very little impact out of these players while in Berkeley..

    Today’s San Francisco Chronicle does speak on this exact point. ” All told Berkeley has 14 alums participating in the league’s post season tournament… How does a school that rarely competes for the PAC-10 title turn out so many quality NFL player?. Its a perennial riddle as confounding as the fog. And there is no answer.”

    There is an answer to this question and we all know it – some are just too weak to face the facts..

    The answer is BAD COACHING

  • 1 oakland fan

    hey griz how was cal football before tedford? garbage!

  • Wilson1802

    I with GriZz on his points regarding Tedford’s failure to win a Conference title with all of the NFL caliber talent on his teams.

    Hey “1 Oakland Fan” do you realize that Tedford was the 10th highest paid coach in college football as we entered this past season? Given his “top 10” salary level, its no longer acceptable to a perrenial 8-4 type of team. When you get paid a salary of $2.8 million, then the expectations of winning get a whole lot tougher. If Cal reduces his salary to the $1 Million level, then I would not complain about Cal’s 8-4 record and a 4th place finish in the Pac-10.

  • eric

    1 Oakland – the 1993 team was almosty as good as the 2004 team, and the 1991 team was arguably better. Since 2004, Cal has been mediocre, especially when you consider the great talent that has been here. Then factor in how much our coach is being paid a year. You think any another Pac-10 team would take Tedford now? You see his name being tossed around for any of the NFL openings?

    History is a funny thing, Go far back enough, and Cal was the greatest college football team for three years running.

  • Bobby

    Eric, spewing negativity since October! You’ve taken over more NCs as the most predictable poster on this blog

    I enjoyed seeing the football layout at AT&T, got me excited for next year. We’ve received fairly consistent good news since the season ended (recruiting victories, Kiesau back, Harbaugh gone): I’m actually starting to get excited for next season.

  • milo

    Seriously, knock off the negative crap. Tedford has .640 record. Not perfect but historically he’s the best Cal has ever had.

  • Big D

    I’m waiting for the announcement that Coach Michalczik will be the new Cal OL coach since Cable was fired from the Raiders.

  • GriZz

    Just because TedFraud inherited a program where LITERALLY THE BAR COULDN’T BE LOWER shouldn’t be his excuse until the end of time. People still using this lame excuse a decade after TedFraud has been running his program (the longest tenure in the PAC-10)is weak and sophomoric.

    I guess Don Nelson should be coaching the Warriors this season and forever because after all — before Don Nelson the Warriors were historicly bad, right simpletons???

    Give me a break. Using prior unprecedented failure as a constant scape-goat is a JOKE.

    Apparently to my fellow weak-minded Cal fans, TedFraud’s success is not based on his own accomplishments — but rather Tom Holmoe’s failures.. SAD

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I agree 100% with GriZz’ logic. Cal football was terrible in 2001. And except for the couple of blowouts over terrible teams, Cal football was terrible in 2010, Oregon game defense notwithstanding. No, it was not 2001 bad, but that game in the Coliseum this year was as bad as bad gets. I left before halftime. Tedford has lost much of his offensive mojo and almost all of his ‘trickeration’. Will he ever get it back?

    And here is an unfortunately relevant excerpt from the masterpiece that is ‘Trainspotting’:

    Sick Boy: It’s certainly a phenomenon in all walks of life.
    Renton: What do you mean?
    Sick Boy: Well, at one time, you’ve got it, and then you lose it, and it’s gone forever. All walks of life: George Best, for example. Had it, lost it. Or David Bowie, or Lou Reed, or Jeff Tedford.

  • milo

    Dude, take a pill…or smoke a fatty…chill, be it $C, Furd, moron or whoever is up your bum…chill out.


  • David

    Well good job screwing up this blog post comment roll.

    Anyway, BACK ON TOPIC, good to see Cal staff making the effort towards the transition.

  • southseasbear

    Jeff Tedford is not resting on laurels of mediocrity. He and his staff are delivering one of the best recruiting classes in school history. He is shaking up the staff. Finally, we are getting the new facilities that would not even be at the planning stages without him. The payoff is about two years away.

  • Yoda

    Tedford took a 1-10 team and made it a winner. He built from there into a BCS contender. He never got over the hump, and the program has been sliding, but he’s earned a little bit of slack. He seems to be bent on correcting mistakes and the recruiting this year is very good.

    All the whining and vitriol is misplaced, the supposed logic is based on selective memory, and Grizz calling people simpletons is ironic in the extreme.

  • ScottyBear

    I’m still reeling from Cal taking a knee with 18 seconds left down 31-0 to Stanford at home. No stellar recruiting classes can make up for a wimpy coaching philosophy, and that was the pinnacle. OK, so Mansion gets intercepted in the end zone to close out the half. At least Tedford would be showing us fans and his players he is still competing and going for it. Taking a knee is like saying why bother coming out for the second half. Pathetic. What assurance do we have that Tedford won’t continue the same approach this year?

  • Boaltblue

    GriZz and Eric:

    You forget that the 2006 Cal Football team went 10-3, won a co-Pac-10 Championship, and convincingly beat Texas A&M at the Holiday Bowl. We were 9-4 in 2008, and 8-5 in 2009. In my view, we have been better than mediocre since 2004.

    Football is a unpredictable sport, you cannot be a winner all of the time. Look at Mack Brown at Texas. Texas has had way more 5-Star and 4-Star recruits than most college teams, but went 5-7 last year, including a beatdown by UCLA. As I have said in an earlier post, we were 10 points away from winning three other games this year and going 8-5, including a win against Oregon, and going to another bowl.

    Your negativity at this point serves no useful purpose. Cal will not fire Tedford now. Most Cal fans want to give Coach Tedford some leeway considering all that he has done for Cal Football in the past, and the concrete reasons for optimism for the future, including the 2010 and 2011 recruiting classes, the coaching changes, the new athletic training center, and the stadium renovation.

    The name calling against Coach Tedford is immature, acidic, and undeserved. Your repeated criticism reminds me of Morencs and dwarfbrain.

  • GoldenBear 77

    The number of CAL players in the NFL, or in the playoffs is a red herring. It takes more than a few, and they are just a few. An example, our high school team had three D-1 players on it, all given or offered scholarships (Oklahoma, UCLA and CAL). The record my senior year…0-9-1. It takes more good players than great ones to have a successful team.

  • Bear+4 Fans

    Boaltblue we agree with you 100%, and your comments also apply to some of the other forums around here.

  • Dan

    Back on point with the starting point of this, which was AT&T Park, more pointedly AT&T for Cal games next year.

    I attended the KFH Bowl last night (2nd time there for me for CFB, also attended Emerald Bowl for Cal-Miami), sat in the “field” bleacher seats, Section A2 (put us at the 5 yd line) row 26. Aside from being surrounded by loud, foul-mouthed, flat out dumb Reno fans (flashback to the Cal game in Reno this season- what a really embarrassing, classless fan base), those seats were horrible. A LOT of tension in the crowd based on the fact if ANYBODY stands, the entire bleachers have to stand to see- and stand they do for most of the game. This seems to greatly aggravate everybody, as people were screaming “sit down” the entire game.

    Even when you stood, or when everyone was seated, a great portion of the near sideline portion of the field is out of view, as is the far corner nearest the bleacher stands. My advice for seating next season, avoid the bleachers, but if you can’t, sit as low as possible and as close to the 50 yard line as possible.

    Also, the concourse above the field level was hideous. So crowded, at times you were stuck for minutes without being able to move. It got scary a couple of times where you were being pressured and pushed from behind while the crowd in front of you were at a complete standstill. You felt like you were going to be crushed. I hope that Cal fans will be more intelligent and considerate than the Nevada fan base, which remind me of Forrest Gump’s evil twin.

    The setting is wonderful and it will be a great, unique one year experience there, just be prepared there are some definite issues with the park being overcrowded and sight lines on both sides of the field.

  • Calduke

    Joel Willis 3-* CB
    makes oral commit to Cal. Previously had committed to Washington

  • rollonubears

    solid pickup. we need some offense, though. we really haven’t picked up anyone in 2 years now. i’m going to reserve judgement on tedford at least until the season starts or our top players start dropping like flies in practice again. in JTs defense, he’s put together another solid recruiting class, at least on one side of the ball. we aren’t going to be very good next year unless one of the QBs suddenly shines. hopefully one can separate early, at least in spring camp, so we don’t have 4 guys that are all “doing really really well” and “practicing really really hard.”

    it’s just one season at at&t. sport for the upper deck seats if you want a good view. i wouldn’t fret too much about it. would be nice if they allowed beer though.

  • GriZz

    Unfortunately kids, what you describe as “negativity” is actually REALITY to us non-koolaide drinkers. Watching around the NFL you cannot ignore the talent Tedford had when analyzing his coaching and record.

    You cannot convince me that the same quality of coaching is going on, on a team loaded with talent who finishes 7th – verses a team with no talent who finishes 7th.

    Other, far less hyped, far less paid coaches would have produced a conference title or a BCS bowl after a decade with the players we’ve had in the Canyon. No denying it.

    Come on Old Bluesies.. Just because you poured millions into a coach who comes in 8th place while our Rugby, Baseball, and Lacrosse teams get killed over a lack of funding doesn’t mean we have to live in denial about how good he it..

    sorry.. the truth hurts — but it will set you free

  • milo

    GriZz = Moron

  • H8sRed

    Here’s the truth, Grizz: you’re no Cal fan, and you’re ignorant to boot.

    Tedford’s successes have allowed Memorial to average about 60,000 per game as opposed to the 30,000 or so who attended during the Holmoe era. The extra gate and TV revenue (10-13 games televised per year vs 1-3 previously) are what have financed multiple non-revenue sports over the years. Without Tedford’s success, many more than four sports would have been terminated — many years earlier.

    But for the whoring Mack Brown and a pathetic BCS system, Tedford would have taken Cal to BCS games in ’04 and ’06 — the lost revenue and lost exposure cost as much, if not more, than the treesitters did in terms of recruiting. As impressive as Stanfurd’s Orange Bowl win was, for me it re-opened the ’04 wound — that was us six years ago, but Stanfurd got their glory and we never did.

  • Rollonubears

    The game of college football has changed. If we don’t play this high tempo brand next year, we have no chance. Everyone else will be doing this next year. Without a stud qb, there is no other option, and at a minimum, we have to have our defense in good enough condition to cover this kInd of approach. Auburn came prepared. No flopping on the ground to buy time. Hopefully out new conditioning coach knows what he’s getting into.

  • milo

    Rollon…at least Cal’s D stopped Oregon’s spread, pretty much cold. On that note, it’s nice to know Cal is recruiting well on D. Cal should have/would have won if one field goal was made.

    Otherwise, yes, Cal needs offensive but it can happen. At least the D looks solid.

  • Rocko

    GriZz we had a mediocre QB who went down in the middle of the season and was replaced by a clueless one. Blame that on Tedford if you want. Some of the NFL players are pre-Tedford, When you make statements like you do in your posts it makes one wonder if you’re off the same tree as Amy?

  • Larry

    GriZz= Moron. Where is moron? I guess it can’t show its face around here since Marshawn bailed out ol’ Petey boy up in Seattle. Plus the Seahawks have more Cal players than U$C players and they are onto the next round. Not much Moron can say about that, so it took on another persona.

    Of course GriZz will say they are not Moron. Which is Morons Modus Operendi on this board.

  • milo

    It’s obvious Cal needs offense in a serious way. Lets hope Kiesau can bring energy and a QB is discovered.

    On the plus side, with the recruits Cal pulled in the past two years on D, and Pendergast, Cal looks to be in good position. They need to develop and improve but the core is there.

    Getting to the top 20 again will require beating teams like Oregon and takes offense and defense. At least Cal looks to stay strong on defense. If Cal could have gotten QB play at a 85-90 rating, along with good D, would have done much better. Could have beat Oregon.

    Not saying it will happen but finding/developing 1-2 QBs (with the right coaches) is narrower focus then building a whole defense, and a higher probability since there are fewer “moving parts”.

  • wehofx

    GriZz = moron

    Expect a lame denial soon.

    Here’s hoping JT can land Michalczik.

  • MikeD

    > Here’s hoping JT can land Michalczik.

    As much as I think that this hire would be good, I think that long term it would be bad. Michalczik wants to coach in the NFL and has career aspirations greater than college football. To hire him now would only mean that we would lose him at some point in the immediate future when any sort of NFL job opens up and he moves on. This affects recruiting, continuity, etc. I’d think that there is a really good line coach out there who would be a good fit for Cal who would want to stick around for a few years, lets hope JT can find him.

  • BlueNGold

    It is rather ignorant and absurd to be calling JT ‘TedFraud’. He is anything but a fraud. He was hired away from an OC job with no head coaching experience. To assert that he conned people into hiring him or that he is not what he represented himself to be is laughable, and says a lot more about the knowledge, intellect and loyalty to Cal of the people making the claim than it does about JT’s coaching skills and abilities.

  • AZ Bear

    Well said, BlueNGold — you are absolutely right.