Football: Thursday, first access

A few notes from the first 20 minutes of practice today:

  • Former Cal center Alex Mack is here, and he’s not just watching. Mack has been working with the offensive linemen. A handful of former Cal players now in the NFL have stopped by this spring because of the lockout.
  • Linebacker Chris McCain, who has been out since the first week of spring with a concussion, was back practicing in full.
  • Linebacker D.J. Holt has a wrap around his hand and wrist. Will find out what the injury is. He’s still practicing in full.
  • Wide receiver Michael Calvin is not here. He may have a school obligation. Running back Isi Sofele missed Tuesday’s practice to take a mid-term.
  • Offensive lineman Alex Crosthwaite has a walking boot on his right leg and is out.
  • WR Coleman Edmond is out with an injury.
  • LB Ryan Davis, who sat out Tuesday after getting his foot stepped on, is back.
  • Got to see some teamwork, as the Bears worked on the two-minute drill. Zach Maynard once again ran with the first team and completed a pass to Keenan Allen for a nice gain on first down. Most of the other plays were running plays, although Maynard did get sacked by Holt on another dropback. Maynard also had a nice run up the middle on a keeper after faking a handoff to Covaughn DeBoskie-Johnson.
  • Brock Mansion ran with the 2s and was intercepted by linebacker Nick Forbes on a pass that hit Forbes right between the numbers.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Jim

    Wow, nice to hear that Mack is actively ‘giving back’ and probably having a lot of fun doing it. What a great role model. The presence of Cal NFL players is also good news. It’s great that they still are actively maintaining their heritage as Golden Bears.

    Injuries: the plague of practicing full tilt against your own, but none sound as though they’re season-ending but they are missing reps.

  • David

    Being a worrywart here, is that legal per NCAA rules?

  • milo

    Indeed, nice to hear Mack practiced with the team. That must be a little bit of an eye-opener for some of the players…1st round NFL’er and all.

    So Maynard sounds more and more like the man…but I think Bridgford will come along. The escape factor with Maynard could really be a big asset.

  • Bobby

    Milo, based on most of the practice reports, this is the first time Cal has run the two-minute drill (at least while media/the public can watch). That could be very important, or meaningless (gotta love spring football!)

    Possible that Maynard just happened to be the first to get the call, kind of like how Mansion was the first to get the majority of the 1st team reps in the first open practice. Or possible that this was not the first time Cal practiced the 2-minute drill, and (again) it happened to be his turn. Or, if we want to speculate a bit, it’s possible Maynard got the first call doing the two-minute because he’s emerging as the favorite.

    We’ll find out in August.

  • milo

    Bobby…all of this is 2PiP talk (2 pints in a pub) and mostly everyone is clueless and/or drunk to a point of senselessness. So yes, I get your drift. 🙂

  • Bobby

    Word. Grasping @ straws. Just hope whoever gets the job can get it done on Saturdays

  • Uh Huh!

    To me, it sounds like Tedford is going with Maynard since he knows we will have a weak offensive line to protect the QB with. If somebody’s going to be getting chased, he wants it to be Maynard. That’s my PiP.

  • Ho

    Uh Huh – I was thinking the same thing