Basketball: Cal post-game quotes

Here are post-game quotes from Colorado’s 87-72 win over Cal:

Cal coach Mike Montgomery:

On Jorge Gutierrez’s injury: “He fell and sprained his ankle, then hit somebody’s knee with his head, so he got a double-whammy. The ankle part was sore, but knowing Jorge he would have come back in and played. But the concussion part, and I’m not sure it was a concussion, but it was iffy enough that we weren’t going to risk that. That was really unfortunate, both for him being home in Colorado and for us; we had gotten back to eight. There have been three or four things that have been constants for us. One is Markhuri Sanders-Frison who dislocated his shoulder Tuesday, and the other of course is Jorge. Now we’re down both of them and at that point, there’s nothing we can do.”

General: “Higgins hurt us start of the second half, hit three threes. The second one, shame on us. We should have recognized he made and we didn’t get out to him, then he ran to the corner and we got screened. We’ve got a lot of inexperienced players, so it’s really been critical for us. I mean our leading scorer [Allen Crabbe] is a freshman and he’s been really good, he didn’t have a very good game tonight. Colorado did a very good job of recognizing him and taking him out.

“We got it down to eight and we’ve been in that situation a lot of times, so you can’t count us out. This is a really resilient group of kids, but you look around and my point guard has got four fouls so he can’t really defend. Then I have freshman, freshman, walk-on out there, so it was a tough situation. That being said, Colorado did a good job. We didn’t defend them well at the point of attack, so they got to the line a lot, and we did a terrible job of blocking off the boards. They got 16 offensive rebounds, which was one of the things we tried to talk about, but with really one day and that day being 45 minutes of talking, walking, and shooting a little bit, we didn’t really have a chance to really go back and work on (our game plan). That was kind of an Achilles’ heel for us and it came back to bite us.”

On intentional foul on Emerson Murray: “He was turned around. One, we turn it over so that leads to a breakaway. In the official’s opinion it was an intentional foul, so that’s the end of that story. Whether it was or not, maybe in some other eyes it was. We thought he went with one hand. The kid is a freshman from Canada who’s the nicest kid, so he wouldn’t you know. It turned out to be a six-point play which was huge given the circumstances. There were a lot of little things that we didn’t do that we needed to do. We left [Levi] Knutson open in the corner on an out-of-bounds play. Both people said, ‘I got him,’ and neither guarded him. Just little things like that; we made enough mistakes to lose the game. To Colorado’s credit, their crowd was good and I think they’re going to head to New York.”

On scheduling of game being a disadvantage: “Well, we were fourth in our conference and didn’t have a bad year. The team we tied with went to the NCAAs. We ended up getting a four-seed, so the only thing that surprised me was a two-day turnaround. We played Wednesday night. I would have thought that the Wednesday night teams play on maybe Saturday or Sunday and the Tuesday teams would have played on Friday. It was a little bit of a surprise. We were up at five o’clock on Thursday morning, but once you get here, all of that goes out the window. For one you’re on the road and Colorado is 16-2 at home so you know you have a tough opponent to start with. You also very little time to prepare and get your wits about you, so it was a tough turnaround. That’s the difference between the NCAA and the NIT, the NIT you’re going to be on somebody’s court. It’s not neutral, then the turnarounds are dictated I guess by television. They wanted a game for Friday night and picked this one.”

Colorado coach Tad Boyle:

On the significance of Cal losing Jorge Gutierrez in the second half:  “It was a big blow. He is the heart and soul of that team. When he went down – you never want to see a great player go down obviously, but it was advantage Colorado at that point because he is very important to them. He scored 16 points in the first half, and he ended up with 16 so we kind of shut him down. In the early part of the second half when he went down, they were in trouble.”

On playing Gutierrez and other young Cal players next year in the Pac-12:  “They are going to be good. They have the freshman of the year in the Crabbe kid. They have Harper Kamp, who is one of the better low post players around, and they have Jorge, who I think is the best player in college basketball that no one has heard of or talked about because he can really play and I have a lot of respect for him.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • joey

    Payback will be a bitch next year with or without CU’s refs.

  • Uh Huh!

    The ironic thing about that Monty quote on scheduling Cal-Colorado on Friday night for TV purposes is that they didn’t even turn the game on TV (ESPNU) until the 14 minute mark of the first half and nearly 20 total points had been scored.

  • rollonubears

    but we got to see some amazing man-on-man wrestling action.