Football: Cal gets Syd’s little brother

Shaq Thompson, the younger brother of former Cal star Syd’Quan Thompson, has orally committed to Cal. Shaq Thompson is a star running back/wide receiver/defensive back for Grant-Sacramento who is expected to play defense for the Bears. He will be a senior next season at Grant and will join the Bears in 2012.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Bears

    This is awesome awesome news. Shaq is an all star, 5 star talent.
    Him and QB Zack Kline are on board and will help the Bears put together the best recruiting class in school history. Look out for the Bears.
    Our team this coming fall will be improved but look out for the Bears in 2012!
    Fired up about the future of Cal football.
    Shaq Thompson is a Bear!!!

  • gobears91

    Great news!

  • Boaltblue

    Keeping the Blue blood running in the Thompson family. I was hoping for this to happen. Shaq’s brother Syd’Quan was a star for the Bears and so will Shaq. Welcome to the Golden Bear family!

  • jpf

    This kind of momentum is why Jeff Tedford is the right coach for Cal. It’s not just about winning at all costs (whether that’s in recruiting or on the field). Cal is slowly but very surely building for the LONG term future. And it’s moves like this today that serve as a sign-post on that journey that Berkeley is headin’ in the right direction. This is an outstanding kid with an amazing family who will make a wonderful Cal student. The fact that he is a Five-star talent on top that is just the icing on the cake.


  • Uh Huh!

    Yes, I think the calls for Tedford to be replaced are very much premature. This defense is going to be one of the very elite across the nation, I would think. Now if we can only get some Offensive Linemen for 2012 to match the defensive guys we’ve brought in over the past 2 classes!!!

    Tedford appears to be doing everything right so far as I can tell.

  • SteveNTexas

    From Scout.com last year

    Thompson is a good enough athlete to play any of those four positions on the college level, running back, receiver, safety, or corner. I think of him as a bigger version of Hines Ward who logged time at running back and quarterback at Georgia before starring at receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Though, I think Thompson sticks to defense on the next level.

  • Calfan

    Shaq is coming to Cal? Nice.

  • BK

    Great news! It’s time for Tedford to do something with all this talent and I’m not talking Holiday Bowl.

  • Kent Wilson

    While I am one of the guys who advocates for Teford to be dismissed assuming the goal is to win Conference Championships, my issue with Tedford has never been about recruiting…the issue with Tedford is that the Cal football team consistently underperforms expectations, especially when the team is loaded with talent. Tedford and his staff have not been able to get superior on field performances out of the most talented Cal teams that we’ve seen in 30 years…Tedford team have consistently underperformed every year since 2004. My only question is…what makes you think Tedford can change the trend over the past 7 years?

    So, I

  • SteveNTexas

    Compared to Monty’s recruiting this year Tedford is god.

  • takeoffthatredshirt

    yeah you’re right steve, Alan Crabbe and Richard Soloman are terrible recruits that will never amount to anything.


    i am still in shock people comment on Monty’s recruiting.

    Crabbe is an NBA talent and one of the best freshmen in the country. if you demand better go follow Duke.

    steve, you sound like a bitter old man searching desperately for something to complain about.

  • milo

    TOTRS – completely agree on Crabbe. NBA talent, could be the conference’s best player next season. Lets hope he stays 3 years, which I think he will.

    Steve – why not try and enjoy things…it’s so much better. Cal’s hoops cup looks 3/4 full to me. Considering Cal lost 8 players, 4 starters and senior leadership, very good season this year.

    Re: Tedford…geez will you guys give it a rest. I was disappointed with this past season but despite this Tedford has continue to pick things off one by one. He turned the program around, created a winning formula for play AND academics and waited out the tree-sitters…all while running a clean program.

    I’m giving him two years into the new SAPHC and new Memorial. That’s going to be the real re-birth of Cal football. Go Bears!

  • eric

    Steve – and yet Monty has beaten expectations. Can anyone honestly think we would finish in the top half of the Pac-10 this year, and be over .500 given the OOC schedule?

    Cal football hasn’t since 2004.

    There has never been an issue with Tedford’s ability to recruit. Not when you have two NFL first rounders last year. Not when you have also had DeSean, Lavelle, Alex Mack, Desmond, Syd, Forsett, Lynch, Tucker (wow, was he underutilized at Cal), Morrah, and Follett. Add that list Jordan as a top 20 pick this year, Vereen a 2nd or 3rd rounder, and Conte and Mikey M likely to get drafted. It is was you do with the recruits, especially when you are paid the big $$.

    Again, I am on record this team will not get to .500. It is not because of a lack of talent. I hope I am wrong, but enough of the “building to the future.”

  • SteveNTexas

    I’m talking about the upcoming year’s basketball recruiting.

    LAST IN THE PAC 10 well behind #9 OSU

  • Negolan

    Kent, I think Cal’s success under Tedford has gotten to your head. Cal has 7 bowl appearances, 5 bowl wins, one first-place finish (albeit a tie), and 7 top-5 conference finishes in Tedford’s 9 seasons. In the 20 years before Tedford Cal had 3 bowl victories, four top-5 finishes (best a second place tie), and a total of 4 winning seasons. Under Tedford Cal has seen its best years since Pappy Waldorf, whose tenure ended 55 years ago. It’s OK to be frustrated with last season’s performance, but I think a little perspective helps. Jeff Tedford has more integrity than every coach in the SEC and Big12. I’ll take that and his record any day.

  • discdude

    Steve can’t help it guys, his middle name is Negative.

    Man, what a bonanza season considering we lost 9 players. I am enjoying this team as much as any since Kidd/Murray. This is an NCAA quality team who probably won’t get a bid. Even so, they are fun to watch.

  • Boaltblue

    Tedford is or will soon be Cal’s most winningest football coach. Even after 2004, Cal was 10-3 and co-Pac 10 champs in 2006 and nationally ranked; 9-4 and on the verge of a top-25 national ranking in 2008; 8-5 in 2009. But for 3-4 plays that could have changed the outcome of three games, including Arizona, Oregon, and Washington, Cal would have been 8-4, with the opportunity to be 9-4 in 2010 depending on the result of a bowl game, even after the loss of Kevin Riley (whose passing efficiency was among the top 36 out of 120 QBs in the nation, and much higher than Jake Locker at #58).

    Sometimes bad luck strikes (as an example Mack Brown in Texas was also 5-7 in 2010). I have no doubt that Jeff Tedford had done Cal Football a tremendous service and will lead us to very successful times in the future. Will you Tedford naysayers give it a break, PLEASE!

  • David Swartz

    Hey, Steve, I haven’t seen any posts from you about the great Indiana basketball team lately. I’d like to know how the mighty Hoosiers went 3-15 IN THE BIG TEN and 0-11 ON THE ROAD this season.

  • rollonubears

    Welcome to Cal, Shaq. Please don’t spend too much time reading blogs!

  • Raf


  • Calduke

    Rollunbears NAILED!! Great advise for Shaq

    Shaq – stay away from this site. It’s populated by us whiners,wannabes, and lurkers who spend most of their energy in petty p-ssing contests.

  • ET

    He has reopened his search. Bummer.