Football: Still no OL coach (wink, wink)

Cal still has not announced the hiring of its new offensive  line coach, but all signs point to it being former OL  coach Jim Michalczik. There has been specuation for a couple weeks now that Michalczik will return to the post he held at Cal for seven years before moving on briefly to Washington and then to the Raiders. I would assume the announcement of Michalczik will come soon.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • GC

    This is a strange one. I have never seen a possible new coach in the fold with such a long waiting time for announcement. There are many articles but yet nothing from any CAL officials or Coach M himself. Strange.

  • milo

    It must be some kind of weirdness with the Raiders. Probably has to be officially let go or some contract formality that if not taken care…or it will get complicated or cost.

  • wehofx

    Or, my worry is/was that HJ is thinking of keeping JM on his staff.

  • southseasbear

    I recall that Marshall’s hiring was also delayed and rumored before the official announcement. (It seemed as if recruits were apprised.) Perhaps it has something to do with NFL coaching contracts.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    My bet is that one of the more football savvy, big money donors is trying to set up a “bonus” of some sort or salary bump to bring Michalczik back. Those things can take time, especially given the economic state of the UCs. Such a contract would have to be worded constructed properly so no one tries to attribute the athletic department as being on the hook for his whole salary.

    It still bugs the hell out of me every time someone says Cal is paying all of Tedford’s salary instead of Nike.

  • wtfusiast

    Word on the street is:

    Gentlemen, if you may recall last year… Bob Gregory left in February for Boise State where he gets paid more than if he worked at Cal on base pay…

    Boise state just rehired an assistant within 24 hours of his leaving to LSU only to have him be promoted to be OC but it isn’t official (ie. NO OC on the roster) would Senor Ludwig be an upgrade as a QB coach or their OC? LOL…

    There may be some shuffling within the coaches (in particular Ludwig and Michalczik). But if I were allowed to place my money on it, my money would be on Coach M (If you recall in 08/09 Sark tried to hire him as an OC with emphasis on him running OL whilst Sark ran OC calls…). That didn’t work out so well did it? 30 days later he had to head over to uncle Tom who broke some poor assistant’s Jaw. *tear

  • MD in San Ramon

    Michalczik is on board….It’s already a done deal. He signed the deal last week and in fact is on a recruiting trip for Cal this weekend. This is no BS…This is fact. Not at liberty to say how I know, but I promise it’s true. My guess is J.O. knows this too but can’t say on record.

  • Bobby

    MD, thanks for the inside info. You seem right re: JO; hence the “wink wink” in the title.

  • Juancho

    I’m a Raiders fan. And this is my take.

    Unlike other teams, the Raiders coaching staff does not report up through the head coach. The assistants report to the executive side, which is Mr. Davis / Herrera, et al.

    So when a head coach is cut, it has nothing to do with who continues to be offered a job. What I think is that Jackson wants Michalzik. And Cal cannot report anything until Mr. Davis has cleared it.

    Do not forget that Tedford and Mr. Davis are friends. Tedford still comes in every offseason as a consultant to the Raiders. He was allegedly very close to bolting Cal for the Raiders years ago. I think Michalzik will come back – but I think Tedford and Cal are smart enough to know to wait to make everything official after Jackson and Michalzik and Mr. Davis meet. Once Mr. Davis gives Tedford the blessing to make it official – I’m sure it will be out.

  • Bear+4 Fans

    I have the feeling that there is more to this whole thing then just coach Michalczik. IMHO i think that Tedford is thinking outside the box on this, and we may very well be suprised, at what happens when all is said and done.

  • Bears

    We needed a shake up and I love what I’m seeing done this offseason!
    Can’t wait for signing day. Will be a great day for the Bears.

  • dball

    Coach Ludwig is gone as the OC?!?! Coach M might get a promotion out of this.