Football: The baseball connection

There is a football connection to Cal’s baseball team (besides the fact that Jeff Tedford attended last night’s game). Tight end Jacob Wark is a reserve first baseman for the Bears. Wark, who split time with baseball during spring football practice but otherwise has been on the team, got into just two games during the regular season and went 0-for-3. He hasn’t been active for the postseason.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • rollonubears

    Nice of Tedford to show up. That’s a pretty classy move.

  • wehofx

    Yeah, good to see JT showing support.

    Great year for Cal sports. CWS. J Kidd as mentioned earlier. A Rodgers.

  • Bears

    Really cool that JT came down to see the team clinch a CWS berth.
    Long drive down the Santa Clara and he made it!
    Hope it stoked to fire in him to see our football Bears clinch a Rose Bowl berth.
    Last night Cal fans went nuts, can’t wait to see the party after we go to the Rose!

  • rollonyoubears111

    Not to sound like a troll, but I’ll say it anyways. With the money that JT has made, I would expect that he would give back to Cal when it needed it most. If he didn’t I would lose even more respect for him. I hope we win it all in Omaha, to show em that talent, guts, and determination (not a state of the art facility and hot wind) make champions.

  • noduck

    the connection should be sandy threatens to cut football next year. maybe then the team will succeed.

  • rollonubears

    i’m excited about this game sunday.

    but i’m going through football post withdrawal. are they practicing by themselves? talk to any players?

  • mike Bennardo

    Wife and I went to the Saturday game in SC, and, boy, was I glad we had tickets at Will Call… The game was sold out, and there were many Bears standing outside asking for tickets! I would like to fly to Omaha, but, my son is getting married this weekend…kinda a toss up.

    side story: listening to Cal Baseball Coach answering Radnich’s Q on has he contacted any of Cal’s Alums in MLB? He answered yes, told of the team playing a regional last month near St. Louis, Called an alum who plays for the Cardinals, asking if he would like to come out and watch? St. Louis Cardinals showed up with TEN PLAYERS, including Poulhos!!!!

    Go BEARS!!

  • GOGO Bears

    Most players are in summer classes right now.

  • Calduke


    There are hundreds of us out here without a life; Please add a new thread for us to P&M about

  • GOGO Bears

    Wow, don’t you love the peace and quiet of this blog these days? So nice.

  • BlueNGold

    Congratulations to Coach of the Year Esquer and the aggie-swatting Cal baseball team- keeping it going and creating just a bit of Bear Territory in Omaha, NE!

  • milo

    Hey so here’s a general topic for discussion. You guys think Cal could create a SEMI-revenue sport out of baseball? I know with the Giants and A’s within miles and close to BART, it’s an iffy idea.

    That said, Cal baseball has great press and if it could follow up with something that would be great. You know, lights at Evans, some promotional games, cheap tickets.

    I know a softball venue is next (as it should…softball is going to be a big star on the P12 network) but how about baseball?

  • Calduke


    Peace and quiet is nice.
    JT and staff seem to be enjoying ‘peace and quiet’ while the recruits are making commits.
    Is anyone home??