Football: Saturday afternoon update

Busy day today. Cal wrapped up spring practice a couple hours ago with its final controlled scrimmage. Coach Jeff Tedford said he will have an announcement  next week regarding the quarterback situation, although it probably won’t come until the following week because Tedford is off to the Pac-10 meetings next week.

The suspense regarding the quarterback competition is dwindling. Zach Maynard took all the first team reps today. Combine that with the positive comments Tedford has made about Maynard  this spring, it seems pretty clear he’s at the very least in the lead for the job. It remains to be seen if Tedford’s announcement will be as definitive as announcing a starter. He could just say one player — likely Maynard — will enter fall camp as the No. 1 guy but there will still be competition. That being said, it appears the job is Maynard’s to lose.

The other significant development today is that former Cal linebacker Mike Mohamed was drafted in the sixth round by the Denver Broncos, meaning he will join fellow former Bear Syd’Quan Thompson. Mohamed just recently concluded a conference call and I’ll have more on that later.

Also, much more on today’s scrimmage later as well. For now, gotta get cracking on my story for tomorrow’s paper.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Larry

    My take on today’s practice was Maynard-#1 Mansion-#2 Bridgeford-#3. I haven’t been to any of the other practices this spring, so I don’t have any reference points to compare. It just seemed that Maynard took most of the #1 reps and looked good passing. Bridgeford took #2’s and didn’t look too good. The few reps Mansion took, he also looked good. That’s my guess.

    JO, who got that great hit on the RB Manuel?

  • CrumpeckerSherm

    An 8th place finish is not out of the question.

  • Perry Klien

    Brock has got to be 3. Cal has NO chance when Brock is in the game.

  • LR

    Yes folks, our OL is THAT bad. QB mobility is being valued above all other attributes. We have no backs who’ve proven they can get the tough yards inside. I believe we’re looking at a 3 win season.

  • Calduke

    Tyre Ellison hit Manual.

    Maynard also threw 2 interceptions.

  • Jan K Oski

    LR, There are too many starters sitting out to make an definitive assessment on the O-line. Take a line from Allen Iverson and embrace it: “It’s just practice.”

  • Calduke got it. It was Ellison.

  • milo

    It’s Spring, half the o-line is out…too early to freak out. We can do that in Fall. Either way, mobility is a good skill to have. I understand Maynard can tuck it in and roll for 10 yards.

    CrumpeckerSherm = moron troll

  • Calduke


    I finally got something right!!

  • LR

    Half the OL may be out, but if the projections were good, JT wouldn’t have made a decision on his QB yet.

    The people I know who have occasion to see — um — MANY practices don’t think we’ll have an OL this year. If that’s the case, it’s logical to conclude that mobility will be the most important thing. But once you’ve evaded the rush, you need to make the right decision with the ball. Unfortunately, JT doesn’t have the luxury of allowing himself to think that far.

    Let’s hope Maynard figures some things out over the next 4 months.

  • 707 Bear

    43,000 at the Oregon spring game.

    I’ll never know why Cal makes no effort to make the spring game(s) an event. Heck, even Stanford plays at Kezar.

    I saw some of the UC Davis controlled scrimmage a few weeks ago; very enthusiastic play, shouting on multiple plays. Saw Cal in Sac and Saturday—-what a snore. This team has taken on the personality of the coach and that isn’t always a good thing.

    Go Bears!

  • milo

    707…43k in Oregon because what else do you do in Eugene? I agree that Cal should put on a spring game like at Kezar but when the options are: sailing, mountain biking, Napa or Big Sur…I’ll wait until Fall.

  • LR


    That’s such a tired excuse. Eugene is full of recreational opportunities in addition to football — hiking, running, cycling etc. etc. The difference is they have a football team of national prominence and fans who care about it, and we don’t.

    Now, you can always point to Stanford for evidence of an irretreivably dead fan base (no matter what the team is doing), but I’d like to think we’re a little better than that — or at least have the potential to be.

  • milo

    707…yes a football team of national prominence…and apparently a bunch of cheats and criminals.

    Today UO announced another arrest (projected starting LB) and the Texas Street Agent who UO paid $25k talked. If you want that, big spring games (like the SEC) that’s your choice. I’ll take a clean program and football as a Fall sport. Go Bears!

  • LR

    Your logic is flawed. Are you saying we have the option between a mediocre but clean program and one that’s a national player but full of criminals?

    We can win with integrity. Duke basketball has been doing it for eons. Yours is a loser’s mentality.

  • 707 Bear

    My plea is for Cal to make more of an effort to sell the program. We’re the 4th/5th largest TV market with three D1 football teams; today there arent’t enough true college football fans for 1 strong program.

    Perhaps making an effort to reach out to new fans during the spring game would make sense.

    Big spring games are becoming part of the landscape of college football and are being covered by ESPN.

    Cal makes liitle or no effort. No email to ticket holders. No ticket info at game. No cheeleaders, band, Oski. No speech from the coach.

  • milo

    Unfortunately I think it’s a resource, money and timing question…as in how much do you put in during a tough economy and during a big transition (renovation, playing at ATT, etc.).

    I do agree that Cal needs to make a push on marketing but I think now is the wrong time. I suspect after Memorial is complete, there will be a big push…and yes, we the fans will be paying for it.

    Use to be the best and least expensive reserve non-donors seats were what $360 with the small add-on but no mandatory onation. I think that goes up to what…$450+…after the renovations.

  • 707 Bear


    I hope someone is buying those ESP seats; go to the web site, plenty of open seats, especially the expensive ones.

    I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again, how will the renovation of Memorial be paid for if the ESP seats don’t sell?

    Long term debt without guaranteed income stream.
    We’re one or two sub 500 seasons away from 30,000 at Memorial. We’re not Tennessee/Michigan/Notre Dame where a huge fan base will attend no matter what.