Basketball: Bears should be better in 2012, but there are issues, including the competition

My web-only Cal basketball season wrapup is now posted.

As a bonus, here’s a look at where Allen Crabbe ranked among the nation’s top-scoring freshmen in conference play:

1. Trey Zeigler, Central Michigan  18.2 points per game
2. Cleveland Melvin, DePaul         17.4
3. Brandon Knight, Kentucky        17.2
4t. Terrence Jones, Kentucky       17.1
4t. Jared Sullinger, Ohio State     17.1
6. Allen Crabbe, Cal                16.4
7. Harrison Barnes, N.Carolina    15.9
8t. Tobias Harris, Tennessee       14.7
8t. DeAndre Kane, Memphis        14.7
10. Tristan Thompson, Texas       14.6

Jeff Faraudo

  • joey

    Does anyone know Cal’s schedule next season? What is the real competition going to be?

  • discdude

    Utah and Colorado

  • discdude

    What I mean is that those are 2 more games we add next year…Utah has historically been great (not recently), while Colorado, well, they spanked us.

  • Bob49

    The article mentions that Monty believes Soloman needs to develop a back to the basket game. Kamp was already good at this when he entered Cal. Sanders-Frison was just OK at it as a junior, but it was obvious he had practiced it a lot before coming to Cal, and improved his skills a lot on it to be very effective at it his senior year..

    I doubt that Soloman has ever seriously practiced any back to the basket moves; his game as a freshman did not show any skill at playing that type of basketball. He seemed to be only a power to the basket. jump shooter kinda guy. I could be wrong, but I think it takes a few years to develop a back to the basket game, which if true means Soloman won’t be effective at it next year. But I hope I’m wrong, for the Bears’ sake.

  • AKBear

    JF – Here are my top 5 wishes for college basketball in the off-season, some are Bears related others are not:

    5. NCAA needs to find some way to clean up the charge/no charge calls and moving screens that they were suppose to lock down on. Maybe the circle under the basket could help with some charges but I’m not sure.

    4. NCAA needs to reconsider the ability for one and done play. Some have suggested that they should make it so that a player committing to college ball should be required to stay for at least 3 years. How ’bout a compromise and make it 2 years. Jason Kidd stayed at Cal for 2 years. The current situation makes the play from season to season to be uneven. There’s really no continuity. And the NCAA has become a developmental league for the NBA. This isn’t right given the financial difficulties of schools today.

    3. Cal athletics program needs to do something to inject new enthusiasm into the basketball program. While there was initial excitement with the hiring of Monty, the shine on the program has worn off. Don’t get me wrong, I would not trade Monty for another coach, but there just seems to be something slightly off at Cal games. The attendance is down. I don’t get the ticketing policies for events like NIT games where the arena is mostly empty but the best on-line tickets that could be had were in row 23. Where’s the creativity to attract all fans?

    2. A big man for Cal. Preferably a player with an already developed inside game. There has to be one decent insider player in the JC ranks or overseas, right?

    1. For the Cal Bears all to work to improve their games in the offseason:

    a. Brandon Smith to watch Joey Rodriguez tapes all season and work on his shooting.
    b. Jorge Rodriguez to watch Jason Kidd tapes not to try to become Kidd but to harness his creativity in a way that has more assists and fewer turnovers. Jorge will at times try things like Kidd did, but with a lot less success and at the wrong times.
    c. Harper Kamp to work on drawing fouls. Kamp has a tendency sometimes to try to finesse a move to try to score unscathed when he should just seek out contact and not worry about making the basket, but try to get to the line. Put that 80% FT rate to use!
    d. Richard Solomon to gain weight and work on his overall court sense. If he’s going to be a starter he needs to play smarter.
    e. Allen Crabbe to continue to work on his drives the basket. This will make his outside game that much more effective.

  • D-MO

    It’s not that hard to work on post moves dude.
    If Solomon is a dedicated athlete, he will add the muscle and post game necessary. Work with the assistant coaches, have them feed you on the block. Up and under, baby hook, drop step, spin move, etc. These moves are not that hard if you’re 6’10” 220. It just takes dedication to practicing them so much that when gametime rolls around, it’s second nature.
    And yes, play smarter Richard. So many “doh” plays last year.
    Good luck this offseason.
    We need a couple Markhuri 2.0 to sign with us and maybe next year we won’t be that bad.

    Smith (Cobbs)
    Jorge (Rossi)
    Crabbe (Powers/Behrens)
    Kamp (Solomon/Kravish)
    ?? (??)

  • Yoda

    Solomon is the other starting post player and there’s not much doubt about it. He is not backing up Kamp next year.

    Re No. 6, Who is Jorge Rodriguez?

    Also re No. 6, the NCAA can’t do much of anything to change the one and done rule. You can’t force a kid to stay in school. It’s the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement that created the one and dones, just like Major League Baseball’s draft rules don’t allow a kid to be drafted out of college until his class hits its junior year. Since the NBA CBA is expiring, we could see a change. Let’s hope it’s like the baseball rule – you jump from high school or you wait three years.

  • Bob49

    5. (not 6.) is obviously referring to Gutierrez in his second reference to Rodriguez.

    I still think Jorge is a potential NBA point guard. He has the defense and passing skills to be an excellent NBA player, but needs to work on his shooting skills to be sure he plays at that level. He also has a disturbing habit of having opposing players steal the ball from him, mid-dribble.

  • takeoffthatREDshirt

    Dear AK (post 5),

    Maybe part of the problem with Cal fans is that they think they are fans but don’t even know the players’ names.

    Joey Rodriguez!?

    The larger problem with Cal fans is people like SteveNtexas who will just bitch and moan no matter what happens.

    PAC-10 2010 CHAMPIONS

  • Thisiscal

    RE: 1e) If Allen Crabbe starts driving effectively to the basket, he will be a first team All-American by his junior year.

  • Neil

    This was a post about Crabbe, right? Excellent season, Allen. If you look at the game against UW (which I was fortunate enough to attend), Crabbe scored only 2 points prior to running into Ndiae’s knee, so he only played 10 minutes. Crabbe otherwise averaged 17.3 points in conference play.