Football: Back at it

Hi, everyone. I’m back from two weeks vacation and ready to go. Obviously, Cal has been in the news recently because of the Will Lyles story, and I will be following up on that immediately. At this point, it doesn’t appear Cal has committed any wrongdoings in its association with Lyles, but we will be efforting to gather as much information in the near future to find out as much as possible about the situation. Even if Cal indeed has been totally compliant in its dealings with Lyles, the program’s association with him doesn’t look good. That’s more of a perception issue, and the program shouldn’t necessarily be faulted for that if indeed it hasn’t done anything wrong. But again, just the fact that Cal has dealt with a person that appears to have been involved in some questionable actions doesn’t exactly put the program in a favorable light.

While I was away, several Cal players were named to preseason watch lists. I will post something separately a little later recapping those announcements.

One other thing: PLEASE stop with the personal attacks/contentious comments on here. Let’s keep it to civil, football-related discussions.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Just Sayin

    JO — you can argue free speech if you want, but there is one specific poster who is the start of everything. All hate follows him and his obsessive hate posting and irritation. You get rid of the one troll, and all the hate is gone.

    You know it’s morencsarecoming, you know he’s obsessed with the advisor Boyson. Look at his postings on sfgate this morning:

    You can also check his postings as the9drawfs at the same site.

    He’s been doing this for a decade and as long as you let him post his hate, then others will respond.

  • ScottyBear

    Agree with Just Sayin. Block morenscarecoming and we have no issue.

    Any update on Brandon Bigelow and his knees? Thanks JO.

  • go8ears

    I am also with the previous two posters. Please do some regulating here. The troll brings down the integrity of this site.

  • heckyeah


    I am of the camp that College Football & rivalries should be fun. But personal attacks & stereotypes just suck the fun out of everything.

  • SteveNTexas

    One can discern between someone who comes on here with hate – like the SC guy and others who have legitimate difference of opinions such as I have about Cal Basketball Recruiting. Those arguments get heated, but at the end of the day we all want Cal to win.

    I believe in free speech however there are legal limitations on “free speech” especially on a privately owned site.

  • Calduke

    I understand Bigelow has been given the OK to practice.

  • MoreSanctionsComing

    I agree with the above posters. Get rid of that troll and this anti-troll will disappear.

  • Just Sayin

    I think all anti-trolls will go away if moron is blocked. Check the histories — the anti-trolls only strike after the troll posts.

  • ET

    I agree with the above posters. I can’t imagine sites for Auburn, Florida or any other of the top 50 programs in the country, including USC would tolerate such nonsense for so long. Enough is enough.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Just Sayin = MoreSanctionsComing = GOGO Bears = guess who? And whenever he posts a football related post it will be the first time. I on the other hand consistently post football related material. If you don’t like it don’t read it.

  • Calduke

    During the process of obtaining my season tickets I was informed that I would be receiving them in early July.
    Has anyone received their tickets??

  • c98

    There’s a clear consensus here. This is not a case of one person making up different names to oppose the troll as the troll states above.

    It’s the not troll vs. one person as the troll is trying to say – it’s everyone against the troll. Everyone. Every Cal fan here wants this irritating troll gone.

    If JO is not willing to do anything about this troll who is clearly, obviously the ONLY cause of all the vitriol, then comments about stopping “attacks/contentious comments” are meaningless.

  • MikeD

    you can always choose to ignore the troll, can’t tell how pleasant it is not to have to read her crap – http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/58785

    Endorsed by Pete Carroll, simple to install, and changes any post that amy makes into:

    MoreNCS_are_ignored – troll post blocked

    what’s not to like?

  • Just Sayin

    It’s a great program, Mike — but we shouldn’t have to cover up evil — we must eliminate it!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    MikeD Says:
    July 12th, 2011 at 11:13 am
    Endorsed by Pete Carroll, … HAHAHAHA good one.

  • MoreSanctionsComing

    Troll says:

    HAHAHAHA good one.


    No, this isn’t a joke you get to be in on. Nobody here is laughing with you. This is a thread about how you are the problem and everyone here wants you to be banned. Let’s not lose focus.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Just Sayin = 4 posts out of 19
    MoreSanctionsComing = 2 posts out of 19
    GoGoBears = 2 posts out of 19

    That makes at least 8 posts out of 19 from the same poster.

    Not one post is football related.Every post is an attempt to ridicule me or ask for my banning.

    Let’s be reasonable. Who needs to get banned from this “football” blog?

  • MikeD

    @Just Sayin, agree. But do what you need to till such time as the troll gets bounced out.

    It sure makes it nice, civil, and on topic without her visible.

  • go8ears

    Sigh.. this is getting ugly again.. See what I mean, J.O.?

  • Bobby

    Jeez, and here I thought everyone here was debating JO’s rather tough stance that Cal’s association with Lyles “doesn’t look good.” I guess I understand the sentiment, but from all–literally all reports–it appears Cal and LSU have been used as a foil to show Oregon’s misdeeds. Lyles himself said that he sent Cal stuff only about Texas players, he sent it to them on time, and it included videos

  • wehofx

    Been using Grease Monkey – thank you, Mike D.

    But anti Troll posts are almost – but not quite – as wack as the Troll. So, JO, I get your/CCT free speech position but it sure would make this site a lot more pleasant if the Troll is banned.

    Hi Jack. Alex Morgan, another Cal alum shines.

    Go Bears! Go USA!

  • Just Sayin

    Troll is spending his day making fat advisor comments on sfgate. Wow, he is seriously obsessed with Boyson.

    Did you know Morgan is in a serious relationship with Servando Carrasco — the star of the big beat playoff game vs UCSB last Fall, and now playing pro for Seattle? Imagine the skills their babies will inherit!