Basketball: A No. 5 seed for Bears? In the NIT?

For what it’s worth, here a website that actually devotes its time and energy to developing NIT bracket projections.

These guys had Cal as a No. 7 last week, but a No. 5 following their sweep in Oregon.

USC is a No. 3, Washington State a No. 4.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Will L

    Jeff, I know it’s realistic to do NIT projections from our team, but let’s not rule out a PXT run either. I know it’s a long shot but we see crazy upsets and teams winning their conference tournaments out of nowhere — every year. Why couldn’t it happen to Cal one year? I think it’s possible so long as we don’t face UW, LOL.

  • joey

    That’s why they are called projections.

  • rollonubears

    don’t they still have the CBI tournament, too?

  • Uh Huh!

    Berhens just committed to Cal Hoops.

  • milo

    A NIT bid would be nice and a very good set-up to next season. I’d like to think Cal has a chance at the big dance but they’ll have to rip through and win the P10 tourney. It can be done but the odds are not great.

  • ondal

    Remember 2008? A mediocre Georgia team went to the SEC tourney and won 4 games in 3 days. Yes, you heard me. They won a game and played another one 6 hours later and won that too. But they lost in the first round to Sean Miller’s Xavier.

  • Will L

    I would rather be one and done in the NCAAs then win a few games in the NIT. The NIT has about as much pressure as some of those pre-season tournaments like, you guessed it, the NIT.

    There’s nothing like the NCAAs. The press coverage, the whole world and big and little town papers covering all 68 teams in depth like they all matter. For guys like Crabbe, Solomon, Smith, Bak and Murray to get a taste of this early, I have to believe it will get that part of the learning curve done with, so that when they come back, they know what to expect and what kind of atmosphere they will face. You simply cannot replicate that with the NIT or CBI. Don’t get me wrong, once we go there I’m complete for us going far to MSG or wherever. But the Big Dance is the Big Dance. And it helps recruiting — Monty can say he’s been in the NCAAs all 3 seasons since he’s been at Cal. That’s solid news to hear from a prospective baller. Heard that Brandon Ashley?