Basketball: Parker, CCSF win again

Cal recruit De’End Parker and top-seeded City College of San Francisco advanced through the second round of the NorCal JC playoffs on Wednesday, beating Reedley College 85-67. The Rams, 29-1, will advance to the state semifinals with a win Saturday over fifth-seeded Santa Rosa.

Jeff Faraudo

  • ondal

    Max Zhang update anyone?


    In 20 games for the Shanghai Sharks, Max averages 21.3 minutes, 6.4 points (56% FG, 57% FT)), 5.8 rebounds, 1.6 blocks. Season highs: 14 points against Shandong, 14 boards against Liaoning, 4 blocks multiple times.

    I miss that guy.

  • Uh Huh!

    Here’s a fun double header for someone out there.
    Cal hosts Stanford at 4pm, then SF vs. Santa Rosa at 7pm.

    If you can’t make it from Haas to SF in less than 1 hr, surely a SF resident could watch the Cal game on TV and then go watch De’End live and then report back with a scouting report. Like, what are his tendencies? Does he drive more, or pull up more. Looks to dish? Pressure defender or sags back? Does he have a left?

    Good luck De’End. We look forward to you showcasing your skills in Berkeley.

  • LR

    I don’t miss MZ at all. He was a curiosity and nothing more. Height (or “length” as the modernists like to call it) is great, but it’s nothing without coordination, toughness, basketball skills and a commitment to strength and conditioning. MZ had none of those things.

    Better to devote the schollie to a real basketball player.

  • Yoda

    Max was becoming a real player and a defensive force, and he was quite coordinated for a guy his height. He would have added five wins to the current team. Losing him hurt.

  • rollonubears

    you’re forgetting that with max ON the court, someone else has to be OFF the court. who are you going to replace? i suppose he would add a little depth to give the rest of the guys some rest, but I don’t know that we’d get 5 more wins with him on the squad.

  • Bob49


    Max would have added more depth, which Cal sorely lacks. I think Soloman, the way he is playing now, and Max would be about equal (if Max did not improve from last year), but Max was better than Bak Bak, at his current level of play.

  • milo

    Max would have added depth. If he could average what he’s doing in China and disrupt the opposing offense that would have helped. Remember the dude is 7’2″ and even 6’8″ D1 PFs aren’t use to seeing those kinds of players. If I recall he threw off Williams of AZ’s game quite a bit last year. Oh well.

  • LR

    The Arizonas have some 7+ footers on their rosters with experience who are complete stiffs. I put MZ in that same category.

    I think you guys are enamored with “length”. Length without the referenced attributes/abilities is worthless. Max was a 3 and 2 foul machine. That’s not much progress over 3 years on campus. His footwork remained bad, he didn’t put on enough weight, and his coordination was (again) atrocious. These deficiencies rendered him dead meat against athletic 6’9″ guys.

    He’s a guy who made his name in one game (Stanford). In that way he’s a lot like Amit Tamir (Oregon), though much, much less talented and much less of a contributor. The notion that he would’ve given you the same kind of productivity as Solomon is laughable. Solomon, though unseasoned and physically/mentally immature (and I use those terms in the context of basketball), has the potential to be an elite Pac10 player. Even as a freshman, he did things on the court with his rebounding, low block defense and assists that MZ couldn’t do in a thousand lifetimes.

    Perspective guys. Perspective.

  • wehofx

    Gotta agree. I Liked Max a lot but he wouldn’t have gotten more than 5 or 6 minutes max, unless MFS and Solomon both got into serious foul trouble in the same game.

    The only other possibility is when HK got a rest, MSF moved to the 4 so Max could play 5? Not likely.

  • BadBucks

    Take BART from Downtown Berkeley to Balboa Station and walk the two blocks to CCSF’s gym. Easily done!!!!

    I’m doing the double!!

  • Paul Thomas

    Does CCSF have an open gym, or do they charge for their games?