Basketball: `Channeling Kapp’

Got a call this evening from a long-time NBA scout I know, who phoned for no other reason than to tell me how much he admires the way Jorge Gutierrez plays the game.

“Joe Kapp was the best competitior I ever saw at Cal,” the scout said, noting that the future Super Bowl quarterback also played on Pete Newell’s basketball team. “That Gutierrez kid must be channeling Joe Kapp.”

My friend said he told several other scouts recently that no one in the Pac-10 impacts the game in more ways than Gutierrez.

I asked if a year from now Gutierrez might get some attention from NBA scouts.

“He’s not a good shooter,” the scout told me, “but you’ve got to take a look at anybody who plays that hard.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Bob49

    Jorge is a pretty good passer, especially in the paint. Plus he drives to the basket really well. I say, as I said a week ago that those traits, plus his tremendous defense and ball stealing ability, make him a good candidate to play point guard in the NBA. I think he’ll make it.

  • ondal

    He reminds me of a Mexican Jeremy Lin. (Lin should’ve played at Cal in a Brandon Smith situation but alas, it never happened).

    Can Jorge play in the NBA? I think so, but what I think means diddly squat. We’ll see how he does next year.

  • milo

    Viva Jorge! The Bear doesn’t quit…the Bear does not die!

    I think Jorge can make it to the NBA, as a specialty role player. A 7th man D specialist…but there’s probably only 2 teams/coaches that would pick for that. I think he has a better chance to play pro in Spain, which is pretty damn good.