Football: Bay Area Media Day quick hitters

Today was the annual Bay Area College Football Media Day at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. The head coaches and selected players from the three FBS Bay Area teams were there. Cal was represented by coach Jeff Tedford, linebacker Mychal Kendricks and offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz.

I’ll have much more later, but first a few nuggets:

  • Tedford said Witter Rugby Field is ready to go for camp after the fiasco this spring. He did say the field turf had to be redone twice and flooded over at one point after a heavy rain. It’s still undergoing some testing but is ready for the Bears on Saturday.
  • Laney College transfer C.J. Anderson recently finished up his schoolwork and is in at Cal and will be on the field Saturday.
  • Freshman running back Brendan Bigelow is expected to be ready to practice after recovering from his knee injuries, but Tedford said they will likely limit his reps early on.
  • Tight end Spencer Ladner and wide receiver Ross Bostock still aren’t fully recovered from knee injuries and won’t be available at the start of camp.
  • After sitting out spring practice and attending a junior college to work on academics, defensive back Josh Hill is back. Tedford said Hill has “matured and grown more than anyone on our football team.”
  • Tedford said the Bears likely will be unveiling a white helmet with blue lettering at some point this season.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Juancho

    Tell you what – I’m excited about the white helmet. I get a kick out of seeing the team in new looks. Too much to ask to have them wear the gold jerseys week 1 ?

  • abe

    Why cant we just stick to one uniform? Look at all the major programs, they dont seem to get caught in the kind of schizophrenia that the oregons and arizona states of the world seem to suffer from. This is Cal, i know we haven’t been great in the last half century but we used to be a powerhouse, we have a long tradition, even the farm boys across the pond seem to understand that. My suggestion? Blue helmets with a single gold stripe across and “Cal” on the sides, blue tops with a pair of gold strips on the arms and jersey numbers on the shoulders and gold pants with a pair of blue strips on the sides. For road games replace the blue tops with white and gold numbers and strips with blue. That, classical and graceful looks fits this program and none of this hocus pocus thats going on these day. am i the only one who thinks the yellow jersey we have right now look like pajamas?

  • Bears

    If the guys play hard, fast and together, I say, let em sport what they want if they earn it.

  • Cre8tivguy

    I would much rather see gold helmets instead of white. Why white? I know the athletic department tried to do a “gold out” and get everyone to buy gold t-shirts, which apparently didn’t work because the gold shirts just don’t sell as good as the blue ones. Maybe they’re going for a “white out” and think that white will be easier to sell? I agree with Abe. Keep it simple and traditional. However, I DO like the new gold jersey’s with the blue pants look. Gold on gold… pajamas.

  • huckleberries

    I love the modern uniforms! I can understand why people like the traditional types, but personally, I think they are hideous and boring. Can’t please everyone, but younger people like the different trendy uniforms, so better get used to it.

  • fatoski

    I am so against all this fashion frenzy. Why are we doing this and who are we trying to please? These white helmets are just another in a series of uniform disasters; all of them ugly. What is wrong with blue and gold at home and white and gold on the road with blue helmets.

    Maybe if JT devoted a little more time to play execution and less time trying to be a fashion guru, we might win more football games.

  • cmrbear

    Let’s not forget these are young kids, and they want to keep up with the times. I myself like the diffrent looks and if the players want diffrent looks then let them play with em! If you feel good you play good! As long as they represent the front of the jersey more than the back

  • calbear

    Fatoski-give me a break. Tedford doesn’t do this stuff, the suppliers do, nike does. The players like it, the HS kids dig it. Though, you may be right. I’m sure Tedford sleeps in his office at night doing fashion drawings of new uniforms, not plays or schemes.

  • fatoski


    So our traditions are being held hostage by Nike. We bow down to Nike and abandon who we are and our identity is now defined by Nike. WOW.