Basketball: Casto’s attorney files not guilty plea, says case won’t `get to first base’

The attorney for Washington State junior forward DeAngelo Casto, who was cited for possession of marijuana and suspended indefinitely from the team, filed a not guilty plea on behalf of his client along with a motion to supress any evidence collected during a police search of Casto’s apartment.

“This case is never going to get to first base,” Pullman attorney Timothy Esser said in an interview Wednesday with the Spokane Spokesman-Review. “This case will be dismissed. There was absolutely no compliance with constitutional privacy interest requirements.”

Here’s the most recent story on the topic.

— If you’re more in the mood for something NCAA tournament related, here’s a story from the Arizona Daily Star on how coach Sean Miller is trying to keep his team from being “fat and happy” before its Sweet 16 matchup with defending national champion Duke.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Willy Loman

    Don’t those dumb cops know about Wazzu basketball players’ inalienable right to smoke weed?


  • rollonubears

    Sounds like he’s got Tommy Jefferson representing him.

  • milo

    Haha…in Berkeley cops will watch you smoke some and shrug.

  • Uh Huh!

    Gee, Milo – a ringing endorsement of Berkeley!
    Opposing recruiting personnel everywhere thank you.

  • Uh Huh!

    The latest news says that Casto’s suspension has been lifted at that Casto will play tonight at 8pm with a chance to go to NYC on the line.


    Nonetheless, you have to think WSU is a bunch of pot smoking bandits after this. Wow. 3 times. Straighten up, people. It’s not good for you.

  • milo

    Uh huh…it’s only pot. And the Cal AD department embraced the weirdness and diversity that is Berkeley a long time ago. They use to try and hide Telegraph from recruits and then they realized kids like it and the surroundings even if they don’t partake in any of it. It’s part of a Cal education.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    WSU just failed. An illegal search means the evidence can’t be used IN THE COURTS! This begs the question, what was WSU suspending him for? The pot? or being arrested? Nothing stops the school from penalizing him just as if he was caught on campus with pot and no authorities were calls. I wonder if the Pac 10 will say anything regarding this.

    Uh huh, it is great for you. Edibles and tinctures, baby!

  • Neil

    Should the Cougs be renamed the Doobie Brothers?