Basketball: Gutierrez, Kamp and who? are named to Pac-10 All-Academic team?

Congratulations are in order to Jorge Gutirrez and Harper Kamp . . . and to the Pacific-10 Conference for expanding the flexibility of the English language.

Gutierrez and Kamp were named to the Pac-10 All-Academic second-team after compiling grade-point averages of 3.02 and 3.10, respectively. Here’s the Pac-10 news release.

Gutierrez, a repeat second-team selection, is the first player in the four years that the Pac-10 has named an All-Defensive team to be selected to the All-Pac-10, All-Defensive and All-Academics teams. Quite an achievement, especially considering the native of Chihuahua, Mexico, did not speak much English when he arrived in the U.S. six years ago.

You have to wonder whether Gutierrez or Kamp perhaps deserved a spot on the All-Academic first team.

Let me explain, starting with a nod to the league’s much looser interpretation of the word “significant.”

Players chosen to the All-Academic teams must carry a 3.0 grade-point average and either be a starter or a “significant contributor.” These are the Pac-10’s requirements.

Which brings us to Oregon State freshman Rhys Murphy and Oregon junior Nicholas Fearn.

Murphy was named to the first team after compiling an impressive 3.67 GPA, which exceeds his season point total. By 3.67 points, actually.

That’s right, Murphy did not score a point this season, playing a total of 30 minutes spread over four non-conference games. His most recent appearance for the Beavers: Dec. 12 against Texas-Pan American.

Then there is Fearn, a 3.14 student and walkon guard. He earned second-team honors after scoring a total of four points on 1-for-7 shooting this season. Oh yes, and Fearn left the team before its current venture into the College Basketball Invitational because he wanted to enjoy spring break.

Significant contributors?

Jeff Faraudo

  • Uh Huh!

    That tells me that there they included EVERYONE on a basketball roster, and that there simply aren’t hardly any candidates that qualify with a 3.0 GPA. If there were 30 guys with 3.0 GPA’s, I imagine these two guys would have been bumped off the list for not meeting the significant qualification. But they needed all the warm bodied 3.0 GPA’s they could get. What does that say about Pac10 basketball academics?

  • Yoda

    IT says nothing more than that Pac-10 academics are like other conference academics IF you are correctt.

    I keep reading that all Stanford players are at the genius level. We all know they inflate grades like crazy. Why isn’t the entire team on this list?

  • jeh

    Re: Uh Huh!’s shots at the all-academic basketball team members

    Think about it. As a varsity player, you are involved with team activities, on an almost daily basis, from October into March, 5+ months out of the academic year of what, 9 months. You take frequent flights to away games that have you on the move and away from classes.

    In order even to pass at a school such as Cal (and probably all the rest of the Pac-10 schools), at the same time you have to be disciplined sufficiently to do successfully full time undergraduate work.

    Rather than to demean the varsity basketball players for taking this challenge and succeeding with it, as the ones who made the all academics obviously have done, we all should be tipping our hats to them. Particularly the ones who played major minutes for their teams, in itself a pretty exhausting achievement.

  • dailycal02

    Uh yeah, I’d say the primary take-away here is Go Harper and (especially) Jorge. Love seeing Cal athletes able to achieve both on-court/field success and academics, very impressed.

  • milo

    I think it’s fair to add, getting a 3.0 at Cal is more difficult then just about every other schools in the Pac-10. UCLA would also be tough given the same general rules…but Cal is a tougher row.

    re: Stanfurd…they have the Easy A List and are soft on their students

  • rollonubears

    Cal has the easy A list, too. At least, they did in 1999. Nutri Sci 10 was on it, along with Sociology 3. Just sayin’.

  • discdude

    Uh Huh! wasn’t talking about Kamp and Gutierrez, he was talking about Murphy and Fearn. And he wasn’t denigrating the academic team at all, he was noting what is obvious: there aren’t enough 3.0 qualifiers. If there were more 3.0 and above qualifiers, Murphy and Fearn wouldn’t have been on the list. But since they had to find 10, they are on the list and the first and second teams are sorted by GPA. Click the link JF provided above, you’ll see it. If that’s not the full story (i.e. there were more than 10), then shame on the P10 office. They should really have the first team for the starters (or heavy minute players) and the second team filled with the rest. The top spots should be reserved for Lockett, Owens, Kamp and Gutierrez.

    And for Kamp and Gutierrez, a hearty Go Bears! Impressive.

  • discdude

    And Furd haters…jump off a cliff already with the academic superiority thing, you look like idiots and whiners. Trotter and Owens are on there. Kamp and Gutierrez are on there. End of story.

  • milo


  • discdude

    No, not a Furd, I am True Blue to the core. In fact, I was born with no red blood in my body, even when I bleed, I bleed blue. But the whining from my fellow Bears is not becoming…have fun.