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Football: A few links

By Jonathan Okanes
Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 at 12:04 pm in Football, off-season stuff.

  • An update on progress of the student-athlete high performance center.
  • A notebook from Pac-12 media day.
  • A look at Cal from an Oregon perspective.

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  • rollonubears

    great writeup on the oregonian. forgot about the possible scheduling conflicts. especially for the u$C and utah games. either the coliseum or candlestick should be able to accommodate. the panthers and steelers play on the same field, often one day after the next. it’s not a huge deal. kezar is an option, or san jose, or even sacramento. just don’t move what is supposed to be a home game, out to u$c or utah. that would be complete bs, and i can see them doing just that.