Football: Ludwig confirmed

Cal has confirmed that offensive coordinator is leaving. Still no word on his replacement.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • rotfogel

    Wow, great news, just great news. I don’t care who the next guy is, it is not possible to be worse than Ludwig. Oregon fans, Utah fans, they were both right, Ludwig is awful, how he got another job doing the same thing is mind numbing. Wow!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I feel like I just ate Sir Robin’s minstrels.

  • RT

    Oski could have called better plays than Ludwig

  • Larry

    It speaks volumes that Ludwig took a lateral position at SDSU, which is not a football powerhouse and not in a BCS conference. My guess is he got a little “push” out the door.

  • Larry

    This deep into the off-season and not announcing Coach M’s return yet, the OC position will have to be filled by Coach M or Tedford.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Be careful of what you wish for. Any OC having to work with Tedfurd won’t be around for long. Can you blame Ludwig for the QBs.

  • House

    Yes, you can blame the QB coach for the QB play.

  • Jan K Oski

    Hey Larry, Gregory left at the beginning of February, and it didn’t hurt the Bears in the recruiting. Why worry? There’s word that Coach M is already on the recruitment trail.

  • milo

    Frankly, Cal upgraded on defense with Pendergast. I forgot about Bob Gregory. I hope Michalczik and Kiesau bring the same kind of energy to the offense…and yeah, lets hope a QB emerges or gets groomed/developed.

    Despite the ups and downs the past 2 years, I still like Tedford in there. He’s winning at a .630 clip, the program is clean, the kids are getting an education and being responsible and new facilities will be here soon. And Tedford stuck around. Given it’s Cal, that’s a minor miracle.

  • GldnBear71

    I remain skeptical.

  • ET


    Totally Agree. This is a solid program.

    Pendergast has the defense. Tedford can focus with Coach M on the offense. Nice to see Ludwig go.

  • Bears

    This is a positive move for the program. The offense was not on the same page last year and did not execute. QB play was terrible. Tedford, coach M, coach Gould and coach Kiesau all have produced together. Putting that team together and whoever else they bring in is a move in the right direction.
    Our head coach is a proven offensive and QB leader. He is going to find a QB who will execute the offense and will inspire confidence. He will also develop a back up who can spell it or provide relief if the starter is not getting it done or proven yet.
    Can’t wait to see who the final piece of the offensive coaching puzzle is.
    Good stuff. This offense will be effective and will EXECUTE! By the end of 11 and in 2012 we will be elite again.
    Close out recruiting with a bang!

  • Eric

    I was never a fan of Ludwig – when he was hired or during the entire year – but how many OCs is that since the start of the 2005 season? Whoever gets hired this year, I hope we should see some improvement (and, since I am already on record that we will not do better than 5-7, getting to .500 would be improvement). If there is no improvement, I hope the blame stops getting put on to the subordinates. Poop is not supposed to always run downhill.

  • rollonubears

    it speaks volumes that the OCs all want to leave. i still think they’re all being micromanaged, and if that’s the case, JTED needs to do it himself. but he said himself it was just too much for him to do both. he was a great OC. i think he’s a great off-field coach. it really seems like he needs to allow the next guy to do EVERYTHING when it comes to game planning, and he needs to hire someone who’s not afraid to win.

  • Juancho

    I agree with Eric and Rollon.

    Tedford strikes me as the type of personality that micromanges the offense. I think a lot of us can relate to wanting to not completely give up certain responsibilities at work. At some point the big glaring thing is that no OC who has called plays has worked long term with coach Tedford.

    I’d be thrilled if Michalzik or someone else is brought in as oline coach or whatever position, and assistant head coach. I think Tedford is a great offensive mind. I don’t think any of us would even argue that if this was year 2 or 3 of his time at Cal. But I do not feel like his best value to the program is as the “CEO”. He should be our head coach, but bring in a guy who he can lean on as “assistant head coach” so that Tedford can get back to what he does best – offense.

    Isn’t our special teams coach a former head coach? Isn’t Kiesau now coming back with OC experience? Michalzik now comes back with NFL experience. All the Defensive players spoke very highly of Pendergast. I feel like maybe Tedford is finally getting the right staff around him where he can expect more of them, and less of himself in the CEO role.

    One thing that makes me think this, is Kiesau’s interview when he came back. He said he originally left because it was too much and he wanted to focus on his family. But now he came back saying he’s ready for the heavy work load. I’m hoping Tedford is telling all the returning guys this, take care of your position to coach, but I also need you to step up in an assistant head coach position.

  • noduck

    tedford is either a head coach or he’s not. if he’s not suited for the job, he needs to step aside and do what he is good at doing. it helps no one for him to be weak at performing two duties.

  • ScottyBear

    The past two years have been strange to say the least. Tedford closes practice yet his offensive play calling is more predictable than ever. We take a knee with the ball against Stanford down 31-0. Our back-up QB’s get no garbage time ever then can’t be counted on to complete a pass when we need them. Whatever it all is, we fans want to get back to the 2007 Oregon game and build from that. It seemed to crater the next week at home. Only three years ago we were #1 for 45 minutes! We can’t buy a mention on ESPN these days.

  • CalbearNYC

    J Oakanes, is there any reason why Tedford didn’t make a play for Norm Chow? Seemed like it could’ve been a perfect fit with two of the most dynamic offensive minds on the same staff…….Our OC position would’ve been set!

  • CardinalRules07


    Where have you been all year for the Stanford stories?!!?! Share the hate buddy!

    Seriously though, great season guys, that Chris Polk 1 yard dive was the cherry on top. Classic.

    enjoy that extra $600,000, peasants.

  • GC

    What about Coach M?

  • JJ

    Would not be surprised to see Michalczik named OC. Recall that prior to getting hired by the Raiders, he was hired to be the OC at Washington by then-incoming coach Sarkisian. He got picked up by the Raiders before he really got to work at UW, but it’s pretty clear that’s the sort of move he was looking for.

  • Smokey D Bear

    Insert the next schmuck coordinator to fall on the sword for Tedford. Quarterbacks and coordinators fall on so many swords for Tedford, Jeff’s new title is The Last Samurai. Nate Longshore looks like a pin cushion after years of being one of the many Tedford scapegoats.

  • rollonubears

    we are too close to letter-of-intent day to be effing around with this stuff. we need an OC, now.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Your offense is predictable, boring and old fashioned. Otherwise, it’s OK.

  • rollonubears

    your comments are predictable, boring and not ok.