Sandy Barbour says she’s not going anywhere

I spoke this morning with Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour, who said the Miami Herald got it wrong when it reported she was in Florida on Sunday to interview for the Hurricanes’ AD job.

“The report is not accurate,” she said.

Barbour said she attended the Charter Gala at San Francisco City Hall on Saturday night and met Sunday late afternoon with the women’s basketball team to discuss the status of the program and the search for a replacement for departed coach Joanne Boyle.

Barbour told me she had a phone conversation with Miami last Monday. “That was it,” she said. “I told them I didn’t have any interest.” There has been no additional contact with Miami, she said.

“I have no interest in other universities,” Barbour told me. “I’m committed to Cal and I’m looking forward to being here for a long time.”

Regarding the women’s coaching search, Barbour said her timetable is to move “as expeditiously as we possibly can while getting it right.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • milo

    Let me just say on the sum of it, Sandy Barbour has done an excellent job at Cal. She kept Tedford (still a good move if you look at the big picture), she found and signed Joanne Boyle in the first place and signed Monty which gave Stanfurd a massive collective wedgey.

    On top of that she got the SAHPC and Memorial going, which considering UC bureaucracy is impressive. After both are complete I think the increased football revenues will sustain the whole AD. Possible new revenues from a new Pac-12 TV will only help, if it’s as good as suggested.

  • Marc

    I agree. Sandy Barbour is an excellent AD. She is measured, thoughtful, and persuasive. She hires good coaches and manages the UC Berkeley system well. We should be very happy to have her. I hope she does not leave!

  • Esquire Joe

    Have to agree with both of the above comments, but on a side note…

    Dear every coach who is rumored to be headed to another school/team:

    Please note Sandy Barbour’s response above. When asked if you’re interested in/interviewing for/already heading to that other school or team, if that is NOT the case, then please answer all questions with the same clarity and directness that Sandy used. If you don’t, we will all assume that you ARE in fact leaving our school/team, or at least interested in doing so. Period. And if that other school/team does not end up hiring you and ends up going with someone they liked better than you, you will have no right to complain about “reckless media speculation” that undermined your program.

    You either weren’t interested in the job or you were. If you weren’t and you didn’t come out with a definitive statement like that, you’ve answered the question, and any repercussions of you considering another job are solely on you.

    OK, back to the offseason lull….

  • Bears

    Sandy Barbour has been solid so far.
    If she is sticking around she will be expected to lead our department to the Rose Bowl and Final Four. Those are the expectations and anything less will be a failure.
    Time to move past facility wins and other battles.
    Time to make Cal athletics big time!
    I hope SB has it in her, need more dynamic leadership and passion.

  • Angry Bear

    Sandy Barbour has done a good job?!? You CANNOT be serious. Do you have any idea the damage she caused cutting sports teams that now have reversed? Her recklessness cause many of the biggest donors to turn against each other. Tedford’s salary is incredibly out of whack with his success or lack thereof. Ask Sandy how the PSL program is going? She has upset some very important Cal alumni, and her actions won’t be forgotten.

  • rollonubears

    cal athletics is among the best in the nation, consistently top 10 overall. juggling a lot of balls is hard, and i think we got the right woman for the job.

  • nickle

    Sandy is an EXCELLENT AD. Thing I like about her is she loves Cal athletics and you can tell she works hard to make it to as many games and events as possible, even to the sports no one else cares about.

    Great news. Go Bears!

  • Larry

    Yes, she is very accessible. I’ve seen her at events and just walked up and talked to her. You can tell that she is passionate about her job at Cal.

  • joey

    Sandy has been great but not with the Boyle hire. Boyle was not a good coach and am glad she is gone.

  • milo

    Joey, are you sure about the Boyle hire? Before Boyle, Cal’s women hoops hadn’t gone to the NCAAs in 13 years. Once she got here they went 4 straight years, then to the WNIT. I think the team missed 1 season of post-season play. Considering how bad women hoops was, Joanne Boyle did a great job. A couple years back before injuries Cal was ranked in the top 10. That’s not chopped liver.

  • Bob49

    Sandy has done a number of good things (hiring Montgomery being at the top of the list). But her handling of cutting back five sports programs was pretty much a disgrace.

  • joey

    Yes, I’m sure about Boyle. Her best teams were made up of players recruited by Caren Horstmeyer. Boyle did not take them as far as they could go as they frequently lost games in closing minutes or at the free throw line. Many losses were from coachable mistakes.
    While there was some bad luck with Boyle’s recruits I have not been impressed with her coaching and her recruiting and teams have been going down hill since Horstmeyer’s star recruiting class.

  • milo

    I don’t know, she has the best winning percentage of any Cal women’s hoops coach (.708). I don’t know how you get any better. I agree that in the past couple of seasons things have lagged but her overall record is why UV hired her.