Basketball: Cal’s NCAA infractions outcome to be announced today at noon

The NCAA committee on infractions will hold a media teleconference at noon Friday to announce findings and penalties related to its investigation of the Cal men’s basketball program for excessive phone calls to potential recruits.

Cal is expecting sanctions, but it’s not believed the NCAA will find coach Mike Montgomery guilty of adequately failing to monitor his staff or slap the school with the serious “lack of institutional control” tag. 

Montgomery, members of his staff and representatives of the university met with the NCAA in Indianapolis in January regarding violations the school discovered and self-reported in 2008.

The case involves the frequency and number of phone calls coaches are allowed to make to prospective recruits, violations the university discovered through routine monitoring procedures.

Cal determined through an internal investigation that the violations were not intentional, and already imposed sanctions (since served) on individuals within the basketball program.

Now the NCAA’s committee on infractions will reveal its findings and potential additional penalties.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Uh Huh!

    Excessive phone calls?
    Based on recruiting results, it appears we haven’t been making ENOUGH phone calls.

  • ondal

    the gist:
    2 years probation, only 5 official recruit visits for 2 years

  • Gooch

    Is it 5 visits for EACH of the next two years or is it five visits combined? If so, how does this impact recruiting in your opinion?

  • milo

    That’s weak, the NCAA is a joke. Cal should have been giving away cars, free housing or cold cash (minus one of these) like U$C for that kind of punishments.

  • ondal
  • Jeff Faraudo

    The limit is five per year, not five total for the two years. Cal has only had an average of 5.75 recruits make official paid visits over the past four years, so this doesn’t dramatically cramp that.