Football: Signing Day wrap

Here’s the transcription to Jeff Tedford’s press conference today.

One of the highlights of the Signing Day press conference is always the video shown after the Q&A session. Video coordinator Matt Fox  puts together a highlight tape of all of the signees, and Tedford narrates. The press is able to ask questions in an informal setting as the tape is being played.

Some of you may have already seen video of the signees on various web sites, but here is a link to some highlights.

Some extra notes:

  • Tedford said tailback Dasarte Yarnway is recovering from ACL surgery and will not be available for spring practice.  Covaughn DeBoskie-Johnson, who had a more minor knee injury near the end of the season, should be ready for spring. And the immediate status of Trajuan Briggs, who is still recovering from ankle and back ailments, is up in the air.
  • That all being said, Tedford is hoping some of his new running backs compete for playing time right away. Tedford said the uncertainty surrounding his injured  tailbacks was the impetus for going out and getting Laney College tailback C.J. Anderson, who should be in the mix to compete right away. Brendan Bigelow, if he is fully recovered from multiple knee surgeries, should definitely be in the mix.  Danniel Lasco could make a push as well.
  • Tedford said new quarterback Kyle Boehm has a lot of the same traits as Super Bowl quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
  • Nathan Broussard played defensive line last year in high school but will play linebacker for Cal.
  • Tedford  compared new corner Kameron Jackson to former Cal corner Syd’Quan Thompson, but said Jackson is faster.
  • Tedford said new safety Jordan Morgan committed while at Cal’s camp last summer. Morgan was supposed to attend Stanford’s camp after Cal’s, but never made it to Palo Alto after committing to Cal.
  • I asked Tedford if he would consider playing more 4-3 on defense given the quality and quantity of defensive linemen coming in, but he said they were still in position to continue with the 3-4. He said the Bears will have 12 scholarship defensive linemen on the roster, which is the right amount of depth.
  • Tedford said Darren Ervin will play offense, not defensive back. But he won’t strictly be a running back. In fact, Ervin, who is already enrolled, will start out as a slot receiver during spring practice.
  • Tedford, as some other recruiting analysts have, compared Bigelow to Jahvid Best. The big question is Bigelow’s knee. He injured it at the end of the 2009 season then re-injured it during training camp last season. Tedford said it’s up in the air how healthy Bigelow will be when training camp starts this season.
  • Despite the fact Cal hasn’t sent out an official press release, Tedford said what everyone seems to know already — that Jim Michalczik is back as offensive line coach. He said the complete new arrangement of the coaching staff should be finalized by the end of the week. Look for Michalczik to also be named offensive coordinator.
  • Tedford said today he plans on working much more with the quarterbacks than he has the past few years, as  he did during the early years of his coaching tenure. Tedford plans on working with the QBs on a daily basis. He may not call himself the quarterbacks coach on paper, but it looks like that’s exactly what he will be.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.