Basketball: Stanford’s Green will be back

Stanford junior guard Jeremy Green delcared for the NBA draft, but will not hire an agent and is almost 100-percent certain to return to school. Here’s the official news release from Stanford.

Jeff Faraudo

  • HungryCalBear

    then what’s the point?

  • discdude

    Isn’t he on academic probation? Funny how the Stanford press release missed that.


  • LR

    Interesting they would have him given his problems on and off the court — epic ball hog, domestic violence, academic probation etc. Apparently, Johnny D has decided his job security is more important than any standards of ethical conduct that would normally be applied to student athletes. I’m happy Monty didn’t feel the same way about Omonde Amoke, and he had less to worry about in that case. So much for Stanford occupying the moral high ground.