Football: Kline No. 60 by ESPN

The ESPNU top 150 was released today, a ranking of the top prospects in the 2012 class. Cal commit Zach Kline, a quarterback from San Ramon Valley High School, came in at No. 60 overall and the fourth-best QB in the class.

Cal’s only other 2012 commit so far, linebacker Michael Barton of De La Salle, did not make the list.

Top Cal prospect Shaq Thompson of Sacramento, a defensive back and the younger brother of former Cal star Syd’Quan Thompson, checks in at No. 21. Thompson previously orally committed to Cal but has since re-opened his recruitment.

Byron Marshall of Valley Christian-San Jose, another Cal target, is ranked No. 90 overall and the No. 7 running back.

Here’s the complete list.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


  1. Kline isn’t going anywhere. Meanwhile, Amy on U$C’s humiliating (to themselves, the Pac-12 conference, and Amy) 2004 national championship stripping:

    “No comment.”

  2. Speaking of committment, when you sign up to earn a degree, shouldn’t you finish that committment?

  3. Zack’s rating is based on a respectable OL and receiver core, including a top TE. One of the top 4 TEs has made an oral to Arizona. Without some help he will ‘appear’ to have been overrated.

    I hope the recruiters can make Zack feel he made the right choice

  4. tosh and the staff will bring in the pieces … best believe

  5. I still think it is possible that the competition at QB between Kyle Boehm (freshman in ’11) and Zach Kline (freshman in ’12) could, when Kline becomes a sophomore, turn out to be comparable to the QB battle between two great CAL QB’s, Steve Bartkowski and Vince Ferragamo that occurred in the early 70’s. That would be a great result for Cal if it came to pass.

  6. Calduke,

    Probably should have included Brigford in my comments. Just checked him out on Calbears.com and he has impressive credentials, including being named to the Elite 11, which Boehm did not make. I have to admit my bias for Boehm, since I saw him play last year for Mitty and was very impressed (big, strong, nice touch, and can really run). Kline is ranked higher than either Boehm or Bridford were, so he has to be included. I have seen video of Kline and Boehm but need to take a look at the video for Brigford. So, you’re right, Brigford should be considered credentials than either Boehm or Bridford, as well as Hinder.

  7. It would be nice if they could each play a quarter, and if somehow all 4 of them got drafted. I think that would put the “Guru” back into the guru.

  8. I applaud the optimism of the future Boehm vs. Kline competition. But let’s hold up for a second, neither of them are even at Cal yet. But I guess we can quote the green Dennis Green, if you want to crown them, then crown their ass.

  9. The Bears are going to have Hinder, Bridgford, Boehm and Kline. Sounds like a good lineup OR confusion on what offensive system or QBs to play. I’m afraid 1 or 2 of these QBs are going to be disappointed.
    With Maynard, apparently crowned, I suspect the system will be ‘mobile’ QB oriented. That favors Boehm

  10. Taylor McNamara, TE recruit form San Diego, gave a verbal commit to Arizona.
    Zack Kline put a big rush on Taylor to go to Cal, but, it didn’t work.

  11. But are his grades good enough to get into UC Davis law school — and if he does get in, will he make it thru and graduate? That’s the big question — is he a quitter who gives up, or is he a man who fights all the way thru obstacles, graduates law school, and then has a big party for him and his friends on New Year’s Eve? That’s the question.

  12. Do you want to be inspired?

    Here is a video of a QUADRIPLEGIC — he had every reason to give up but he didn’t. He GRADUATED LAW SCHOOL. This just shows you that anyone can graduate law school no matter what the obstacle — and only quitters fail to graduate.


    GOD BLESS THIS MAN and everyone else who doesn’t give up!


  13. 2004 Title? DELETED!

    Cheaters get deleted.


  14. The oral commit of TE McNamara to Arizona
    The oral commit o WR Gilmore to Oregon State

    may start a WR/TE commit flurry. Let’s hope the Bear staff has positioned Cal to pick up a couple of the other recruits.
    The Cal recruiting needs a big time catch pretty soon.
    I have heard it before, Cal’s recruits seem to show up late in the process, but, it hasn’t led to successful offensive personnel recruitment.

  15. TE recruit, Kourtzidis oral committed to Florida State.
    The TE menu shrinks.

  16. Why would a TE want to play for a team that threw the ball to their TE about 10 times last year. When was the last tine an All American TE like Fred Davis came from this program.

  17. When was the last time SC won a National Championship? Was it 2004? Nope — that was DELETED!

  18. Spoken by one who understands the meaning of DELETED (and BLOCKED)!


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