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Football: Cleaning up Pro Day

By Jonathan Okanes
Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 at 10:12 am in Football, off-season stuff.

Here’s more of what was said at last week’s Pro Day:


On playing in the little-known Eastham Energy College All-Star game:

“It didn’t get all the TV glamour, but every NFL team was there.”


On how he think he projects if he gets a shot in the NFL:

“I’m willing and ready to do whatever — 3-4, 4-3, water boy.”


On whether he was happy with his Pro Day performance:

“(Bench press) was a disappointing 26 (reps) for me. I’ve done more than that already. I didn’t do as well as I wanted today. That was my one breakdown today.”


On whether he’s confident he could play in the NFL:

“Competing with guys like DeSean Jackson and Lavelle Hawkins — guys that are doing it at the next level — makes me confident that I can play at the next level as well.”


On overcoming his own struggles:

“Dealing with my daughter (who overcame cancer) and overcoming that, having a decent season this past year and just knowing that I can get through things like that and I can continue to play quality ball is a great sign. I’m just going to take it and  move  forward.”


On not testing at Pro Day:

“I felt comfortable with what I did at the Combine. I just wanted  to come out here and do a little catching for everyone.”


On the uneven condition of the rugby field:

“That was one of the reasons why (he didn’t test). I’m just not used to it.”


On what he was most happy about at the Combine:

“I think my interviews went really well. Catching the ball and the position drills went really well.”

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  • Bears

    What does uneven conditions of the rugby field mean?
    I thought they put in brand new turf?

  • ondal

    no, it was natural grass and it had a lot of potholes.

  • milo

    Along with the lumpy surface, Witter Field is also on a slight tilt as I understand it.

  • ho

    RE: uneven surface and potholes… Does that mean our rugby team was playing under those field conditions back when they were using that field?

  • http://bearterritory steve geremia

    We have to quit being candybutts.I do not care if it was a rock pile.