Basketball: Arizona game thread

FINAL SCORE: Arizona 107, Cal 105, 3 OTs: Smith did make the first and miss the second, but Parrom got the rebound and the horn sounded. Arizona (20-4, 9-2) wins its fifth straight and remains in first place. Cal, which has lost twice by two points to the Cats, has its four-game win streak snapped in a 55-minute marathon and falls to 12-10 overall, 6-5 in the Pac-10. Career-high 33 points with 10 rebounds for Kamp, who played every minute. Crabbe scored 27, giving him 44 in two games against Az. Gutierrez had a career-high 25 before fouling out. MoMo Jones had 27 and Kevim Parrom 25 for Arizona, which won despite just 12 points from Derrick Williams, who fouled out near the end of regulation.

0:1.0 3rd OT: Too much to recap right now, but Smith is shooting two FTs for Cal and Arizona leads 107-104. Fogg made one of two FTs with 4.8 seconds left, then Jones smartly fouled Smith 60 feet from the basket. He has to make one and miss the second, then hope something crazy happens.

2:25 3rd OT: Arizona leads 102-101 after a layup by Parrom, who has 23 points. Brandon Smith had just buried a 3-pointer for Cal at the other end, pushing them over the century mark and into a one-point lead.

END OF 2ND OVERTIME: MoMo Jones hit a 20-footer from the top of the key with 5 seconds left to tie it at 98-all. Crabbe wasn’t close on a desperation 28 footer at the buzzer. Jones has 24 for the Cats. We’re going to a third OT.

0:20.7 2nd OT: Crabbe missed an eight-foot runner but Solomon converted the putback and Cal leads 98-95. Monty called timeout. Haas is just north of bonkers.

0:31.0 2nd OT: Cal has the ball leading 96-95. Lavender turned it over at the other end, Solomon picking up the loose ball. Cal timeout.

0:57.5 2nd OT: Cal leads 96-95 after a spinning drive by Kamp who has 30 points. Kevim Parrom hit a 3-pointer for Arizona on the previous possession, putting the Cats ahead 95-94. That came a minute after MoMo Jones was called for his fourth foul when he charged into Brandon Smith. Arizona ball. I could be wrong, but I believe Kamp has played every minute of the game — and we’re closing in on 50.

3:27 2nd OT: Cal leads 91-90 after a putback and FT by Kamp, who has a career-high 26 points. That came after Brandon Lavender hit a 3-pointer with two seconds left on the shot clock, briefly giving Arizona a 90-88 lead. A tremendous game. Let’s play forever!

4:37 2nd OT: Jesse Perry was called for a foul. The PA said it was No. 5, no No. 4, no No. 5. He’s gone. Richard Solomon missed the first FT, made the second. Cal leads 88-87.

SECOND OVERTIME: Arizona missed two shots — 3-point tries by Hill and Jones before Bak finally secured a defensive rebound for Cal as the final seconds ticked off. We play five more minutes. It’s 87-all. An instant classic?

0:36.2 1st OT: Crabbe just scored on a tough shot off a spin drive into the key. Score is tied at 87-all. Crabbe, who had just six at halftime, now has 26, including seven in OT.

1:27 1st OT: Arizona leads 87-85 after two FTs by Crabbe, who has 24 points. Arizona ball. Gutierrez (25), Crabbe (24) and Kamp (23) have combined for 72. MoMo Jones has 19 for Arizona and has made big plays.

2:13 1st OT: Score is 83-83. Have had four lead changes in the period. Gutierrez just fouled out after being called for a charge into MoMo Jones. Bak in for Gutierrez, with Solomon, Kamp, Smith and Crabbe.

END OF REGULATION: Jones tied it with the free throw and Kamp missed a tough shot at the rim in traffic. Jones just inches short on 65-foot heave at the buzzer. We go to overtime. Arizona without Williams, Cal without Sanders-Frison. It’s 76-all.

0:16.6 2nd H: MoMo Jones drives and scored, MSF called for fifth foul. Jones shooting to tie the game. Cal leads 76-75. Bak in for MSF.

0:21.9 2nd H: Smith missed the first, made the second. Cal leads 76-73. Monty calls timeout. Gutierrez has 24, Kamp 20, Crabbe 19. Williams fouled out with 12 points (19 fewer than last time) and 18 rebounds. Arizona ball.

0:21.9 2nd H: Cal leads 75-73. Derrick Williams just fouled out. Smith shooting two. Kamp scored on Cal’s previous possession, then Parrom hit a tough 3-pointer — Arizona’s 11th of the game — to get within two points.

1:30 2nd H: Cal leads 73-70 — best atmosphere of the season. Crabbe has scored Cal’s last two baskets, both on mid-range jumpers. He has 19 and is playing far more aggressively than in the first half.

3:00 2nd H: Cal leads 69-66 after a 3-pointer by Arizona’s Williams, who has 12 points but 17 rebounds. Gutierrez just picked up his fourth PF. He has a career-high 24 points on 8 for 9 shooting. Kamp has 18 points, Crabbe has 15, including nine in the second half. Gutierrez is staying in and MSF is coming back.

4:36 2nd H: MSF picks up fourth foul — out for Bak. Cal’s first second-half sub.

7:36 2nd H: Cal leads 62-61. Had gone 11-0 over 4 minutes before Hill scored on a putback with 7:57 left. Gutierrez got the go-ahead back on a fastbreak layup off an Az turnover, then after another TO, Gutierrez made two FTs.  Gutierrez hasn’t missed a shot — 7 for 7 FG, 2 for 2 3-PT, 6 for 6 FT. Kamp has 16 points, Crabbe 13, and Smith has 10 assists. Kamp shooting two.

10:08 2nd H: Cal got within 59-58 on a baseline jumper by Crabbe, who has 13 points. Wth 11:12 left, Arizona’s Solomon Hill was called for an intentional foul for pushing Gutierrez. Crabbe went to the FT line and made the first before the refs waved it off and sent.

Gutierrez to the line. He made both. Gutierrez was called for an intentional foul on the ensuing possession, but Cal forced a 35-second shot clock violation.

11:32 2nd H: Teams traded 3-pointers — first by Az’s Jones, then by Gutierrez, who has 18 points for the second time this week. He is 6 for 6 from the field. Good game.

12:25 2nd H: MSF scored and drew a third foul on Derrick Williams, then picked up his own third foul just now. Arizona leads 56-51. Cal stayed in man  defense for just one possession, Back to zone – more important for ever now than MSF has foul problems.

13:55 2nd H: Five new players come in for Arizona. The Cats made four subs earlier in the half. Cal has gone with starters entire half. Does fatigue catch up?

14:25 2nd H: At least for one possession, Cal has switched to man-to-man defense in an apparent attempt to find Arizona’s perimeter shooters, who are 8 for 17 from the 3-point line. We’ll see how long it lasts.

15:07 2nd H: Cal called timeout after Jamelle Horne hit his second wide-open 3-pointer in the span of less than 2 minutes to give Az a 56-47 lead. The Cats are stretching Cal’s zone and finding open shooters. Gutierrez has 15, Kamp 14, Crabbe 11. Smith has nine assists.

17:08 2nd H: Arizona leads 48-45. Crabbe showing more aggressiveness this half. Scored early on a head-fake, driving floater and the FT, then stole the ball and made two FTs after being blasted by MoMo Jones on a foul Monty — and most of the crowd — thought was intentional. Well, it was. Not flagrant, but intentional. Sean Miller unhappy with his Cats, who led by eight 15 seconds into the half and have let Cal come back.

ONE MORE HALFTIME STAT: This one is ghastly, but hardly surprising . . . Arizona’s bench has outscored Cal’s reserves 19-0. That’s 32-4 edge for opposing reserves over the past game-and-a-half.

HALFTIME SCORE: Arizona 44, Cal 38. Monty put MSF back into the game at the last timeout and his presence forced Arzona to pack in their defense just enough that when Gutierrez began to drive he was able to find a wide-open Crabbe for a 3-pointer with 13 seconds left. Gutierrez is 4 for 4 from the field and has 13 points, Kamp has 12 and Smith has eight assists. The Bears didn’t run their offense nearly as well when Sanders-Frison was sitting with two PFs. Cal held Williams to five points, although he has eight rebounds. But Mayes has nine, Jones has seven, Fogg has six — very balanced Az attack. Cal shooting 51.7 percent, Arizona 50 percent. The cats are 6 for 13 from 3-pT, Cal is 4 for 7. Arizona outscoring the Bears 10-4 at the FT line. Rebounds just about even: 16-15 for Az. Cal had just one turnover until the final 3 minutes of the half, then coughed up four.

0:38.3 1st H: A bad final 3 minutes of the half for the Bears. Arizona has run off nine straight po

ints, triggered by consecutive 3-pointers frm Fogg and Parrom. Then a steal by Parrom and layup by Jones for a 44-35 lead.

2:37 1st H: Gutierrez tied the score at 35-all with a steal and breakaway dunk. That came on possession after Crabbe was called for a charge. Crabbe has come out for the first time all game.

3:44 1st H: Arizona leads 35-33. Fogg made three FTs after a hairline call against Kamp to push Az into a four-point lead, then Kamp came back to hit a mid-range jumper. Kamp has 12 points, Gutierrez 11, and Smith eight assists.  Bears are shooting 52 percent, Arizona 47.8 percent. Arizona has a 15-12 rebounding edge.

6:57 1st H: CAl leads 31-28 after a 3-pointer by Gutierrez, who has 11. But MSF just picked up his second PF and is coming out for Bak.

8:47 1st H: Cal leads 28-26 and Kamp is going to the FT line to try to complete a 3-point play. He has 10 points. Cal is shooting 11 for 19 — 57.9 percent. Arizona is at 56.3 percent, including four 3-pointers, three of them by freshman Jordin Mayes. Gutierrez has eight points. Smith has seven assists. 

OTHER SCORES: Stanford (12-10, 5-6) just finished off Arizona State (9-14, 1-10), winning 83-75 at Maples. Earlier, Oregon (12-11, 5-6) posted an 81-76 win over Washington (15-7, 7-4), handing the Huskies their third straight loss, all on the road. And UCLA (16-7, 7-3) scored a resume-building win outside the Pac-10, beating St. John’s and former Bruins coach Steve Lavin 66-59 at Pauley Pavilion. 

15:03 1st H: Another fast start offensively for Cal, which has made five of its first six shots and leads 13-10. The Bears have scored on six consecutive possessions after missing on their first. Gutierrez has four points and two assists. Smith has a 3-pointer and two assists.

STARTING LINEUPS: Cal will go with the usual — Markhuri Sanders-Frison, Harper Kamp, Allen Crabbe, Jorge Gutierrez and Brandon Smith. Arizona will start Derrick Williams, Jesse Perry, Solomon Hill, MoMo Jones and Kyle Fogg.

WELCOME: Cal (13-9, 6-4) closes out its four-game homestand against first-place Arizona (19-4, 8-2). Both teams enter tonight’s game having won four in a row. Will be back with lineups.

Jeff Faraudo

  • rollonubears

    we can’t buy a 3-pt miss rebound, and az gets every one, and we’re still tied! not sure if it’s luck or positioning, but all else equal, if it’s luck, we win this in the end.

  • rollonubears

    wow. nice collapse to end the half. they got mental, az took advantage with a couple easy 3s, and they got even more mental. smith is super spaz tonight. come on bears!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    What a BS run by AZ closing the half! Thank God for that last big shot by Cal. The TV crew never explained what happened with the “TO Cal,” then AZ ball right before the AZ spurt. Anyone know when the change was made? Players prepping for a play then told to come in on D can easily be razzled by the slight mental ambush. Just that slip of focus is all that was needed for AZ to go off.

    Playing pretty well. I really am not a fan of Smith when he starts doing too much, however. He has to stay under control, and let the game get away from him a couple times that really cost some possessions.

  • Stapes

    Agree with you that that Smith should not be allowed to take the ball to the rim. It always ends badly.

  • SteveNTexas

    This isn’t on TV here in Texas, so I have to watch on CBS Sportsline where at checkin we see 89% are for Arizona and 11% for Cal.

    I wish our fans had a national presence it would help with recruiting, publicity and media coverage.

  • Bearsandgiants

    Smith is kind of killing us.

  • Bearsandgiants

    Yeah!!!! Go Bears!!!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Even with their sick 3 point shooting (and that they get the offensive board on almost each missed 3), AZ would be down HUGE if only the refs would call them for hooking. Every drive, the off arm’s elbow is hooking (sometimes drawing a blocking call!).

    Great guts by the team getting back into this one.

    Smith did just blow to offensive possessions (one with the shot clock winding down), but came back with a steal on the defensive end. I like him out there, just not when he rushes.

  • wehofx

    No tv in la. or at least on TW. sounds like an exciting game. as usual, great job, JF.


  • Bearsandgiants

    What a joke. Gut was fouled and that was a charge.

  • The Wisdom Cow


    A weak foul, but a foul nonetheless should have been called for Jorge on his leaner, then Williams gets the call against Jorge when it was a charge all the way. Thanks for taking away the advantage Cal built, refs!

  • SteveNTexas

    Having to listen to Arizona Fans is annoying- the excuses. “Refs are for Cal” “We are probably thinking about Washington” “refs handing this game to cal on a silver platter”

  • Rollonubears

    Wow. Nice Officiating.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    One thing is certain. Crabbe loves the adrenaline of when the game is on the line, yet remains fluid and under control. Gotta love having a player like him.

  • Stapes

    Well they blew that in regulation just about every way possible. At least Williams is out for OT

  • Stapes

    Gutierrez is out, they are screwed.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Damn this team does some unbelieveably stupid crap.

    Jorge, what were you thinking!

    Smith, calm the F*** down!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I have to throw some criticism at Monty no matter how this one shakes out. So many chances. Crabbe was on fire. Yet, his number rarely called.

  • SteveNTexas

    2nd Ot actually some of the AZ fans are pretty cool and knowledgeable – I’m the ONLY Cal fan who has posted all game.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I hate bad calls, either way. Harper just got away with a charge to give us the lead. Not like AZ hasn’t had their share of course, and theirs kept them in the game in the first place.

  • Stapes

    Why in the fuck would you play zone and give up a wide open 3.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Chest pains are a bad thing, right?

  • SteveNTexas

    3rd OT Murray hasn’t played Bak Bak has been in for a long time ( for him)

  • The Wisdom Cow

    This game is feeling like an acid trip that’s going on too damn long.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    UNBLELIEVEABLE. Ball off the foot, no kick call, AZ lead. Smith blows a gimme.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I hate refs! I hate refs! I hate refs! I hate refs! I hate refs! I hate refs! I hate refs! I hate refs! I hate refs! I hate refs! I hate refs! I hate refs!

  • SteveNTexas

    its over 107-105 close but ….

  • The Wisdom Cow

    So many stupid mistakes at the end of regulation and each OT! When you should have won and blow it over and over again, nothing is learned. Monty owns much of it. One of the most frustrating losses I can remember. Great plays followed by imbecilic plays. Refs were poor, bad calls both ways, but many crucial ones kept giving AZ life.

    Seriously, a ball bounces off an AZ players heal – right to the other driving player. No kick call. I figured it was over right then, but Smith got a free path to the lane giving me hope once again. When he missed the point blank shot, I knew.

    I wonder if a quart of Red Label could exorcise this one from the memory.

  • Bear IV

    Why not foul up 3 in 2 OT? I was there. Miserable. My heart was going so fast and it was hot in there. I can’t even explain it. Emotionally drained.

  • Bob49

    I love watching a game and listening to the announcers emphasizing the wrong thing, or not emphasizing the right thing. I haven’t checked the stats, but I believe Cal lost the game at the free throw line. Particularly bad was Cal missing the last two out of three free throws in regulation, which the announcers never mentioned. Just making one of those would have probably won the game for Cal.

    The announcers never mentioned Cal having a chance to win the game in, I believe, the first overtime, when they had two guys rebounding the ball together, and by themselves, and kicked it out of bounds. The announcers never said a word about how much that cost Cal.

    The Gutierrez charge was a good call and I agree with the announcers that Jorge should have pulled up for a short jumper. I think players believe the odds are with them that a blocking call will be called rather than a charging call, but that is all they are, is odds, because charging fouls are called, just much less than 50% of the time.

    I agree with those who felt that a kicking call should have been called on Arizona. I was thinking the same thing. I know the call needs to be made even if the kick is unntentional and I doubt it makes a difference if the ball hits the front part of the foot or the back part (i.e. the heel). A bad call, but if you’ve ever refereed basketbal, you should know how difficult it is even to get 80% of the calls right.

    Cal lost a lot when Jorge fouled out, when i thought the game was lost. They showed a lot of fight to keep the game close after that.

    I thought Bak Bak regressed in this game; I can’t remember a play he did that was helpful. Soloman has much more potential than him.

  • K1W

    “Frustrating loss”? That was an inspiring loss. You can’t criticize every missed shot, while forgetting all the made ones that took kept the Bears in the game through regulation and three OTs.

  • Uh Huh!

    To take AZ as far as we did in both games is fantastic!
    To have lost this one was frustrating, however. We had a 4 point lead with 20 seconds to go so long as Smith makes both FT’s. Instead, he can’t, and the door was left open. That’s where the game was lost, quite clearly, in my mind.
    Dan Belluomini pointed it out before he shot – only a 63% shooter and that’s not good enough for a PG. I was thinking the same thing.
    Well, you have to think he’ll get those later in his career.

    Oh, I do believe I correctly read Monty’s lips when Smith missed the first one, “Jesus F’ing Christ”. I thought he might have a heart attack right there from being so pissed off at Smith. Smith has been way more assertive and confident lately, and that’s a good thing. His improvement in the last 6 weeks has been huge. But he got ahead of himself with several shots attempts tonight. And, again, that FT miss was the game. It would have catapulted him forward another big step.
    Oh well…

  • Rollonubears

    We blew 4 straight late-period leads. That can’t happen.