Basketball: De’End checks in

City College of San Francisco guard De’End Parker called me earlier this afternoon to confirm the news he will sign with UCLA after de-committing from Cal late this week.

He said UCLA always has been his dream and that he simply had second thoughts about his decision. The 6-foot-5 sophomore had nothing negative to say about Cal, but could not turn down the chance to play for the Bruins.

Another source told me UCLA had been stringing Parker along, hoping to delay offering him until sophomore Tyler Honeycutt decides whether to return or depart for the NBA. When Parker accepted Cal’s offer, UCLA came back to him with its own offer.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Paul Thomas

    Pretty asinine move on Howland’s part. Montgomery should call that out for the BS it is. Don’t screw with kids just to solve your own roster issues.

  • covinared

    that’s the way it works in the free market.

  • Paul Thomas

    Actually, in the “free market” of the real world, breaking an oral contract will get you sued.

  • Mike

    Don’t these kids watch UCLA play? Kids are going there due to past history. Playing Ben Howland style basketball has to be torture.

  • Uh Huh!

    Thanks, JF, for your reporting from that other source!

    From UCLA’s perspective, I’m not sure I understand why they would not offer Parker unless Honeycutt leaves.

    I just looked up UCLA’s roster and see they have only 11 of 13 allowable scholarship players on board and no seniors this year. So, adding Parker to previously committed 6’4″ SG Normal Powell will give UCLA it’s full 13 for next season.

    And then you’ve got 3 seniors next season (Malcolm Lee, Zeke Jones, Jerime Anderson) to give them 3 recruiting slots for next year’s 2012 class.

    So, why hadn’t UCLA offered before Parker’s Cal commitment? It’s not like it’s still early in the 2011 recruiting class and UCLA was waiting on some highly touted stud to decide. Or were they?

    In their list of Top 150 for 2011, Rivals shows 3 guards still undecided out there who have UCLA listed as a school of interest: #109 Elijah Carter, #121 Josh Anderson, and #141 Kareem Canty. Carter is the only 1 of those 3 shown as having been offered by UCLA (back in October).

    So, now, actually, it is starting to come into focus. UCLA appears to have wanted Carter and probably wouldn’t have offered Parker if Carter had committed to that last spot. But, with Carter still waffling, and Parker apparently gone to Cal, UCLA probably felt like they needed to pull the trigger and get at least one of the two (with Canty and Anderson apparently backups to Carter and Parker). So, last minute, realizing Parker would be gone, they tried for a save, and converted. I see it as Parker just playing the game to get what he wanted. Good for him. Now, hopefully, he can break into the playing rotation.

    Now, I suppose UCLA could still get Carter (or anyone else) if Honeycutt does leave, opening up a 3rd spot for 2011. But if Honeycutt stays, Carter et al will have to look elsewhere.

    Of course, I am dealing with a ridiculously limited amount of information based on 1 recruiting service’s records, so let that be any reader’s disclaimer as to the value they place upon my words here.

  • NoSoOldBlue

    In the end, taken at face value, you can’t blame a kid for wanting to get out of town. College should be about expanding your horizons. No doubt we get our fair share of LA kids who want to go North for a while…

  • Yoda

    Actually Mr. Thomas, in the real world, an oral agreement to accept employment which is by rule or law conditioned on a later written agreement being signed isn’t going to get you sued. And that’s what Cal had, an unenforceable oral commitment with no written commitment.

    Too bad, but there it is. UCLA played him and he played Cal.