Basketball: Pre-SB XLV reading and hoops photos

Here’s my story from this morning’s editions plus a photo slide show courtesy of Doug Duran following Cal’s 107-105 triple-overtime loss to Arizona.

It was the Bears’ second-highest scoring loss ever.

The highest-scoring loss? A 111-108 double-OT defeat to Arizona State (and Eddie House, 61 points) on Jan. 8. 2000.

Jeff Faraudo

  • rollonubears

    I had a few beers, so I wasn’t paying close attention, but was “Cal” mentioned even once, during the Superbowl?

  • rollonubears

    am i the only one who has to look at fisher investments ads on this site every day, or does everyone have to suffer through them?

  • rollonubears

    this was awesome!


    except for the red shirt. way to go desean.