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Football: Tedford on KNBR

By Jonathan Okanes
Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 at 10:03 pm in Football, off-season stuff.

Jeff Tedford is scheduled to appear on KNBR radio (680-AM) at 4 p.m. on Wednesday. He will be interviewed by Tom Tolbert on “The Razor and Mr. T” show.

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  • David

    Hopefully Barbieri won’t be there this time

  • Bears

    Hopefully he will be there but actually have done proper research before the interview. A lot of Bay Area sports fans care about/are interested in Cal sports and they should be able to talk about them consistently on a Bay Area sports station. Especially if they want more listeners.


    I cant stand Raplh, he knows nothing and just interupts with the worst questions not to mention his voice is horrible. All he cares about is being a homer for the Giants and Sharks and talks more from a groupie than an actual fan

  • Uh Huh!

    What did Barbieri do wrong last time around?

  • LR

    uh huh,

    Barbieri made his usual backhanded or openly critical comments. He also said Riley wasn’t a “real quarterback”. The reason he siad that is because he confused Riley with Steve Levy who, as you know, was quarterback, then a fullback and converted back to quarterback.

    Ralph doesn’t follow college football and, in particular, has no clue about Cal. There’s a hint of hostility in his limited reportage on Cal, as well, which I suspect is a residual of what I call “skinny envelope syndrome”. Let’s put it this way. Bay Area residents of Barbieri’s vintage didn’t go to USF or Santa Clara as their first choice. I suspect Ralph was denied admission to Cal and never got over it. There’s a pretty good chance this happened to Ratto, too.