Basketball: Alex Rossi has surgery

Cal freshman guard Alex Rossi, who has not played all season because of a groin injury, underwent hernia surgery last Friday and is expected to make a full recovery after two months of rehab, Cal basketball coach Mike Montgomery said.

“It took them a while to figure out what it was. It was really was a torn muscle, but lower down in the groin muscle,” Montgomery said. “There was nothing else they discovered, so it’s all good.”

Rossi, who will return next season as a redshirt freshman, averaged 19 points, seven rebounds and four assists last season at New Trier HS in Winnetka, Ill. At 6-foot-6, he is regarded as an excellent perimeter shooter.

Jeff Faraudo

  • ondal

    Ever since I was a kid every time I see the word hernia I think of Weird Al’s “Livin’ With a Hernia” song. I suck!

  • K1W

    I guess you can count him as a “new recruit” for next year’s team, but he’ll be familiar with the system at Cal already. Good news that it was not more serious, although I’ve never had any kind of surgery, so “hernia surgery” sounds serious enough to me…