Basketball: Confirming the obvious

Although City College of San Francisco guard De’End Parker has not responded to multiple text messages sent to him, it’s clear he’s headed to UCLA after de-committing from Cal. The Los Angeles Times also reported the news this morning, with confirmation from CCSF coach Justin Labagh.

Jeff Faraudo

  • jeh

    Quite a Pac 10 beginning for De’End.

  • discdude

    The Doors would be proud…this is D’End…

  • calfanz

    Playing us like a drum.

    I guess De’end doesn’t understand the word commitment..

    from Dictionary.com: a pledge or promise; obligation: We have made a commitment.

    It’s all good. Better to find out about a character’s character now, and not later.

    I guess Mr. Parker doesn’t think Cal is big time enough.
    I guess the overtime win vs. Ucla wasn’t enough.

    I guess we will just have to show him on the court….

    Or was he just worried about lack of playing time?

  • Paul Thomas

    I can’t figure out why he would believe that he would get more playing time at UCLA. They’ve already got guys locked in at their guard spots, and they’re far more likely to recruit a five-star, freshman-starter type for Parker’s senior year than Cal is.

    Baffles me that so many players (hi, Kyle Wiltjer) would rather be bench scrubs at “elite” programs than stars at good ones.

  • Bologna

    I don’t really mind de-commitments. Cal gets a quite a few of de-commits coming here every year. I just find it bizarre how quickly he changed his mind. Didn’t he just commit here a few weeks ago? Usually de-commits occur after a long period of time, when a player commits too early before getting to know the staffs from other other schools that are offering him scholarships. Then after several months of phone calls he gradually changes his mind. This situation doesn’t seem to apply here because of the timing. Correct me if I’m wrong but maybe he wanted to go to fUCLA all along but he never received an offer until recently. That might explain this odd situation.

  • Uh Huh!

    UCLA is primed to go far next season with the Wear twins coming in to join what they already got. Reeves Nelson is tough and Joshua Smith should lose a ton of pounds this offseason and be much more dominant. They will be an absolute monster on the interior.

    I haven’t yet bothered to figure out their guard situation, but if De’End can crack into that rotation, if he can be a starter somehow…?? Man, he’d be getting a ton of attention his way as they march thru March.

    So, if Monty wants to stay at the top, he has to get not just one Allen Crabbe here, one David Kravish there. He’s got to be bringing it, or else be happy with playing second or third fiddle.

    The real question is in my mind is what happened in this past week to change De’End’s mind! That’s the story behind the story. I wonder if it will ever be unearthed.

  • milo

    For a guy that might not make it to the next level, UCLA varsity basketball looks pretty good on your resume. Cal carries that distinction in other fields like physics and rugby and just about every grad program…just not basketball.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Paul is right, but every player thinks he’ll beat out the competition. Look for Parker to transfer out of the Pac 12 when he sees how far down the pecking order he is.

  • GC

    If your good-no matter where you go you will play.

  • charlie

    Parker obviously thinks he’s good enough to beat out his competition at UCLA…and UCLA thinks he’s good enough to be offered a scholarship – over every other player UCLA could offer.

    I think that with Crabbe on the roster, losing Parker is more bearable. Moreover, Parker would have been around for only 2 years at a position that isn’t necessarily hard to recruit good players to play.

    If Parker turns out to be a future NBA player, than we’ve missed a good one; if not, the program is indifferent.

    What we really need are post players. We’ve “lost” on all the ones Montgomery has tried to recruit, but failed.

  • covinared

    Remember the oregon guard who decommitted and opened up a space for Jorge Gutierrez?

  • Paul Thomas

    Garrett Sim– not a bad player, but clearly nowhere near Gutierrez’s level.

    If you’re wondering about UCLA’s guards, they have zero seniors and the only one (barring transfers, injuries, or some other kind of attrition) that they MIGHT lose entering next year is Malcolm Lee. (And I find that iffy, since it’s borderline whether he’d make an NBA roster at this point.) Jones and Anderson will hold the point guard spots, and they have Norman Powell and Tyler Lamb at shooting guard. I guess Parker thinks he’ll see time at small forward??

    I’m not sure why people are so pumped about the Wear twins, to be honest. They were nonfactors at UNC and there’s a limit on how many post players you can throw out there at any given time… between Nelson, Stover, Smith and Lane, they’ve already got those positions thoroughly covered. It only makes much sense if Howland is expecting Smith to jump immediately to the NBA (though that is possible; unlike Lee, he’d probably be a first-round pick).