Basketball: Live from the Pac-10 tournament — you will absolutely not believe this

We’re at halftime here at the Staples Center where Stanford is shooting 11.8 percent — that’s right — and trails Oregon State just 26-18 at halftime.

The Cardinal has made 4 of 34 shots, including 1 for 10 from 3-point range.

Dwight Powell scored a layup on Stanford’s first possession with 19:41 left, then the Cardinal made just one more field goal over the next 11 minutes.

Stanford was 3 for 30 at one point.

And the halftime margin is eight points.

This game ought to do wonders for helping the Pac-10 sell a new TV deal.

Jeff Faraudo

  • ondal

    watching on TV. fell asleep for a few minutes. how many people are there? 1,000?

  • milo

    The only thing I can say is…HAHAHA, it’s Furd. It must be the Easy A list karma hitting them.

  • takeoffthatREDshirt

    stanford is not feeling good about their hoops program now.

    from Wilner at mercruy:

    Final: Cal 74, Stanford 55. Bears could have named their score. Johnny Dawkins is fortunate that Stanford’s a football school.

    *** Second-half update: We’ve got five minutes left and Cal’s up 23. One team has improved a ton since Jan. 2, and the other has not.

    *** Should have mentioned: I’m tweeting live from Haas.

    Cal dominated the first half — more physical, more intense, better execution. Cardinal probably should be feeling good about only being down 33-21, all things considered, while Bears might be thinking they should be up 20 …

  • Uh Huh!

    TakeOff…. those are hilarious. Thanks – I had not skipped over to College Report to read them.

    JF: Please forgive my doubting you beat writers in the pre-season poll. You guys thought Cal would finish higher than Stanford and I reasoned why not. Oh, foolish me. Furd looks pathetic at times. Cal looks like a team! I liked that comment I read recently from a Cardinal fan asking to please have Monty back…. They must be suffering over there knowing what he’s done here and what’s become of them. That would be difficult to swallow, you know, if a guy we admired, say Tedford, went over to Furd and brought them glory. OUCH!

    Dawkins must have told his players that the TV deal was in jeopardy at halftime, and thus they came out shooting much better to start the 2nd half. See, it’s all in the money!