Basketball: OSU holds off Stanford

Not exactly an ESPN “instant classic,” but the Beavers (11-19) survived Stanford’s comeback to win 69-67.

Jared Cunningham scored 24 points for OSU, but missed four of 10 free throws in the final 1:05, allowing the Cardinal to stay close.

Jeremy Green scored 25 for Stanford (15-16).

Jeff Faraudo


  1. Would someone please tell Mike Montegomery to recruit Stuart Wesonga? That guy has been dominating top competition and is only being lightly recruited. I don’t really know why Bay Area recruits get overlook often, but I want Cal to be good and Stuart Wesonga would immediately be our best PF…IMMEDIATELY! I’m not joking…recruiting services are a joke, but I’m not kidding. He’s better than anything Cal has in the post THIS SECOND. Please someone who has an voice to Monte, tell him about this kid…and no, I have no vested interest in this kid, I just know talent when I see it. The guy dominated the 6th overrall recruit in the nation a week ago. Enough is enough. Recruit this guy Cal, I want you to win.

  2. Heh. Don’t have to look and the stupid ‘furd with their stupid uniforms and their stupid tree and their stupid band for the rest of the tournament.

    I can dig it.

  3. Rotfogel:

    Looks like your boy is 6’6″ and has committed to Cal State Northridge in Oct. 2010.
    I got two problems with your post:

    1) You are seriously going to tell me he’s better than Harper Kamp, immediately? Come off it already! Harper has 2 inches and 4 years on him. And just made 2nd team Pac 10 honors by NABC.

    2) He’s apparently already committed to another school, presumably with papers signed.

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