Basketball: Gary Franklin to Baylor

Gary Franklin, who quit the Cal team last week just 13 games into his freshman season, has transferred to Baylor, the school reported on its website.

He will sit out the remainder of this season and the fall semester, then become eligible according to NCAA transfer rules.

“Gary has been a winner all of his life,” Baylor coach Scott Drew said. “In high school at Mater Dei, his teams won big and his AAU team, California Supreme, was one of the best in the nation. Players really like to play with him and his sound character along with his talents make him a great fit at Baylor.

“We are extremely excited to have him part of the Baylor family,” Drew said.

Here’s the full news release from Baylor.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Davidson

    At least he’s still a bear…


  • CALiforniALUM

    Jeff, I think you misquoted Baylor’s coach….didn’t he say…

    “Gary has been a whiner all of his life,” Baylor coach Scott Drew said.

  • Picard

    Baylor? This kid is nuts and his dad isn’t doing him any favors. He seems to want to be the star of the team and have the system designed around him. Perhaps this explains why he was leading Cal in shots attempted. In any event, I wish him well in Waco.

  • bigdruid

    Good luck to him. I guess I don’t get all the anger directed towards Franklin. Was Boykin a bad guy because he transferred from Duke because he wanted more PT?

    Franklin wanted more PT at the point, and he wasn’t going to get it here – why does that make him more of a whiner than any other kid who transfers?

    He thought Cal wasn’t a good fit for him, so rather than drag it out he moved on and freed up a scholarship for us. I wish him well – it’s a rebuilding year anyway, so it’s not like he was the key piece in our title run or anything.

  • milo

    I wish Gary Franklin well. I hope he adjusts to Texass well cuz it’s different down there.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Berkeley vs. Waco?? LOL!! Adios amigo…now let’s get a center.

  • David

    Damn, to a better team too

  • takeoffthatredshirt

    Big Druid

    Did Boykin transfer mid season?
    Without warning?
    While taking the most shots per game?
    While sucking (yes at the 2) but demanding more PT?

    I think the answers are no, but im not sure. that’s why there is anger. Personally I’m happy I don’t have to try to enjoy watching his selfish style of basketball. Bye bye Gary, see you in the Bulgarian B league.

  • uh oh

    I view this as any other freshman who gets to college, life on their own in a new environment, and… it is not exactly what they thought it would be. Many freshmen have trouble in coping, we ALL know.

    But most of them are anonymous, most do not have their performance evaluated by casts of strangers… nor do most have networks and opportunities to hit the escape pod button and land somewhere else almost immediately.

    It’s a weird reality.

    I imagine it’s sometimes better to sit still and face the music. However, Gary will likely come out better anyways, as he’s going to have to come to terms with what caused him to play poorly here in Berkeley. If we doesn’t, he’ll be on the bench in Texas just the same. I imagine he will rise to the challenge to save his pride and prove everyone wrong. As best he can, at least.

  • uh oh

    Another funny part of this…

    High school kids spend MONTHS evaluating colleges, picturing what it will be like, before choosing. Sure, GF can do it quicker this time around, having been thru the process before. But it’s still an odd reality to make that choice in about 1 week’s time, what with so much turmoil going on around him.

    I wonder if he’ll look back and ask, “Why did I choose Baylor again?” Who knows. Could be the best thing for him, or an odd tack in life.

    And if the decision wasn’t made in a week, was he talking to any schools before he split Berkeley? One can only wonder.

  • Picard

    @Uh Oh – you bring up some thought provoking points.
    In particular: “And if the decision wasn’t made in a week, was he talking to any schools before he split Berkeley?” – He MUST have been testing the waters with other schools. In my opinion, it wouldn’t make sense to leave one school without having already identified other viable options. It begs the question of when does recruiting really end?
    Gary seems like a good kid, but he also seems like a misguided kid. I’m sure he’s under a great deal of pressure from his father to become an NBA player. I wish Gary the best.