Football: Tedford after practice

Cal was back at Contra Costa College for another practice Tuesday afternoon. I wasn’t able to attend, but did get ahold of the transcript of Jeff Tedford’s meeting with reporters. Here’s what Cal’s coach had to say today:

On why the team moved its practices from Laney College to Contra Costa College:

“The other one, the track was too close. The track was right on the boundary. You get tackled out of bounds, that stuff will tear you up.”


On having practices at different venues:

“That’s kind of our theme this year.We’re kind of on the road.”


On being in the huddle more coaching the quarterbacks:

“There are some new things and new terminology so that really keeps me on my toes. When you are used to calling something for 20 years and all of the sudden you’re calling something different, I have to really concentrate on that. As far as everything else, it’s been great. It keeps me focused on the offense and the performance of what we are doing and keeping my mind of all the other nonsense.”


On the relationship he’s building with new quarterbacks coach Marcus Arroyo:

“Really well. It’s going to take a while but he really knows what he’s talking about. We communicate really well. The familiarity (with all the offensive coaches) really makes it smooth. If I’m not right there with Marcus for whatever reasons, those guys are. It’s working out really well. I’m very pleased with the staff.”


On quarterback Allan Bridgford shortening his throwing motion:

“He’s much better in scrimmage situations. He shortens it downs. Early on he was pretty mechanical.. Now he’s starting to speed it up more. He’s getting better with it.


On tight end Spencer Hagan, who went to the hospital after Saturday’s practice with a rib injury:

“He went home that evening. I want over and saw him. They kept him for about an hour for observation. There was no bleeding. It was a pretty good bruise.”


On freshman safety Avery Wallls:

“He’s done great. He has to keep getting better every day. He plays very fast. He’s a very good tackler in the open field. When he brings it, he’s not shy. He comes to hit you. He’s going to be a very good player for us.”


On freshman running back Darren Irvin, who is recovering from a sprained ankle:

“He still has a ways to go with the ankle. Hopefully he can get back by next week sometime. We really want to see him and get him evaluated. It’s really unfortunate that he’s not out there.”


On the development so far of quarterback Zach Maynard:

“Great. He’s doing really well. He throws the ball with authority. He’s understanding more every day of what goes on. He’s a really quick learner. He’s the guy that can make a difference wit his legs. He can run. Everyday is something new for him. When we’re starting to repeat things, he’s getting it. We put a lot in. The more repetitions he gets, the better he gets every day.”


On quarterback Brock Mansion looking better than last season:

“He’s sharper now. Indecision has a lot to do with that. Now he kind of knows what he is looking for with more experience. He feels the timing a little better. It takes a while to feel the timing. If you watch (redshirt freshman) Austin Hinder out here right now, he’s like a little puppy. He’s in such a rush to get the ball out. Things slow down and you start to feel that. That’s happened for Brock because of his experience.”


On Mansion getting a better feel in the pocket:

“When things are all around you, instead of panicking, you feel the pocket and you know how much time you have. You don’t see that. You keep your eyes down field. When you can start keeping your eyes down field and you’re feeling everything else around you, then you know. If a quarterback’s eyes come down, it’s either he doesn’t know what he’s looking for or the game is happening too fast for him. That’s what Brock has a little bit more this year. He played some pretty good teams last year that were moving pretty fast.”


On which quarterbacks do the best with their progressions:

“Brock is probably the furthest along with that just because he’s done it. Zach is getting it more and more each day. Zach has a great feel for the game. He can feel things come open. Now what he needs to do mechanically is keep the ball in position to throw a strike. He gets running and he’s running fast and he throws from his hip. He needs to get the ball in position to throw a strike. He can make some things happen.”

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.