Basketball: David Kravish update

David Kravish, Cal’s lone fall signee, is averaging 13 points, 10 rebounds and about three blocks for Lee’s Summit North HS, according to his coach.

“He’s doing a great job,” Mike Hilbert told me. “He’s really doing what we had hoped he would do as a senior. We’re seeing the things that probably excite the University of California — his ability to knock down perimeter jump shots, challenging shots in the lane, playing above the rim.

“He is definitely a better senior than he was a junior.”

The Broncos are 12-5 after a 43-41 loss to rival Lee’s Summit. They had won nine of 11 prior to that.

Hilbert said the 6-foot-9 forward received a certificate this week informing him he’d been nominated for McDonald’s All-America status. Kravish earned all-tournament honors a week ago at the Culver’s Classic after leading his team to a runnerup finish.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Kevin

    With our dearth of frontline depth next year, we’re going to need this guy to contribute immediately.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I think Solomon will be at least as effective as MSF next season, Kamp and Bak will be better and this Kravish guy could be the 4th big. Same guards, plus Rossi and Cobbs. This year’s team is good, next year’s team can be great.

  • Bears

    Don’t forget the Bears are likely to land two more frosh for next year in addition to Kravish in the spring signing period. One of those two probably a JC star. Anyone know what DK’s current weight is?

  • David

    Does the nomination mean he is a MC Donalds AA, or that he is in the running?

  • SteveNTexas

    If you follow other teams and their recruits this guy’s high school stats and team record are almost sorry in comparison.

    I look at IU’s class of … 2014 and they have high school freshman scoring much more at a varsity level than this high school senior.

    He’s not highly thought of among the national rankings,either.

    Many Pac-10 teams are grabbing real stars. Arizona got 5 star recruit Turner out of Sacramento, Oregon got 4 star recruit Jabari Brown out of Oakland

    and this guy according to Rivals – NO national rating – NO state rating and no position rating.

    For 2012 arizona already secured one of the top 5 power forwards Grant Jarret.

    Brandon Ashley out of Bishop O’Donnell in Oakland is the type of recruit Cal needs. He’s a 5 star forward and the #2 power forward in the nation -right in Cal’s backyard.

    Gabe York a shooting guard out of California has some interest in Cal but has not received an offer- he has offers from many other schools. Hes the #7 at his position and 4 stars

    These are the players Monty should go after. These are the type of players we need if we want to contend for the Pac 10 title

  • Yoda

    Steve, no one gives a flying f___ about Indiana. Learn this.

    Cal is also looking at two other players for 2011 and has a very good chance of landing them.

  • rollonubears

    nobody thought much of jorge, either. i trust monty.

  • Juancho

    Rollon, I love Jorge as much as everyone, but he’s an elite ROLE player. He’s not an elite player to lead a team. I’m sorry but the “Jorge” argument can’t always be the counter point. Crabbe is a better counter point.

    Yoda, relax. If you don’t like Steve’s comment then stop reading it.

  • Jeff Faraudo

    David — Getting a McDonald’s nomination does not suggest a player is All-America status. I’m sure lots of them — hundreds probably — are sent out to good players across the country. Don’t expect Kravish to be playing in the McDonald’s All-America game.

  • SteveNTexas

    Yoda – I use IU for comparison. If I just said you were dumb – people might not know HOW dumb ( unless they read your posts) so I would have to say – you’re as dumb as a small rodent.

    Nothing against Monty but would still rather have a top 5 recruit who is out of California, and for every Jorge there’s one like that guy- what’s his name who already transfered.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Steve, my first reaction to 13 and 10 numbers was not so euphoric as well. It does, however, depend greatly on the type of offense run by the school. I do believe I read it was a small school, somewhere, and if they run a “Princeton” style offense, his numbers would be pretty solid.

    Short response though, you expect a high school PF getting a scholarship to the Pac 12 to be dropping 20+ points and 15+ rebounds per against high school competition.

    Personally, I am very surprised Monty has yet to land a top Big. His use of quality big men was staple on the farm. One problem may just be the school. Not many top players are all that interested in the education side of the equation. Luck may be involved.

  • takeoffthatredshirt

    Steve your posts are usually just complaints that Monty land a 7-2 big that wants to stay for 4 years . Stop whining, we don’t care about how much better you think UTEP’s recruiting class is.

    Defending PAC 10 Champs

  • SteveNTexas

    Take off – Did I say UTEP has better recruiting classes than Cal? I referred to Indiana. Indiana is a Major conference school – like us- located in the Midwestern State of … Indiana. UTEP stands for University of Texas at El Paso. That is a school in Conf USA and guess what state? UTEP may have a higher ranked recruit than Kravish but sadly .. who doesn’t?

    Wisdom Cow – short response. Yes Cody Zeller is doing it – and the high school freshman Lyles and Blackmon Jr are scoring over 20 points per game + lots of assists or rebounds. If they can do it in Indiana and then the Big Ten – then someone in California and the Pac 12 can as well. Case in point- Jabari Brown who is averaging 24.4 points and has committed to Oregon.

  • takeoffthatredshirt

    You always post about how much better IU and UTEP are, which as yoda said, no one cares. But whatever. If you don’t remember I shouldn’t remind you.

    I want a great recruiting class too. It’s just the whining after last years class was ranked top 25 nationally and we won the PAC. Enjoy this team.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    I’m excited to have Kravish and other 4 year players. Cal will build a program while UCLA and arizona are constantly rebuilding with one and dones. It worked last year with Braun’s players, and it makes our program fun to follow.

    I encourage people like steve to go follow IU and stop whining about the success Cal has had winning with high character players. It’s shocking that people find reasons to complain given the job Monty has done.

    Jimmer Fredette was a 2 star unranked player and not highly recruited. that simple point should make the steves of the cal fan base shut up our “bad recruiting” and be happy with what we have.

  • milo

    Chasing one-and-dones is a tricky business and often it gets you into trouble…hello Todd Bozeman!

    Cal doesn’t have the rooster to attract those kids at this point and Monty isn’t into it. I take a mixed approach – some kids are worth the 1 year and they don’t pose any kind of NCAA risk, unlike a OJ Mayo type player.

    I think the right sort of one-and-done is worth it, like a Ryan Anderson or Carmelo type but generally you have to be leery and that’s clearly not Monty’s way. I’d rather get 2-3 year players that want to stay but their talent says go…like Leon Powe.