Basketball: Casto’s attorney files not guilty plea, says case won’t `get to first base’

The attorney for Washington State junior forward DeAngelo Casto, who was cited for possession of marijuana and suspended indefinitely from the team, filed a not guilty plea on behalf of his client along with a motion to supress any evidence collected during a police search of Casto’s apartment.

“This case is never going to get to first base,” Pullman attorney Timothy Esser said in an interview Wednesday with the Spokane Spokesman-Review. “This case will be dismissed. There was absolutely no compliance with constitutional privacy interest requirements.”

Here’s the most recent story on the topic.

— If you’re more in the mood for something NCAA tournament related, here’s a story from the Arizona Daily Star on how coach Sean Miller is trying to keep his team from being “fat and happy” before its Sweet 16 matchup with defending national champion Duke.


Basketball: Montgomery looks back and ahead to year next in season-ending Q and A session

I had the chance to talk with Mike Montgomery this morning about the Bears’ recently completed season and what lies ahead. As usual, he had plenty say. So I’ve decided to present it to you unfiltered in a Q/A format.

Here goes:

Given the obstacles your team faced, how do you assess the season? “We knew we were going to run into a speed bump with all the juniors we had when we got here. We actually had it managed. Then we had Max (Zhang) not come back and Omondi (Amoke) get in trouble. (Freshman guard Alex) Rossi gets hurt, (freshman guard Gary) Franklin leaves. Those were things we didn’t expect.

“What we did get was a tremendous performance out of the kids we had. (Allen)  Crabbe had a better year probably than people would have anticipated. Part of that’s because he’s a good player, part of it’s because he was given an opportunity. Harper (Kamp) and Jorge (Gutierrez) and Markhuri (Sanders-Frison) are really tough customers. And truthfully, Brandon (Smith) saved our bacon. He just came in and became a real solid (point) guard for us, didn’t try to do too much.

“These kids probably got as much out of themselves as you possibly could hope for. We were probably an Arizona win, maybe one other win from looking at the NCAA tournament.”

— You do seem to like these guys. What is it about them that works for you? “I like kids that play hard. There’s just a tenacity about them. When Kansas came in here, they were ranked No. 2 and they were going to try to bully us and these kids weren’t having that. They stuck their chests out and said, `You might beat us, but  you’re not going to do that.’ There’s a certain toughness you have mentally and that’s what they had. (Losing games) wasn’t because of a lack of grit and trying. Nobody was selfish.”

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Basketball: WSU’s Casto suspended — more trouble in Paradise, or at least in Pullman

On the eve of his team’s NIT quarterfinal game against Northwestern on Wednedsay night, Washington State coach Ken Bone was forced to suspend his third different player this season.

And apparently for the same old reason.

The Spokane Spokesman Review is reporting that junior forward DeAngelo Casto could be cited as early as Wednesday morning for possession of marijuana after a Tuesday search of his campus apartment by police.

Previously, both Pac-10 scoring leader Klay Thompson and starting point guard Reggie Moore served one-game suspensions after being cited for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Here’s the full story.