Football: Post-access update

Just got done watching the first 20 minutes of practice. As always, nothing to see but drillwork.

But one noticeable absence was wide receiver Tevin Carter, who apparently has quit the team. A very well-placed source told me Tuesday that this could be coming down, but it wasn’t finalized at that point. Apparently, Carter is homesick, was struggling with Cal’s academics and simply isn’t that into football anymore.  I’ll have an update after practice.

Also, ESPN.com’s Ted Miller is reporting that, not surprisingly, Tedford has decided that the three finalists in the quarterback competition are Brock Mansion, Zach Maynard and Allan Bridgford. That’s sure how it looked after watching Saturday’s practice. I’ll have more on that later tonight as well.

One point of interest from the first portion of practice: Former Cal star running back Jahvid Best is on hand to watch.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Calduke

    So much for WR speed and ‘stretching’ the field.
    He seemed to be th WR of the near future.

    He might attend a community college in SoCal and end up somewhere near home.

    This, along with the Shaq rumors, has been a disturbing week.

    Seems JT may want to have a coach talk to Tevin and make an accomodation. Tevin was clearly going to be a big success at Cal.

    Sad for Tevin and Coach JT – they couldn’t manage the confrontation.

  • Bobby

    Too bad for Carter…most people know how challenging Cal can be, particularly with a full-time job that he apparently has tired of (football athlete). Hope he lands on his feet

  • Bobby

    CalDuke, gotta imagine at least JT, if not other coaches (and likely team leaders like Marv Jones) talked to Carter about his choice.

    It’s always sad when a player leaves a team, but it sounds like he has not dropped out of Cal. Hopefully he sticks with it and gets a degree if he wants to do that. And if he doesn’t, hope he finds something good.

    Let’s not get too worked up about recruits 10 months before signing day…

  • Calduke

    Do we know why Carter backed out?
    Maybe Tedford isn’t the one to talk to Tevin.
    One of the coaches must be ‘close’ with Tevin and should attempt reconcilation.
    Carter leaving would be a big downer for him and a big hit to the team.
    Tedford’s supposed specialty is doing what’s best for his players; if so, he should be able to get Tevin to see the light and get him back on track.
    If Carter was having problems with academics at Cal, why would he stay at Cal?

  • Bears

    Tevin Carter has not played one snap for the Bears. He’s obviously a talented athlete but a lot of guys have physical ability and a lot of guys are shorter and slower than him and have great careers. Football is a team sport, Carter will not make or break the Bears this year.
    Hope he knows what he is doing, leaving a great school and Pac 12 team is a bold move. No idea what will happen to him going forward but wish him the best and would advise him to think things through before he does anything.
    A lot of Cal players have had struggles during their time in school and come out stronger and better for it. A lot have dropped out/left too.
    We’ll see.

  • milo

    A lot of kids have first year issues…I did. It’s a bear of a transition from having things wired and rolling big as a schooler to college (Berkeley no less). If you’re mind isn’t set it seems like other kids are just blowing by you. Maybe the kid needs a break and comes back later. Regardless, I wish Carter the best.

  • Shawn

    What Shaq rumors?

  • Jan K Oski

    Duke, According to a forum member on BearInsider, Tevin had poor grades. Another member stated Tevin refused to due additional running after practice, due to his failure to attend a mandatory study session. If you recall from past years, players had to run additional lapses for the same or other reasons. Academics and personal accountability isn’t for everyone. This separation is likely good for all involved. Team first, individuals whateva. I guess that’s why the SEC and $C exist.

  • Bobby

    JKO, maybe you shouldn’t be so critical about a 19 year-old kid…

  • Calduke

    Jan O

    I’ve read the BI posts, also, and you are correct in quoting the apparent reasons.
    Academics/studying is suddenly a problem for him
    He just spent a year with the program, as a RS freshman, and now he has a study problem ??
    I’m frustrated. After suffering through the past 2 years with plodding WRs, I was getting upbeat to having some speed at WR. At a time when Bear fans need some form of encouragement, this is a downer. Let’s hope it’s an isolated occurence. Perhaps ‘punishment’ is not encouragement and Tevin took off. Did Tevin need punishment or encouragement??

    Once again – I’m frustrated, and as you know, a chronic pessimist. Hope you are right and this is best for the program.

  • milo

    I feel for any kid that gets lost in the shuffle, his or others doing…or no one’s fault at all. It’s called the human condition. That said, I’m glad Tedford runs the program like he does…for many reasons.

    For one, Cal and Tedford run a clean program. Second the kids have an above average chance to get something in return for playing at Cal…an education.

    Making all kids study and follow the program might be a bummer if it’s you…but from the larger societal picture, it’s the right thing to do.

    One of the biggest legit issues of big time football, esp the SEC is the recruitment of African American players, getting them to play but shafting them on education. Not providing any resources or oversight for education and not caring.

    This is an issue for the African American community, especially in relationship to traditional race relations. AfAm kids bring in big buck but get nothing in return and aren’t encouraged to get their degree. It’s really EF’ed up and an insidious form of racism.

    At the least, any and every parent sending their kid to Cal has a reasonable expectation the kid will get an education and a degree if the follow course. This to me is progress and backing up your values.

  • Jan K Oski

    Duke, Cal still has Clay who has serious speed. Then, there’s a loaded class of speedsters in this year’s class. Hopefully, Tedford ‘n Co can land a couple of them. I think it ultimately hinges on performance of our Bears this year. Here’s to the best QB doing that!

    Go BEARS!

  • Hunter


    What Shaq rumors did you here?

  • LR

    If the stories are true — and they seem pretty consistent — it’s best Carter goes on his way. If his attitude is that bad and his interest in school non-existant, Cal isn’t the place for him.

    I really don’t understand this ‘accommodation’ talk. He hasn’t played a down, and even if he had and proved himself a top player, the days of DJ coddling are over. Tedford shouldn’t put up with this crap no matter how talented or full of potential the player may be. Cut him loose and move on.

  • c98

    LR.. absolutely. You can’t put up with that crap. No player should be coddled. It’s bad for the whole team. There are plenty of talented athletes that have good “team first” attitudes to go with it. I always remember a quote from Marshawn Lynch in an interview. He was asked to name his favorite runningback, somebody he idolizes. His answer was Justin Forsett, his backup at the time. That’s a star athlete with the right attitude.

  • ondal

    The Shaq Thompson rumors are pretty vague. Apparently someone at BearInsider knows someone close to Grant HS and told him that Shaq is looking to go to a SEC school where he can get the most exposure. That’s it. Personally, I think he is just looking to get some free trips, is all. Not too worried.

  • Jan K Oski

    Ondal, you’re off… The word is that Shaq’s high school coach asked him to delay his decision to give more exposure to other players. If this is the reason, Shaq should be commended for thinking about the team first, while recruiting dogs come out of the wood work.

  • Calduke

    Once again, I’m frustrated/disappointed about T Carter leaving. I just hope this was an isolated case and not the tip of some unforeseen iceberg.

  • BlueNGold

    Frustrated/disappointed, Calduke? More like obsessed. Sounds to me like the guy was never going to cut it anyway; if not due to academic issues, then attitude and commitment instead. If he was not going to be a good fit and could not make it work so early in his career, its best he depart now instead of staying around and going through the motions of trying to make it work.